Ode to a Face Scrub


I know I’ve talked about my skincare routine ad nauseum already, but I can’t resist raving about my newest obsession: Body Shop’s Seaweed Exfoliator. I received a sample a few weeks ago and finally purchased a full-size bottle. I am in love. It smells great and isn’t too finely gritty, but really sloughs away all of the dead skin and makes my face glow. I only use it every three days or so, at night in conjunction with the Tea Tree Oil Face Wash, otherwise my skin gets too clean (and as a consequence starts overproducing oil to compensate for being scrubbed and dried to oblivion). I only use both of those at night, to take the day off, and I’m still sticking to Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser in the mornings. My skin has never looked better.

My other secret weapon? CVS brand Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% cream. I slather a thin layer on before bed and it completely stops breakouts from developing. I accidentally gave myself a mini chemical peel by using too much of it once, oops. They make Benzoyl Peroxide in strengths from 2.5-10%, but I won’t even touch anything higher than 2.5% unless I had an interest in burning a hole in my face. It’s probably terrible for me, but it is effective. I’m also spritzing my face with Caudalie Eau de Beauté, which I picked up in Paris, to off-set some of the drying from the Benzoyl Peroxide.

Any skin care regimen secrets you guys have?

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  1. This is not a good time to ask me about my face routine. I’d had been trotting along quite nicely with my Dr Hauschka cleanser and moisturizer, but for some reason things have gone all to hell. And yesterday I sat in the backseat on our drive to Richmond, and well. Seeing myself in the rearview like that was not good.

    I think the weather’s changed, and I need to tweak my moisturizer, at a minimum, to reflect the increasing humidity. So part of my birthday present to myself wll be some Mario Badescu oil-free moisturizer with SPF. I just need to get to the mall to get some. Find me some time, please.

    1. I’m so bummed to hear that! Especially because that stuff is not cheap, either. I’ve had relatively good skin my whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that I started a good routine. You could try Clinique oil-free moisturizing gel, but it doesn’t have SPF in it. I use that at night under my night moisturizer, Clinique Turnaround Overnight, because that is heavier and if I was putting it on top of something equally as heavy my face would look like a pizza in the morning. xo

  2. I used a peroxide cream for a while and it was AMAZING. But it bleached all my towels so I got rid. Richard was getting really cross with me and then we had a row because he accused me of bleaching the new bathmat but it was on the underneath so was clearly from the bleach in the floor cleaning product. i stopped using it after that. Sorry, not sure why i felt the need to tell you all that!

    Don’t even ask me for my routine, my skins is all over the place at the moment!

    1. Yeah, they can definitely bleach things! Thankfully the one I’m using absorbs pretty quickly, or I’m using a really fine layer, and I haven’t had any bleaching issues yet. My dermatologist did prescribe me a 10% salicylic acid face wash that bleached everything I touched until I finally got fed up and tossed it in the trash. Your row with Richard cracked me up ;) xoxo

  3. Ha! Water. I am lazy. I have tried skin care routines but I just never got on board. I just wash with a wash cloth and water and put on night cream (though sometimes I don’t even wash it before bed!). In the morning it’s another splash of water and moisturizer all over my face, neck and chest. Oh an in the summer it’s all about the highest spf sunblock I can find and I apply that to my face all day long.

    And I swear I had some of that body shop stuff about 15 years ago. It was similar at least and I could smell it as soon as I saw that photo. I used to be obsessed with the body shop. Do you remember when you could make your own perfume there?

    1. Just water?! I’m so envious, you look gorgeous. If I used just water I would look like a swamp monster with horrendous breakouts. I’d have to wear a paper bag in public! But amen to a high SPF :) My daily moisturizer has SPF 20 in it and in the sunny months I still wear another 25 on top of that. And I cling to the shadows, haha.

      I LOVE the Body Shop! I never made my own perfume there but I have been addicted to their mango body butter for as long as I can remember. Just the smell of it can take me back! xoxo

  4. Hope you had a lovely weekend and dinner with mommon?
    My caudalie freebies are my best friend at the mo. Esp. the eye cream and when it runs out I’ll be buying it myself. Its absolutely the best skincare product I’ve ever experienced.
    I don’t scrub my face since it’s always really dry and whatever I’ve used in the past has caused me to look taut to the point of pain and another 30 years older. Perhaps I should have another go at finding one.
    Love philosophy face cream – Hope in a Jar too x

    1. It was a wonderful weekend. Mommom loved her dinner and they brought her a sweet dessert with a candle and everything! She’s the best.

