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via The Sartorialist

I doubt any of you need an introduction to The Sartorialist, so I’ll just skip the formalities and present you with these amazing shots from Paris. Fashion Week will have ended the day before we take off this week, but that doesn’t mean the incredible sense of style ends with it. I’ve been packed for weeks for the trip, but browsing the Paris street fashion section of The Sartorialist is making me rethink everything I’m bringing. How gorgeous is the first girl? I can’t stop staring at her, she’s stunning. In my head she’s the daughter of the old man with the moustache (how dapper is he?) and they’re both writers. Or something.

24 thoughts on “Paris Street Fashion

  1. That girl looks like you, that’s why you like her! ;)
    and that other girl looks like Hilaryinspired!
    Lucky you going to Paris, it’s getting all spring like so it should be very pretty :)

    1. Haha I pinky promise that’s not why I like her. And also, she’s phenomenally more beautiful than I ever will be, even on my most self-confident of days! She’s stunning.

      The weather is calling for mid-to-high 50s but RAIN, which I’m seemingly okay with. My jacket is waterproof, you know! ;) xoxo

  2. is that first image you? i mean really, you are that girl, you are that gorgeous! that old guy is so dapper. i bet he has a tailor, the same one he had for about 50 years and he alters all his suits and finds him fun silk ties that he knows he will love. i am so excited for your trip!!! it’s as close as i am getting for right now. i’m saving up my airline miles, maybe you will go with me when i get enough? wouldn’t that be fun???!!!! (ps im serious) xoxoxo

    1. Oh youuuuuu! But stop lying to me, will you? ;) You’re way to sweet. I love the story about the tailor! You’re so right, that man has a tailor who is inevitably way older than he is, who has a tiny, quiet shop on a side street and a little bell that chimes when anyone comes in. Oh, I could go on forever with this story! Hm, I think I just might actually! Thank you for the inspiration, twinsy!!
      AND DON’T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT! If you’re serious about going to Paris and meeting there, SO AM I. Always, always, always. xoxo

  3. Okay, I’m so glad it wasn’t just me. I seriously had to stare at that image for ages and then read the post and I still don’t believe it isn’t YOU! Oh Christine! Can I come too? ;)

    1. Hahaha what is everyone looking at that I’m not seeing!! I WISH, crazy lady. :) Let’s make this a big party, get on board!! In my head we’re flying first class and clinking champagne flutes at 30,000 feet….ahh….xoxo

  4. Darn it, everyone stole the words right out of my mouth. For a quick second, I thought that girl was you! The Sartorialist really does take a great street style shot, doesn’t he?
    Are you really already leaving for your trip this week? The time flew by so fast. Well, probably not for you. I would like to be Lauren’s +1, pretty please.

    1. I’m convinced you are all messing with me, because being compared to that stunner up top is just WAY too flattering to be believed! But yeah, the Sartorialist is quite the genius. I think I saw him in New York once, but I was too timid to ask if it was really him!
      Yeah, time definitely did not fly by for me, and now it, two days to go, it feels like it’s lurching by at a snail’s pace. Ha! xoxo

  5. Ha, like everybody before me I though it is you on the first image! Maybe you’ll run into the Sartorialist and get your picture taken in the streets of Paris. You’ll look just a stylish because you have been planning your wardrobe for this trip for months. I can’t believe you’re already leaving in four days already! xx PS. Christine can I tag along as well?

    1. Hahah, I totally have been planning for weeks (months!!) so if the amazing opportunity presented itself, I think I’d be ready ;) I’m flattering myself to think I’m remotely as chic, but that’s okay!
      Right now our blogger trip is you, me, Christine, Lauren, and Theresa. Not a bad bunch, I think! xoxo

  6. Who are you kidding? The first photo is of you. Admit it already! :D

    LOVE the girl in the third photo from the top of her pixie head to her toes. Perfection!

    1. I wish, Chi-berry!! I wish I looked anything like that. OR maybe it WAS me hanging outside of the ChloĆ© fashion show in Paris a few weeks ago. Wouldn’t that be swell!? Haha.
      I love that girl’s pixie cut, too!! Which is dangerous because I have a haircut appointment Thursday morning! ;) xoxo

  7. I totally thought the first girl looked like you too – you need to find your doppelganger in Paris and ask if you guys can share wardrobes!

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