This will surprise absolutely no one, I’m sure (especially because I’ve written about it before) but, and I hope you’re sitting down: I’m a humongous dork. And not just because I won a spelling bee in 6th grade or used to read an etymological dictionary for fun at dinner or had pet sea monkeys as recently as last year or that I stay home on Friday nights and watch documentaries hosted by Jeremy Irons about Henry IV and V investigating the discrepancies between Shakespeare’s plays and history or that I’ve never met a book on grammar I didn’t love (Boyfriend is a lucky guy!)(where was I going with this? oh, right!) but because I absolutely adore a particular British 90s sci-fi cult comedy show entitled “Red Dwarf.”


Hear me out.

Sure, the premise sounds dorky: lone human being (Dave Lister) living on a marooned space ship 3 million years in the future with the hologram simulation (Arnold J. Rimmer was the original Tupac) of his old bunk-mate and nemesis, a life form who evolved from Lister’s cat (called Cat), the ship’s computer (Holly) with an alleged IQ of 6000, and a service robot they pick up along the way (Kryten). There are tons of campy, cheesy jokes, tons of awful CGI effects (hey, the show aired from ’88-’99), and lots of improbable scenarios that you can only encounter in deep space (time travel, aliens, evil droids, your basic science fiction shenanigans). The show is, in a word, AMAZING.

I could blame it on my dad, who was my enabler through our early introduction to this show on late night public broadcast somewhere in 1997, and who funded my habit by buying me all of the VHS tapes of the series, but let’s be honest, this was all me. Don’t get me wrong, he loved the show, too. We had a solid few years at one point where our conversations together were conducted solely in quotes from the main characters, and we might have (MIGHT HAVE) belonged to the Red Dwarf Fan Club, a membership that provided us with quarterly magazines and our own, fabulous keychains. I even bought a t-shirt that was 5 sizes too large for me when my mom and I went to London in 2001 simply because it had Holly’s head on it with the show’s logo. I still have it. I REGRET NOTHING.

I never really got over the show; it was always there, lurking under the surface, waiting to strike again. It’d been a few years since I’d watched the whole series (all 8 seasons) straight through, so over the weekend I started over. And I come to find out, THEY MADE A WHOLE NEW SEASON LAST YEAR. Proof that cult classics never get old, the creators brought back the entire original cast for a mini-series of 4 episodes in 2009, and a full run of 10 episodes last year. How I’m just finding out about this NOW is beyond me, but don’t worry, I’ve ordered the DVD.

If you’re still following, thank you, and I’d like you to watch something. It’s a 10 minute compilation of some of the funniest moments in the show’s history. Now, I realize that none of you will understand a single joke in this clip without knowing the ridiculous premise of the show, or the character dynamics, but if it even elicits a single laugh, you’re on to something. The entire show is available through Amazon streaming, and yeah, it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing the last 5 days.

Okay, so what’s your nerdiest tv show confession? Bonus points if you top mine.

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  1. oooh you’re not alone – that show was awesome! I had no idea americans would have it here. I grew up in Australia so all the British stuff was played on rote. Will have to check out Amazon…

    1. That’s awesome, Emma! I wish we’d actually get MORE programming from Britain over here, it’s always months (or years!) late and always hard to find on tv. Or worse yet we try to make American adaptations and they fail miserably. They actually had a few episodes of American Red Dwarf in 1993 that bombed, to absolutely no one’s surprise! xo

  2. Is it bad that my first thought was that the “Red Dwarf” was something else entirely? I don’t think mine can top yours, but my favorite growing up was Emergency! It was on in the 70s, a show about a paramedic team in Los Angeles. It was on the TV channel for awhile and they have DVDs of most of the seasons now. I’m! In! Heaven! Best part was introducing Callum to it, so just wait until you have kids!