      I’m a total Caudalie convert after the Eau de Beauté, I wish I had stocked up on their line of products while in Paris. You can get things here but they’re obviously more expensive. I’m so jealous you got all those freebies! Next Caudalie party you’ll promise to take me along, oui? xo

    1. I never feel like washing my face at night but I pay for it in the morning if I don’t! It’s easy to stick to a regimin in that sense :) xoxo

  5. Hm, must look into this scrub. I just changed my whole routine because I felt my old one was causing my skin to break out. Yes, at my age. Ugh! Along with the change, I’m trying a product with salicylic acid rather than benzoyl peroxide. I read in some magazine that it’s suppose to work better. The jury is still out. ;) Funny you should be discussing skin care, my SIL just started selling a new line of skin care developed by the two women who created ProActiv. It’s called Rodan & Fields. She really wants me to try it, but it’s pretty pricey. Well, I might have to pull the trigger at some point. :T
    Thanks for the fun beauty chat!

    1. Be forewarned about salicylic acid, if you haven’t noticed it yet, it bleaches absolutely everything! I used a strong prescription face wash and even though I made sure to rinse my face off completely, traces of it were still along my hairline and I ended up bleaching so many towels :( I like the benzoyl peroxide because it hasn’t really bleached anything yet, even though it’s a leave-on treatment. It does, however, totally dry my skin out if I use too much. Every face is different so it’s hard to recommend something that will work for everyone! xoxo

  6. I am militant about my skincare regime so I pounce on new products (already added this gem to my shopping bag). I have quite dry skin (pesky genetics and London weather) but I am also prone to breakouts so it’s really tricky finding a balance. At the moment, the regime that is working best for me includes Burts Bees bark and chamomile face wash, followed by Garnier toner and Burts Bees radiance day/night cream. And because I am also a gadget junkie, I bought one of those face scrubber/massager things (like the Clarisonic only a little cheaper), and it’s totally changed the texture and look of my skin. Less dry patches and hardly any breakouts. Totally recommend it.

    1. I’m allergic to chamomile, otherwise I would have snapped up Fresh’s Umbrian Clay mask a friend recommended to me and that smelled divine. It makes me break out in hives, even if I drink chamomile tea! My skin is combination dry/oily, so I totally know what you mean about finding a good balance. It seems like you’ve got one down! I’m intrigued by those Clarisonic machines, but I have a feeling it would just cause me to break out, or something. I’m hesitant to mess with my routine! Haha. xoxo

  7. Well, you asked so here goes. :)

    I’m a total Pai junkie as you know so I use everything in their sensitive skincare range. The scrub (http://www.paiskincare.com/kukui-jojoba-bead- skin-brightening-exfoliator-32) has brightening ingredients and makes my skin look like it’s been lit from within. I once spritzed the toner (http://www.paiskincare.com/lotus-orange-blossom-bioaffinity-toner-25) on to my face and forgot to use the moisturiser (http://www.paiskincare.com/chamomile-rosehip-sensitive-skin-cream-2) once it had soaked into my skin (as directed) and my Mum asked me what I’d put on my face to give it such a dewy glow!

    The cleanser (http://www.paiskincare.com/camellia-rose-gentle-hydrating-cleanser-100ml-5) is nourishing, rich and ultra-moisturising and three drops of this (http://www.paiskincare.com/rosehip-bioregenerate-oil-22) goes a surprisingly long way on my face at night not to mention having the power to eradicate anything you care to mention from one’s skin.

    The eye cream ain’t half bad either. :)
    If you’re at all interested, give me a shout and I’ll send some samples over.

    P.S. Sorry if this sounded like an infomercial. I promise I’m not on commission! :D xo

  8. I’m amazed to hear how strong Benzoyl Peroxide is. I’m not loyal to any brand . But I do always moisturize after washing. Always. Right now I’m using the Simple products- so far so good. I also recently got on a makeup kick (a birthday sometimes brings that on) and started using Bare Minerals makeup. Also, so far so good.

  9. Benzoyl Peroxide sounds a bit scary! I’ve got really sensitive skin so I can only imagine what that would do to it…

    I love Dermalogica daily microfoliant, I use it every day and it stops my skin getting dry and the strange rash I get on my forehead in the summer from pollen.

    Might have to give the body shop scrub a try, I’ve just run out of the weekly exfoliator I was using. (I love their mango body butter too!)

  10. My skin has been really weird since I moved (I blame the lack of humidity) so I’ve been experimenting with different cleansers and moisturizers. And when my face doesn’t like it, it definitely lets me know. That being said, coconut oil has been a life saver with regards to sunburns, dry skin, dry leather goods, etc etc etc

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