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Happy New Year! I ended up making it to midnight by some stroke of magic, though the half bottle of Moscato I had at dinner didn’t help. I slept for an obscene 10 and a half hours to make up for my raging debauchery (laying on the sofa), and I’m starting 2013 feeling refreshed and lazy. How was your NYE celebration? Tell me it was wild and that someone out there knows how to party.

I’ll be in Paris in a little over two months (!!!!), so there is a lot of apartment hunting going on. Last time, we stayed in two fabulous hotels in the 17eme, but since that wiped out all of Boyfriend’s hotel points, we’re doing what we did in Bruges on the same trip and renting a furnished apartment through AirBNB. Of course, this is inspiring tons of “What if I lived in Paris in a tiny apartment?” fantasies. I’m going to start a new series on the blog this year, wherein I find teeny tiny apartments and furnish them as a way to work out my intense desire to actually make it a reality (hopefully one day it will be).

Today, we’re looking at this tiny apartment in the 17eme on Rue Des Acacias. It’s a 6th floor studio, taking up all of 13m², or 139ft². I adore small spaces; I think they are cosy and romantic and way more fun to decorate because of their size constraints than something, say, bigger than a closet. Let’s take a look:

Typical Parisian window, check. Wood floors, check. Bathroom with a toilet and shower that aren’t out in the hallway? Check. Hideous kitchen tile I would paint over or slap some white contact paper on? Check. But the apartment is perfect. Or it could be perfect, if I could get my hands on it. It’s enough room for me to eat, sleep, and write comfortably. And the piece de resistance? It’s only $643 a month!

Here’s how I would decorate:

1. Chandelier / 2. Blanket / 3. Radio / 4. Sheets / 5. Dresser / 6. Vases / 7. Tray / 8. Table & Chairs / 9. Rug

That ugly sofa bed needs some new sheets and a crisp white duvet set. I’d swap out that sad tv stand by the window and postage-stamp-sized television for a vintage-y dresser for added storage, and I’d take out the paper lantern on the ceiling and hang a glamourous chandelier instead. Same goes for the mismatched folding chairs and table. A bistro-esque table and chairs would be much more charming in that corner. On that window sill I’d place a small radio and a set of bud vases. While I love the wood floors, a big cream colored rug would add more light and softness to the space. All that’s left to do is acquire some sweet artwork (pastel, watercolors) from the many vendors along the Seine or at Les Puces to hang on the wall and really personalize the space. Otherwise, for under $1000 in  stuff that can mostly be purchased at IKEA, the studio would get an entire makeover.

What do you think? Could you see yourself living in a space so small? This is totally a starving-artist dream of mine, I have to admit.

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  1. That’s great, you’re coming to Paris!? We have to meet up over a glass of Chablis in that case :) How long are you staying here? Since you are looking or an apartment I’m guessing it’s more then just a weekend.

    I’ve been kind of lazy here as well but we went out for a coffee and a short walk in the 9th at least so now I deserve some blogging and one episode of Grey’s Anatomy-time ;)

    1. Yes, I’m coming back! It’s my new goal to go (at least) once a year! I’ll be there for only 6 days, March 7th-13th, but I’d love to meet up! You can show me all the cool non-touristy spots you love. I think we’re staying the 18eme but we haven’t nailed anything down yet. Chablis sounds lovely. xo

  2. If it were just me and Neel (sniff, Callum will go to college one day, I SUPPOSE), we could totally do it. I love small spaces and would downsize from our current beloved home in a hearbeat. We really only live in three rooms anyway. You can and should totally paint that tile, although the bathroom isn’t terrible. Love the sloping ceilings. Love.

    1. What about the 3 pups! Surely they’d never all fit in a space this small without falling all over each other. I don’t think Violet would take too kindly to that, she’s a delicate flower, after all. I know Nina painted the tile in her kitchen, so it can be done! And the landlord would thank me, right? It would be a total upgrade. The sloping ceilings kill me. xo

  3. Happy new year! So exciting you’re going to Paris, I love looking for places to stay it’s definitely the best part of the planning, this apartment’s so cute. PS I absolutely love the blue dresser, just clicked through too…..tempting!

    1. Haha, I’m so happy someone else loves the planning stage as much as I do! I’m very excited (but also more than a little anxious) to pick a place. That dresser is great, isn’t it?? So shabby chic. xo

  4. Happy New Year Erin! I didn’t know you were going back to Paris so soon – incredible!!! Love your new series – seems like we are on the same wavelenght:) I’m in the process of starting my first two interior design projects with the hopes that within the next year or so, I will be doing it full-time:) Please know how much I appreciate your support and truly love everything about you and your blog! To a 2013 full of new beginnings and new adventures! xxo

    1. OMG Jennifer that is amazing! I didn’t know you were transitioning into Interior Design full-time. That’s is so exciting and makes so much sense! Good for you for following your dream on that one! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Wow, 2013 is set to be an exciting year! I’m so happy to get to share it with you. xoxo

  5. Happy new year Erin!

    If it was just me I could probably live in a space that small but if another person was living with me I would need another room, that is not the bathroom, to be able to be by myself and close a door once in a while. My student dorm room was about 100ft² and the good thing about it was that you could reach everything from the bed ;) Btw. I just added the radio and the sheet set to my wishlist!