    1. I remember you talking about Emergency! so fondly once before! I love that you’re getting Callum into it. My nieces are just starting the Harry Potter series, and I’m so excited for them. It’s going to be so much more amazing when it’s my own kids, I just know it. I can’t wait! Hopefully Red Dwarf stands the test of time….xo

  3. you big dufus! the goodies was on loop in our house growing up so that just about sums up my humour… my younger brother even named his youngest daughter brooke taylor after tim! oh yeah, and i used to watch beverly hills 90210 even though, in theory, i was probably just this side of too old to justify my interest… sure there’s about another thousand shows i could name as i was a night owl and often stayed up late watching the box all on my lonesome!

    1. I had to google The Goodies but it looks just as dorky as Red Dwarf, so ha! Haha, kidding, kidding. I was too young for 90210 so I wasn’t allowed to watch it (too many suggestive high school themes!) and i’ve steered clear of the reincarnation they brought back a few years ago! Red Dwarf forced me to be a night owl for the longest time, because it was only ever on at 1am! xo

  4. This show looks hilarious! I might have to look into it.

    I’m a big fan of Star Trek. I was sick last week and watched entirely too much of DS9.

    1. It is really, really funny! But I will caution that after watching so much Star Trek, Red Dwarf will look like a total joke in comparison, haha. It’s a LOT more low-budget and campy! xo

  5. okay, we really were twins in another life, now i am convinced. i am not sure there’s a whole lot of americanos who know what red dwarf is and love it. i looooooooved red dwarf though i came by it a bit differently. i went to live with my aunt in a very small village in england for a bit and i hated it. it was so sad because i had BIG fantasies, you know. but it was just like portland – cold and rainy but i had not a single friend : ( boo hoo. my aunt was a raging alcoholic and she never let me leave the house so she would always have someone to repeat herself too (that being me). my one solace in that dark little english village? red dwarf.

    1. Well aside from wanting to give you the BIGGEST HUG EVER because your story totally broke my heart, now we are officially twins. It’s a fact, no arguments, the end. I LOVE that you love Red Dwarf. It solidifies for me that only the coolest of the cool like that show ;) Is your oldest into it yet? I bet he’d love it, being the movie buff you said he is. You should snuggle up one weekend and watch them all through again. xoxo

  6. Never ever been a fan of Red Dwarf or any programme along the sci-fi line. Our TV watching in the 80’s was governed by comedy shows like Only Fools and Horses and Blackadder, plus Miami Vice for a bit of sexy police action and of course Dallas, the first and best soap around. Never ever have regrets about being in the Fan Club or owning a dodgy oversized t-shirt… you crack me up! Fame was my biggest love though – I had the legwarmers, the bat wing sweater and matching puffy drawstring miniskirt x

    1. Blackadder had some time travel-y elements in it, didn’t it?? Or was it just set in different time periods altogether? I can’t remember, but I really liked that show, too! But then again I love Rowan Atkinson. And the mental image of you in leg warmers and a bat wing sweatshirt is making me so happy right now!! Love it! xo

  7. Still happy I had nothing to do with this….OK, maybe the t shirt but I NEVER watched, memorized, replayed ad nauseum, discussed or in any way participated in this “comedy”.

  8. When I first found your blog I would have never thought that you were this much of a dork – but that is totally a good thing because I love people who aren’t afraid to love what they love!

    1. That means I’ve been doing a good job at keeping a lid on my dorkdom! Whew. I used to be self-conscious about being a raging nerd, but now I just embrace it. Nerds are cool! xoxo

  9. Oh, my! My husband and his brothers are huge fans of Red Dwarf – HUGE. They know every word of dialogue ever written for it and occasionally recite bits when they get together.

    It’s kind of rubbed off on me because I sometimes look in the mirror and – on a particularly “good” day – go, “Ow!”

    I, on the other hand, still break out into numbers from Sesame Street to this day much to my husband’s (and daughter’s) amusement/bemusement. :D x

    1. All the more reason I have to come visit you soon!! I would get along swimmingly with your husband and brothers in law! I can totally quote the show ad nauseum, but it gets old when there’s no one around to recite it with you! I’m all alone in my fandom now, I’m afraid!

      I love that you pull a Cat when you look in the mirror! Well done, Chi! :) Makes me so happy to picture you doing that, haha.

      Do you count as the Count? ONE! Muah ha ha ha ha. xoxo

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