Not-So-Tiny Paris Apartment

This apartment, of an Art Director and her Architect husband, in Paris made me have little gasps of delight. The building is located in the 14eme arrondissement on Boulevard Raspail, and was home to the studio of Pablo Picasso between 1912 and 1913. The couple also use the apartment as an exhibition space for occasional art showings.






via Sarah Skinner for Freunde von Fruenden

A chic, artistic couple reminiscent of characters in my book (he’s even part Spanish just like the entirely fictional Andres). Windows for days. Artistic history. Be right back, dying.

5 thoughts on “Not-So-Tiny Paris Apartment

  1. Oh hello. When do we move? That light! Those books? Can I be as stunning and chic and that woman? No? Crawling back into my hole now.

  2. oh la la, i love those windows!! and love their furnishings and the art displays and all of the red she is adorning (most people could not pull that off, she does though). i am going to look just like her when i move to France ; ) xoxo

  3. Dying right with you. I cannot believe how closely this couple matches the characters in your book! She is chic and he is distinguished. I’m always telling myself that when I get older, I’m going to be chic and put together and have a wardrobe to match. Guess I should start working on that – Ha!
    I need to see more of this home. Jumping over to Freunde…

  4. My jaw totally dropped for this apartment! I love that they had galleries there. With all of that natural light I can totally see it!

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