    1. Happy New Year, Nina! Hope yours was a good one :)

      You’re totally right, I’d need a place to go and shut the door (that wasn’t the bathroom or that minuscule closet) if there was someone else there with me. That would really be a test on a relationship, wouldn’t it?? I can see a reality tv show in the making… xo

  6. Ah! A girl after my own heart! I am so happy that you are looking to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel. I used ParisAttitude.com to rent my apartment when I went and it was suuuuch a good deal for the 2nd arrondissement. Definitely check it out!

    1. Ah! Thank you for the recommendation, girl. I have to check that out, thank you so much. We’ve been looking on AirBNB only, it might be good to get another option in the mix. Or it will completely overwhelm us with indecision, who knows! ;)

  7. i think my favorite news of the new year is this new series! i will dream right along with you. i cannot picture myself living in a space so tiny because i cannot picture myself (try as i might) without my three compadres tagging along everywhere i go – yes, even in my imagination. but i will live vicariously through you in doing so; which i have started doing anyway – like that upcoming trip we, er, i mean you are going on it two months! will it be really creepy if i start sending you links to paris apartments??

    1. If I weren’t just bringing a carry-on and a backpack I’d totally try to smuggle you with me so you could experience it, too! But yeah, if you’re bringing your 3 amigos with you, I have to say we’ll need a bigger apartment :) Send me Paris apartments!! It wouldn’t be creepy in the slightest, I’d LOVE it. I would love to broaden my search. Ooh, now I’m even more excited for this series! xo

  8. Yeay Happy New Year sweetie pie and congrats on making it to midnight. Even six year old Evan made it so I would have been very embarrassed for you if you hadn’t.

    139ft²? wow that is TINY. Makes our flat look palatial. I think you would do a grand job on it and it would look lovely. Please could I suggest you get a new tv as well as that one is from the ark. x

    1. Oh, tiny is being kind. This place is a closet, but it’s wonderful. And I wouldn’t keep the tv. I’d be too busy being charmingly Parisian and reading books by the open window or writing away at my desk to have time to watch something as pedestrian as television ;) xo

  9. Happy New Year!

    That’s a sweet little apartment, I had no idea you could squeeze a studio flat in 139ft²! You would make it look fab, I love the sheets, I only sleep in stripes nowadays. Not sure if I could live with this bathroom though.

    1. Happy New Year, Aga! Believe it or not, there are even SMALLER apartments out there that I’ve seen. Shocking, I know. There was one that I saw that was literally 4 feet across and 7 feet deep with a small window. There was no bathroom or kitchen, and you could maybe have squeezed a twin-size mattress on the floor. I kid you not. Now THAT would be a challenge to decorate! xo

  10. oh this is cuuuuuute! it’d be lovely to have you on this side of that big watery expanse! like your work chick… i think i’d have to do some massive artwork as a headboard too, other than that je pense que c’est parfait (if that is wrong, blame google translate!)
    oh, and chisel those fugly tiles out of existence please!!!
    i lived in a studio flat for 2 years in london and loved it… though got over it by the end! too lazy to open up the sofa bed every night, or put it away for that matter so it wasn’t ideal… maybe a lovely day bed would be the best of both worlds!
    ps, congrats on making it to midnight!

    1. :D You and me both, sister! There’s a book called “Everything Would Be Perfect If I Lived In This House” and I feel like it could be my biography, if it was titled “Everything Would Be Perfect If I Lived in Paris.” Probably not true, but it’s fun to dream! :) Also, votre Francais c’est parfait, bien sur!

      I know I’m too lazy to keep folding and unfolding the futon everyday, but that’s alright by me :) It might take up half the room, but oh well! My last apartment was a studio, but it was easily 4 times the size of this place. And there was a claw-foot tub in the bathroom…with glass doorknobs everywhere. Man, that was a sweet apartment. xo

  11. I decided that I’m buying that bistor set for my patio this spring. It’s so inexpensive and chic.

  12. Happy New Year Darlin’ Here’s to another amazing year. 2013 is going to be BIG, I can feel it!! You will be taking the literary world by storm and we can all be there to celebrate with you, ha!

    I’ve done a lot of lazing around for the last two weeks but had some adventures too, and Den and I got the Norovirus too which was a good enough excuse to lay on the sofa for two of the days.

    That’s soooo small, look at the kitchen (perhaps it’s a kitch). I think I could live here with a bit of dressing up, as you have so expertly outlined. I’d have to sell a hell of a load of stuff first though!


  13. Ah the good ole’ 17eme. Give it a hello from us *eye wipe, etc*. I think technically that size flat is called a “studette”, since it is normally shoved under the eaves of the roof, and most often (as the name implies) rented by students. It has potential though!

    And speaking of decoration issues- we’re having major ones here in Helsinki. I’m going to take photos tomorrow and blog it, and maybe you can sort it out. I can’t look at the mess in the hall anymore.

    Oh yeah, and happy 2013. WHERE ARE THE HOVERBOARDS?

  14. Happy New Year, Erin! (Missed you.) What a great idea for a new blog series. You might as well utilize all that research you’ll be doing, right? That’s how I see it. ;) I’m so excited for your next trip to Paris. It will be so much fun to live vicariously through you in the months leading up to your trip and I’m looking forward to the posts that will come out of that trip. Such a great investment!

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