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François Coquerel for NYTimes

This piece in Sunday’s T Magazine made dizzy with house envy. We all know Olympia Le Tan for her adorable (and prohibitively expensive) hand embroidered book clutches, but I shamefully was unfamiliar with her father’s work as an illustrator. Both of their homes were featured in a stunning spread in the magazine, and it should be no surprise that their 16eme and 9eme apartments (his and hers, respectively) are fantastic and drool-worthy. Herringbone floors, layers of Turkish rugs, books everywhere. My own father’s apartment was swimming with books, stacked 5 deep in some places, and I miss how cozy that was. Also, the smell of books. But we’ve been over that before.

7 thoughts on “House Envy

  1. this looks beautifully loved & lived in… amazing how some homes have the power to jump through the photo and speak to you… this says welcome, stay a while & potter… :)

  2. I am guilty of owning a Kindle, but I always still purchase my favorites in paperback or hardcover to have forever. In regard to the smell of books, I was reading a book about Perfumes and how the smell of old books is so wonderful because it is derivative of trees, and the pages contain lanolin, a cousin of vanillin. After time, lanolin breaks down and smells wonderful! I can totally see how books would make for a lovely perfume.

  3. oh man, this place totally gets my imagination flowing. i can just picture if i had a dad that lived there. i can imagine all the wonderful conversations we would have. how i would find him in the study hovering over his desk with his desk lamp on, he would look up over his reading glasses and then i woud sit by the fireplace and he would lean back in his desk chair and we would talk about all the wonderful things in the art world because we would know about all that stuff of course.

    i love it. i love those green walls too.

  4. Oh, I think these apartments speak to all of us book lovers. One thing I don’t mind and don’t consider cluttered looking in a home is stacks and stacks of books. When I lived in New York and worked in the Time building, I loved sneaking down to the editors’ floor and getting a side look into their offices. They were almost always busting at the seams with piles of books. You could just barely make out their desk. Thank you for that trip down memory lane!
    Oh, and my husband complains every time we move about my collection of books. I have to admit those boxes are extremely heavy. Off to read those links.

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