Lenses and Forrest Gump Jokes

So I want to preface this by saying that I wasn’t supposed to be spending any money on myself for the month of February, per my 26 in 26 list. I figured since it was the shortest month it would be the easiest to avoid splurging on unnecessary purchases like blankets and candles or something. But I sort of broke that promise to myself on the first day of February (literally) when I went ahead and bought two tickets to see the New Kids On The Block live in June, or as I like to call it, “You’re Welcome, Seven Year Old Erin.” And then there was Red Dwarf Season 10 on DVD. A picture frame. A dog bed for Fitz. New legs for my IKEA ottoman.

I want to pause here and tell you a story about my hilarious friend Audrey (you know, the one who comments here under the name “Gary Oldman” occasionally). Audrey, Anna, and I went to IKEA for lunch last week and I finally decided to swap out the chunky, pale wood legs the IKEA Karlstsad sofa comes with for the sleek, angular brushed silver ones they sell for $20 a set (oh, yeah, I have to add in that IKEA purchase, too). They were super easy to assemble, and I sent Audrey a picture of my handiwork with the caption, “I have new legs!” She wrote back, “Lieutenant Dan!! They look so good!” I almost fell over laughing so hard. Sometimes that’s what you need in life.

So what were we up to so far after only 10 days of the month? Oh, right, not $0. And I only compounded the insult to my checking account over the weekend when I, admittedly after weeks of research, bought a new camera lens. Here’s the part where I bore you with the camera-geek details of why I needed this particular 28mm f/1.8 lens and why it was imperative, especially in light of my upcoming trip to Paris: my camera body is amazing, I love it so, so much, and I knew when I bought it that it was a APS-C (or crop) sensor camera, not full-frame. My camera, and most DSLRs with the exception of a few full-frame bodies (like this one) crops photographs at a 1.6 ratio. Not a huge deal, but it means that all the lenses I use are multiplied by that 1.6 ratio. Have I lost you yet? My trusty 50mm lens that Boyfriend got me for Christmas a few years ago actually reads more like 85mm once you multiplied it by 1.6, so a more zoomed in shot. To get a truer 50mm feel, I would need something more wide angle. The 28mm lens opens as wide as the 50mm lens I have (to a stunning 1.8 aperture) but reads more like 45mm on my camera.

Did that totally confuse the hell out of you? Here are some pictures to describe what I’m talking about:


These were taken from the same position on my sofa, and I apologize for the less than fascinating subject matter. Obviously the 50mm shot is tighter, way more zoomed in, than the 28mm which is what I was going for when I bought the 28mm. It will be great for walking the streets of Paris and not having to be so far away from my subject to make sure everything fits in the frame. And when/if I upgrade to a full-frame body, both lenses will work on it without the crop factor (meaning 50mm will actually be 50mm, and 28 will be 28).

‘To long, didn’t read’ version: I wanted a new lens so I bought one. I have zero impulse control. My degree was in Photojournalism, so I justify this purchase that way.

Someone take away my credit card.

28 thoughts on “Lenses and Forrest Gump Jokes

  1. Well, the difference is amazing, isn’t it? With a lens like that, you really don’t need to go FF anytime soon. Especially since you love your camera body so, so much. I have to say, you’re not helping me *not* want to get that 28mm. Seriously. Thanks for nothing. ;)

    But I’m left with this. Who goes to lunch at Ikea? I’m not judging, I’m jealous. But I’d need to be there all afternoon!

    1. Hahah, sorry I’m not sorry. I might really not go full-frame any time soon, if at all. I really adore this camera too much to imagine switching. Plus it’s so lightweight. I don’t think I’m conditioned to carrying something as heavy as the 5d around! Chicken arms :(

      Um, I have seriously gone to IKEA for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before, more times than I want to admit. The food is really good and really cheap. Can’t beat it! xo

      1. Nope! They have a full cafeteria (at least the ones here do) with Swedish meatball plates with lingonberries and mashed potatoes for under $4 with a drink. It really can’t be beat. My old roommate Lyndsey and I used to go for dinner when we were broke and have their .99c mac n cheese plates. Delicious!

  2. we are on a spending moratorium in our household… i must say i think i’ve been slightly more successful than you on that one! bahahahahahaha…. not hard! guffaw…
    what the hell, go for it girl… just remember to save some pennies (or euro cents… though didn’t french francs just sound so much sweeter!?!) for paris… because you know you’ll want to buy everything you see there… which reminds me to remind you… take an empty suitcase or fold-out bag with you & go wild!
    i’m jealous about this whole wide angle shebang… i’m trying to get better at shooting inside & without a selection of lenses or a tripod i must say i’m giving up hope! :)

    1. Hahaha yeah, I’m pretty sure ANYONE could beat me when it comes to a battle of financial restraint ;) Don’t worry, I don’t mind. The awesome (terrible?) thing is that I get paid the day I get to Paris, by direct deposit no less, so I’ll have a loaded up bank account for our trip. And of course there’s all the money I’ve squirreled away (which I’m sure no one thinks is a lot given my INSANE SPENDING, but is actually pretty comfy). Not that I plan on touching it….unless there’s a macaron emergency. :)

