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This 2500sq ft apartment in the 16eme of Paris has 4 bedrooms, a maid’s room, and, magically, a cellar, even though it’s on the 4th floor. I would keep it exactly as it is (aside from those curtains and that horrid bulbous light fixture) and I’d gladly sleep on a mattress with tons of fluffy white blankets, smack dab in the middle of the living room. There would be no cursing, no smoking, and we’d eat nothing but macarons and tea. Fitz wouldn’t shed even a single hair.

Now, which of you is going to give me $3.3m?

10 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags

  1. I’m curious about the cellar too. And if we go halfsies, can I bring three more doggies? Violet LOVES Paris. I could do without the light fixture too, and I need nothing more than a bed. Although. Hmmm. Is there a kitchen? Or are we eating out every night.

    And if Yelle is willing, we can go thirdsies…getting more and more realistic by the comment!

  2. if i had it i’d give it to you but we’d have to come up with a little extra for a couple more mattresses. think of all the fun fitz would have with so much attention and blankets to tear apart.

    that is what i think of when i think of a paris apartment – except that light fixture, i don’t think of that. xo

  3. the curtains are assuredly hideous… still debating the light {in the right room it could be fab}… i currently have approximately £12.97 i can contribute to the cause! does that get me past the doorman at least? :)

  4. Omg the place is stunning!!! I can only dream of living in a place like this (hopefully in the future), but for the moment I have to settle for my little shoe box ^^

  5. What a great place! I am already decorating it with my furniture in my mind. Do you ever watch House Hunters International on HGTV? They had an episode about Paris the other night and the woman chose an awesome place and much more affordable at around 1.5m ;) I am with rooth on turning the apartment into a ballroom, could see myself waltzing around in it…

  6. Hur, the cellar is in the communal basement floor. It probably means you have a small room with a padlock on it to store shizz. Unless this really IS worth that ridiculous price (though the 16eme is pretty chi-chi) and you have a secret tunnel/waterslide down to your own private basement.

    Nice though! Apart from the eye-wateringly high price. Oof.

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