Two Of A Kind

Remember all of my amazing plans from yesterday? Never get too cocky about how awesome your day is going to be; the day turned into the ultimate comedy of errors. First, our French teacher was 45 minutes late for our class because she forgot we moved it up 9 hours (totally legit), but she’s promised to add on the missing hour to our next two classes in half-hour chunks. Then, I got a text from Herbie at around 12:30, saying he was outside the pho restaurant, which was confusing because he was 45 minutes early. Only I went back through our texts and realized I had our lunch time wrong by an hour (we had agreed to meet at 12:15 but somehow my brain registered 1:15. How this made sense with the movie at 1:50, I don’t know). Herbie ate lunch alone (I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER) and Boyfriend and I took a cab to the theater, thinking we would save seats and hang out. Only the movie started at 1:15, not 1:50, so we ended up missing the first 10 minutes. It was insane. Herbie ran in right after we did, after I called him frantically. Oy.

“Lincoln” was great, though. It was well acted and Daniel Day Lewis deserves every award he’s won and will win for that role. Unless you’re a total history-nerd, the two and half hour running time will feel like a really long time. Your butt might even fall asleep. And you might or might not expect Daniel Day Lewis to burst out an, “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE” on more than one occasion.

Oh well. The best laid plans, right? The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging on the sofa watching Inauguration coverage and compiling today’s Two of a Kind post. CB2 has an impressive (and easily match-able) rug collection.


1. Rug / 2. Blouse / 3. Clutch / 4. Rug

I am in love with that blouse from H&M. While the rugs really aren’t my style (color! patterns! bah!) they do work fabulously for the purposes of this post, no? I  better calm down, don’t want to get too confident lest the Blog Gods decide to put me back in my place. Have you ever had a day like yesterday? Commiserate with me, tell me your biggest cluster-eff days.

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  1. i know as sure as night follows day that i’ve had many days like that… fortunately my brain has erased the memory of them all! but i hate, hate, hate missing the beginning of a movie… i’m a bit obsessive like that… the beginning, the end, or anything in between… we watched the da vinci code (finally) the other night and i had to rewind bits about 50 times to catch all the dialogue & follow the very confusing plot! not sure lincoln is on my list, but we’re off to see les mis next! ;) happy days!

    1. You know I’ve never seen the Davinci Code? It’s one of those books/movies I’ve been saying for years I want to read first before seeing the movie, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe this year! And let me know how Les Mis is! I think I’m seeing it with my mom next weekend. xo

  2. I think days like that are kind of like dominoes…once one things falls, everything else falls. I’ve had days upon days like that. Too many to count.

    I’ve just started reading Team of Rivals, which Speilburg based parts of the movie on…it’s a dense, but really good read. And rug number one needs investigating on my part, however.

    1. Dominoes is a really apt way to describe it. It was totally unexpected because both Herbie and I are super neurotic about planning things out and making lists with times and locations so absolutely everything is accounted for. Irony!

      I’ll make a note of Team of Rivals. Let me know what you think of it! xo

  3. do i have days like that? almost everyday. maybe not that extreme but on some level, yes, yes i do. i often wonder what i did in my past life because i know i am paying for it now with things like having days like yours way, way too often – and also dropping and misplacing things.

    what about that west elm rug that is in every single living room design on the internet right now? this one: It seems to be the equivalent to railroad tracks these days and i am still on the wrong side, damn it! for a white rug however, i do like, i like it a lot.

    no i want to see lincoln even more. glad you were able to see your movie and you enjoyed it. xo

    1. Ohh yeah, that rug. You’re right, that rug is everywhere! Except in my living room, because Boyfriend hates the feel of high pile rugs, and with a dog who sheds as much as Fitz does, it would be a nightmare to vacuum constantly. But I love the delicate chevron pattern (so does everyone else it seems).

      I loved your comment about what you did wrong in a past life. I think in a past life I was either a Parisian socialite or a farm girl from 1200AD England. Either or. :)

    1. Daniel Day Lewis is seriously such an incredible actor, it’s hard to imagine a role he couldn’t make amazing! He’s another one of my older man celebrity crushes. Oh! And Jeremy Irons. xo

  4. 45 minutes is kind of a long time to be waiting!! At least she’s going to make up for it.