      This lens opens to f1.8 which is what I need in my house as we get zero natural light. That might be the route you need to shoot indoors, but I have to say I’ve loved your house shots so far! xoxo

  3. ahh, we just watched forrest gump when we were sick. every time i watch that movies i end up with a “forrest gump accent” for a few days and saying “run forrest, run!” way beyond the point of it being funny anymore.

    i love your lens and i totally know what you are talking about. i have been geeking out like crazy on cameras for the last month. but i think i am going to buy my new camera here in the next couple days . . . as soon as i decide what to buy. i am so indecisive, it drives me crazy. i do know i want a wide angle you lens though! xoxo

    1. Haha I can bust out a good, “Run, Forrest, run!” impression too, but I’m sure yours puts me to shame. I haven’t seen the movie all the way through in way too long to have as good a grasp on the accent :)

      Definitely pull the trigger on a new camera! If you have any camera-geek related questions you can totally shoot me an email, I can’t tell you how much research I put into both my DSLRs over the years and now this lens…it’s exhaustive! But I’m happy to pass along my knowledge! Especially if it means you get a nice new camera xoxo

  4. Freaky, reading that was almost like having my hubby talking right next to me. He is an ambassador for Zeiss don’t you know? I thought he’d got back from the US early :-)
    Honestly, I’m pleased you have a beautiful new lens but does that mean you’ll soon be upgrading to the 5dMark III cos that’s really spendy :-)
    With lots of lovely Paris photographs to look forward to, we don’t mind you spending your hard earned pennies doll x

    1. Teehee, I’m surprised Den and I didn’t nerd out on cameras more then! My dad was also an ambassador for Zeiss too! It’s in my blood :) I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to the 5d mark ii anytime soon, if not for financial reasons than because I’m just really in love with the t2i. Beyond comprehension.

      I promise to reward your support with lots of photos of Paris! xoxo

  5. You NEEDED that!! And yes, you totally lost with me all the camera lens talk..but the picture definitely helped. When do you go to Paris?

    1. Haha, I’m a visual learner, too. I’m glad the pictures helped! I leave 3 weeks from today! March 7th. Gah!

  6. You got the right stuff, baby! I don’t know why but the mentioning of the New Kids made me start singing that song in my head. Sometimes we just have to give into what we want and who can say no to NKOTB tickets or a new camera lens? I couldn’t! You can always try another month ;) I already failed at my attempt to not buy any clothes this year, it was so hard to resist during the after Christmas sales but at least I am buying less than I did last year. So far at least…xx

    1. Well, now it’s in my head too! Along with Hangin Tough, haha. I have very little impulse control as you well know, but I’m glad I’m not alone in breaking some resolutions. I can’t say I blame you, those sales have been pretty awesome so far this year. What have you bought?? You always have the best outfits. I’m going to try this “no spending” thing again at another time. Maybe April, after Paris. Hopefully I’ll have gotten it all out of my system by then :) xoxo

      1. I stopped at Zara and that pushed me over the edge and I bought two dresses and a cardigan. It wasn’t much but after that purchase I was like why stop now and got some more things here and there ;)

        1. Oh man, Zara is always dangerous! Shopping is addictive, haha, and sales are like a gateway drug! I bet your purchases were cute though.

  7. Have a fabulous Nikon and lens sitting here UNUSED from your last I want it!/I like it!/What is it? Just sayin’

    1. What lens? The only lens we bought for the Nikon was the 18-135mm that I used for 3 years before handing over to you. I would hardly call that “unused”! And I want to point out the reason we got that lens at all was because the other lens broke. That was a “need” situation if there ever was one. xoxo

  8. Shaking my head…where the hell I have I been that I am just now finding out that you have a separate page for the 365 project. Will I ever catch up this year?!

    1. Hahaha, don’t worry!! I don’t exactly publicize it a ton, it’s more for my own benefit than anyone else’s. xoxo

  9. Hurray for completely necessary and justified purchases. You need the right equipment to properly capture Paris, right? Two family member who are skilled photographers have tried a handful of times to explain camera math to me with no success. I want to understand it, I really do. I’m just not an auditory learner. I need an infographic, I think. The photo examples who present above is a very helpful visual.

    1. The math behind photography has always really puzzled me too, considering I’m hopeless when it comes to math, but it’s just like anything else: if you study it enough, eventually it makes sense. Kind of. I was good with ISO and shutter speeds and apertures until I had to suddenly understand the 1.6 crop sensor. Hence all that research :)

      Like I promised Sam above, I will use my new-found powers for good in Paris, haha. xoxo

  10. I didn’t understand a word of that but I’m very happy for you!
    You could of course have leant a little bit closer to get that photo lazy madam ;)

  11. I decided that I just HAVE to have new work clothes since it’s much ‘colder’ where I live now… yeah I need to get rid of my credit card

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