March in Paris, pt. 2

Ah, a sunny Saturday in Paris. It felt like a dream! It also felt like Billy Blanks popped out of my suitcase and forced me into a grueling 12 hour Tae Bo workout: we walked over 7.5 miles through eight arrondissements. Here’s a rough estimate of our path (but this doesn’t include the half hour we spent walking in circles around Les Halles, lost) :


It was beautiful and warm with bright blue skies, though, so neither of us noticed how sore our legs were until we made the final climb up the steep hills of the Montmartre streets to our apartment at the very end of the day. We took the metro early in the morning down to Avenue Victor Hugo to visit Zara Home and pick up the first of the 3 Valentine’s Day presents JML (JAMAL!) had reserved for me around the city (a picture frame and two adorable vintage-y door knobs for the guest room). We walked past the Arc de Triomphe, all the way down the Champs Élysees, around the Place de la Concorde, through the Tuileries, and up to Rue Saint-Honoré. We had lunch before stopping into Colette for my second present (Diptyque Precious Oils and Rose Duet candle). By this point I was sufficiently spoiled, but we still had to head the FrenchTrotters in the 3eme (where I got an Astier de Villatte notebook for scribbling book ideas, though it’s so beautiful I might never use it). We made a pit-stop for a glass of rosé first, as you do when you’re on vacation.

After our last stop we were far enough north we figured we might as well walk the rest of the way home. The weather forecast had predicted a lot of upcoming rain, so better to take advantage of the nice weather while we could. There was another pit-stop at another café (this time for crème brûlée), and then we stumbled onto an amazing brocante, or flea market, on the Rue des Martyrs. We got two vintage letterpress letters of our initials in mismatching typefaces as a souvenir. I’m planning on framing them in a small shadowbox along with the cork from the bottle of champagne we had the night before.

We also got fresh chèvre ravioli from a market along with other groceries on our way home. We had some of the best (and cheapest) bleu cheese I’ve ever had, on a warm baguette. JML made a delicious dinner and we fell asleep, exhausted, our calves and feet aching. But in a good way! It was one of those perfect days, and I felt like I could cry at any moment from sheer joy. (And no, not just because of all the presents).













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  1. oh my! let me get out of the way my giggles for reading “billy blanks,” you know that is the only workout video that i ever owned and actually used. i think it was because they had like a 6 minute version, apparently i can work out daily for 6 mins, max.

    now on to these photos of paris! that first photo is just breathtaking, i want to be right there forever and ever. the tulips are so gorgeous for some reason when i picture myself in paris there is always a flower stand involved. and i could easily picture myself having a little rosé, crème brûlée and visiting a flea market. what a day, extraodinarie! i can’t wait until we go and you can show me everything in person ; )


    1. Hahah, and here I was thinking no one would get the obscure workout reference! I totally did the workout with my mom once, and whether it was 6 minutes or 30, it felt like torture at the time. Okay, now I’M giggling!!

      You’re right, you know. There are flower stands EVERYWHERE. The Parisians really know how to live, and they never have a shortage of beautiful flowers to choose from. This shot was just one of the million I took of miscellaneous flower stalls all around the city. Seriously, they’re everywhere. I wish that would catch on here!!

      I can’t wait to show you in person!! We would have such a swoony time. xoxo

  2. That has to be the most perfect day ever. We’re planning a quick trip to meet Neel overseas after a conference this summer, and for many reasons it’ll likely be London/Great Britain but after watching Midnight in Paris this weekend, Cal is all PARIS, PARIS, PARIS. I’d better not show him this post, because that’s how I’m starting to feel too.

    Stunning photos, dear.

    1. PARIS PARIS PARIS is only an hour train ride from London, fyi! Okay, maybe 2 hours, but SO DOABLE. If you are that close and don’t go….shunned. Officially shunned. And now you mentioned Midnight in Paris so I have to go watch it for the BILLIONTH time. Can blu ray discs wear out?? xoxo

      (And thank you, girl. Coming from someone with your photo skills, that’s a hell of a compliment)

    1. Ask and ye shall receive! That shot is what happens when you are lost and stumble upon a fantastic 19th century shop hall!

    1. Haha, yeah, if I ever complain about days like this…make sure you slap me, okay? Thanks so much! xoxo

  3. Sounds like a wonderful journey up and down the streets of Paris! + Chèvre ravioli? I bet those were so good! We’re having them for our wedding reception dinner :)

    1. They were delicious! You’ll love them at your wedding!! Which is coming up so soon!! Are you completely ecstatic? xoxo

  4. I don’t know how you managed to get on your return flight. These photos are gorgeous and your second day was well spent! Gosh, I miss living in cities that are pedestrian friendly. I remember living in New York and Boston and spending entire days just walking the city, slipping into a book store, a cafe, a small boutique…It’s the best way to spend a day. Oh, and that notebook you picked up, I don’t know if I could use it either. ;) So pretty!
    PS~Hey, my apologies for pinning that photo without your watermark. Remedied the situation. x

    1. Aw, thanks dear!! Yes, to say that JAMAL (still giggling) had to drag me kicking and screaming onto the plane would be polite. It was a meltdown if there ever was one. I need that city like air. I can’t imagine living anywhere but someplace so pedestrian-friendly, and Philadelphia has the most absurd and laughably horrible transit system. Even with that though, I still love it. Not as much as Paris, but we knew that ;)

      Don’t even worry about it!! You didn’t do anything wrong. I realized over the weekend that I should start watermarking some of my stuff, so I went back and edited. You totally didn’t have to repin at all! You’re so thoughtful & sweet. xoxo

  5. Umm, okay that’s the most beautiful day ever. I hate and envy you. Just kidding, no hate. Just envy. Lots of envy

    1. It’s okay, you can hate me if you want. I kind of hate me too for not STAYING FOREVER while I was there, haha. xoxo

  6. I remember walking a hole in my converse when I went to Paris (I didn’t feel very chic walking around with holey trainers in such a stylish city)! Ahhhh so very envious of your prezzie list – it sounds like your day couldn’t have been more perfect if it tried! And I loved the fact that you stopped for rosé and crème brûlée, as you do.

    1. Haha, as you do. When in Paris, do as the Parisians do, oui? I’m trying to get America to adopt this plan but so far it’s not going so well. ;) I made sure to bring comfortable yet chic black ankle boots this trip, and they definitely got a workout! Sign of a good trip, I think. xoxo

  7. Perfect indeed.
    How lovely to come across a flea market, I love surprises like that. I can’t wait to see your little collection when you’ve put it together. Sounds fab. So pleased you had some sun too. It’s like all seasons in one day at this time of year – yes, I did glance at the snow post. I’m on my way there shortly :-)
    Lauren’s coming to the UK – woop woop!!
    I feel a gettogether coming on :-)

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