    I really want to see Lincoln. I’ve only heard amazing things about it!

    1. It was, but it didn’t feel awful! We moved our class to a cafe across the street, so I had tea and a croissant and the other people in my class had quiche and things, so we weren’t totally bored :) You definitely have to see Lincoln! But I wouldn’t have minded waiting until it came out on DVD so I could sit on my sofa to watch it. It’s really long! xo

  5. Boy, do I ever have days like that! In fact, just yesterday I had a mini breakdown because I totally forgot about something which made me look like an insensitive ingrate. (Hm, that’s seems to be happening a lot lately. [wink]) I was thinking to myself (and beating myself up): How does everyone keep all their balls in the air?! I’ll be juggling and thinking I’m doing a good job and then, inevitably, a ball drops. And it will be the most important one. Ugh! Anyway, thank you for allowing me to commiserate with you.
    You’re two of kind is giving me a nice escape today and taking my mind off things. Thank you, and thank you for the Lincoln review. Here’s to the rest of week running like a well oiled machine.

    1. GOSH, you’re just on a roll these days being super awful, aren’t you?? ;) Oh, you sweet thing. I don’t think anyone ever juggles as well as we think they do. And I promise you, you have no reason to beat yourself up over anything. Everyone is only human! Also, you said “balls in the air” and I laughed like a 6 year old boy, so there’s that.

      The rest of the week can only go up from here! I hope yours does, on a steep incline! xoxo

  6. Oh yes I had days like that but somehow I can’t remember a good example…At least you got to do almost everything you set out to do and since Lincoln is a long movie you still had over 2 hours left when you entered the theater. I think I know why I can’t remember any of my crappy days because I seem to always see the silver lining…Hope the rest of the week will be going better! xo

    1. That’s a phenomenal mind-set, Nina! I wish I had had the foresight to think of that Monday when I was down in the dumps about it. There’s ALWAYS a silver lining, and the upside here was that I got to see a great movie after all. Thank you for that reminder! You’re the best. xo

  7. Oh no poor you that sounds like a nightmare! Hate not knowing whether I’m coming or going.
    BF is in HK at the moment and I haven’t turned the tv on since Saturday. I’m quite impressed with that. Really want to see Argo. We saw the hobbit and it rocked (the film, not the actual hobbit) xx

    1. Wow! I’m impressed with your restraint. I’m already planning all of the mind-numbing I’m going to be doing thanks to the magic of television. I think they took Made in Chelsea off the air here?! I can’t find it anywhere, which is tragic because they just started season 2 and Caggie had just come back! Wait. I forgot, you hate that show. Admit it, though, it would be a great way to spend 2 weeks sans-Boyfriend, wouldn’t it? So cool Richard is in Hong Kong! What is he bringing you back??

      (I’m ignoring the hobbit comment, ahem). xo

  8. What a nightmare, but funny though ;-) Thankfully days like yours don’t come around too often for us all.

    Like the peach bag/rug combo, it’s making me yearn for Spring. There’s lots of delicate bright colours emerging for the upcoming season, a better alternative to pastels I think – this is the interiors trade fair sneak peek for you!

    Looking forward to going to see Lincoln. Saw Les Miserables last week and nearly fell asleep! Life of PI was brilliant and I highly recommend that film. xxx

    1. Haha, it’s funny now in retrospect but it felt like a 3 act Greek tragedy at the time (but that’s because I’m just dramatic :). I CANNOT WAIT to hear all about Maison Objet, in detail! With pictures! Loads and loads of pictures. Mostly of Paris, if you please! Haha. Thanks for the note about Les Mis. It’s about as long as Lincoln, maybe longer, so I’ll remember to wear comfy pants! Was Life of Pi long, too? They’re all over 2 hours this year, aren’t they? merde. xoxo

  9. I’ve been eyeing the rugs at CB2 as well – too bad there isn’t an actual B&M store here so I can check the out. That cluster f wasn’t too bad. At least it wasn’t like the time that someone’s mom got lost at Charles de Gaulle airport and missed her flight

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