March in Paris, pt. 1

Last Friday morning, we landed in an overcast Paris and checked into our amazing apartment in Montmartre. I could talk forever about how beautiful and authentically “Parisian” the place was, complete with creaky herringbone floors, layers of detailed crown molding, three fireplaces, built in mirrors, old doorknobs. It was a dream come true and I could have stayed there for ever. But there was a city to see, so we headed right out to the Rodin Museum where we got engaged (!!), and then just wandered the city in the rain (and I quoted “Midnight in Paris” the entire time: “I don’t mind getting wet. Actually, Paris is most beautiful in the rain” which I think was only true because my coat was waterproof).







I didn’t edit the above photo even a smidge besides resizing it. To say I love my new lens would be a gross understatement.



We had a celebratory dinner in our neighborhood on a tiny, windy, steep street, at a restaurant that was part vintage shop called Le Petit Parisien. The menus had a list of all the old items, like newspapers and posters, they had for sale. It was the longest dinner of our lives, and I’m not saying that in a romantic way, like time stopped to celebrate our engagement dinner. I mean it literally. No one in Paris rushes you, so there is generally a good twenty minute wait between sitting down and getting your menus, and then another wait between getting your menus and ordering, and then a long wait after you finish your meal. When we asked for the check we were told “No, not tonight!” and were then given an extra bottle of champagne. When we asked again we were told “No, I don’t want!” and then given candy. They were so happy to have us that we weren’t allowed to leave until after 11pm.




The walk home included night shots of Sacré-Coeur and we were so full of delicious food and bubbly champagne that I don’t think we could have complained. We crawled home and up the 4 flights of stairs and finally went to sleep, after having been up for almost 24 hours.

This was day 1 in Paris.

14 thoughts on “March in Paris, pt. 1

  1. I know you told me to stop crying, but this post completely brought tears to my eyes. The story is beautiful, the photos are stunning. When I think of how much you looked forward to this trip and how often the things we so look forward to can let us down, well. What more can I say than how very, very happy I am for you?

    I’m so pleased with that lens too? And what better way to start your lives together-together than with those amazing walks and that amazing meal. How could you top all of that?

    Also. I totally think you should make a Blurb book of those photos. Also. This will make you laugh. Neel asked me while you guys were gone, “Has Erin seen Midnight in Paris? I bet she’d really like it.”

  2. Awwwww, how very lovely! So pleased you had a magical first day. Oh, and at the risk of sounding redundant, your photos are gorgeous as always. :)

    Can’t wait to read all about Day Two! :D xo

    P.S. We’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding in Paris (in June, no less! I’m due in July – eeek!!!). I think I’ve kind of agreed to it but Lord knows what my bump will look like then or what I’ll wear! :/

  3. I agree with everything Lauren said (and giggled about the midnight in paris inquiry). Everything sounds so perfect, so wonderful and I couldn’t be more happy for you. In fact it sounds like your first day was a perfect scene out of a french movie itself! Those photos are fantastic and that dinner sounds so very french.

    Can’t wait till act 2. get some rest this weekend! xoxo

  4. Ah so amazing! I’m glad the restaurant didn’t let you leave until much late so that you could enjoy it! And yes, I’m kind of drooling over here over your lens and these photos! Not sure if it’s your lens or just that it’s Paris. Swoon!

  5. Oh man, your apartment sounds absolutely perfect! I’m imagining it matches all those dreamy Parisian interiors you post for us here. Though, nothing can really beat the fact that YOU GOT ENGAGED! Does your ring finger keep surprising you? Erin to self: What’s that on my finger? Oh yes, it’s my engagement ring! ;) I love that the restaurant wouldn’t hear of letting the two of you go. See, those Parisians know how to live life. Can’t wait for part 2. Have a wonderful weekend and catch up on some rest!
    PS~Goes without saying, beautiful photos, Erin!

  6. YOU GOT ENGAGED!! (Sorry, I thought the occasion caused for shouty capitals and numerous exclamation marks)!!! Congrats to you both! I have been looking forward to your Paris post for weeks now and it did not disappoint. (I had quite a shitty time in Paris and am waiting to head back and do it justice once again). I could practically hear, taste and see Paris through your pictures. Show me more! :)

  7. Umm. Ok. Day 1 sounds like you were writing your own movie. Amazing. All of your images are just as amazing too. Is it me, or does that cafe look exactly like your favorite French spot in Phillie??

  8. Okay so I’m totally reading these posts backward but CONGRATULATIONS YOU GOT ENGAGED?! Holy smokes!

    PS – Email me your address. Imma send you a card!

  9. Le Petit Parisien sounds right up my street.
    Your photos are gorgeous doll, the lens worked a treat and what a wonderful place to test it out on.
    That quote from Neel from Lauren – hilarious!
    Can it be true that this Paris trip is the trip to surpass all previous Paris trips ?

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