Bon Voyage


So the exciting news is that there wasn’t a single flurry in Philadelphia yesterday or last night. It’s sunny and bone dry here today! No snow! But hold on to that happy dance you were about to break out into, because the “storm” has moved up the east coast and is now hitting New England. No big deal, right? Only apparently my flight out of Philadelphia is actually coming from Boston first this afternoon. The flight is supposed to take off at 3:30 from Boston and land here at 5:15, before taking off again at 6:25 for Paris. Raise your hand if you think any of that will happen when they’re predicting snow ALL DAY in Boston and they’re already¬†canceling¬†flights. NOT ME. UGH UGH UGH.

But regardless, I have a manicure/pedicure appointment in a few hours and then I’m getting my haircut. You know, JUST IN CASE I ever make it to Paris and need to arrive looking fabulous. Most likely I’ll be sitting on my sofa, drowning my sorrows with stale Girl Scout cookies tonight. If I ever do make it Paris I owe all of you an apology for being the whiniest traveller of all time. And hopefully you’ll enjoy the guest-posters who were so generous to agree to fill in for me in my (NON) absence! They’ll be posting tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Cross your fingers, kiddos! Bon Voyage, maybe?

9 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. As er say in Spanish…Calmate—-Calm Down. You will get to Paris if I have to personally swim the ocean with you on my back!

  2. Bon Voyage, honey! Everything will be in perfect alignment so that you and BF can get to Paris and have an utterly fabulous time as planned – I’m sure of it. :D

    Please keep us updated on Instagram, won’t you?
    It’s wet and grey here and the more I unpack, the more there is to do. :(
    I could sure use some vicarious travel right now! :D xo

  3. Oh my twinsy-pooh you are going to be taking deep breaths of recycled air in no time at all. Your plane will come for you and you will be in Paris! Now what is the first thing on your to-do list? I forgot about that fabulous apartment you are staying in!! xoxoxo

  4. Safe travels, Erin. You will be missed. Knowing you’re in your favorite city having the best time, << those are some happy thoughts right there. Cannot wait for the beautiful photos. xo

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