Be Right Back


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you my hangover. Okay, so it’s not terrible (I made sure to stop on the way to work and get a gatorade and a egg & cheese on a roll) but the time that I usually spend compiling ideas for a post and preparing it for the next morning, I spent at a 6 hour happy hour instead. Audrey, Anna, Tony and I got drunk on a Wednesday. With our boss. Who might’ve at one point commandeered my phone and sent¬†inappropriate¬†texts to people. He’s a monster and I love it. My coworkers are amazing. Not amazing? The fact that my hairdryer was the loudest it’s ever been this morning and I swear someone was messing with me.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Pinky promise.

13 thoughts on “Be Right Back

  1. Oh noes! Side benefit to not being able to drink the way I used to: no more hangovers. My pre-headache usually stops me in my tracks well before I get to the hangover stage. Feel better, dear. XOXO

  2. At least we had funnnnn!!!! :-) thank goodness I had a dog who was more relentless than my 3 alarms this morning or I may still be in bed. I couldn’t find her snooze button!

  3. i’m with lauren! i completely get the hangover before i’m even drunk… my only advice (and it’s too late now) is to take the headache tablet before going to bed alongside a litre of water & then hope for the best! :)

  4. even with a hangover your skills with pulling a blog post together impresses me. but on a serious note i think our twinness has taken on a new level because out of no where i woke up in the middle of the night and threw up, twice. like i had a hangover but i didn’t. i DON’T throw up under any circumstances. i hate it more than anything in the world, i have a slight phobia of it. but out of no where, for no reason at all. . .it has to be our psychological twin connection. maybe next time your boss could send me a weird text so i can take, what do people take? alka-seltzer? before I go to bed. feel better!! xoxoxo

  5. I totally think you deserve to get drunk with your coworkers on a Wednesday! The best part has got to be that your boss was with you and most likely will understand if you’re a little less productive today than usual. In fact, I bet he won’t even notice because he’s combating his own hangover demon. Also, gin + giner ale made it alll worth it. Feel better!

  6. Cheers to the mid-week hangover! I hope you feel better now. Have been looking like grumpy cat all week and I didn’t even drink besides my daily shot of NyQuil ;)

  7. Well, even with a hangover, you managed to put together a creative post. Cheers! I mean, no cheers. I’m sure you don’t want to think of alcohol for at least a week! Though, it does sound like you had the best time and the hangover was worth it. Good thing your boss didn’t Instajack you.

  8. That’s a rubbish excuse! You need to man up mate! 5 drinks?
    Well anyway, Sue’s advice is spot on. And you can’t beat a big fry up after a night out.
    Hope you’re feeling better! xx

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