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Today is one of those “pardon my brevity days” where I’m more content posting a small moodboard that sums up how I’m feeling, rather than inundating you with words. I’ve been reading voraciously, and last night I finished “The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise” (from this amazing series) and started “Haussmann, or The Distinction.”┬áSo far, it’s amazing. There are jobs where you just read books all day, right? Publishing houses need people to do that, don’t they? I would be content with that. Also, a nice soak in a floral bath.

How are you today?

8 thoughts on “Moody

  1. If there is a job where you sit in a bath and read all day, I would have to say I would like to try to get more qualified for it.

  2. I want the ‘reading all day’ job too – I swear I’d be good at it! I’ve got a set of pictures that matches your mood exactly – I’ll post them on my blog hopefully later today.

  3. I always thought that I could be happy being an editor or proof reader for a book publishing company. But what I feared is that if I got paid to read books as my job, that I wouldn’t want to read books for my own personal pleasure anymore…

  4. such pretty images. i love the top one it almost looks like a renaissance floral painting. so you like that book series . . . i will have to get one of them soon. i love the covers on them.

    today i am going to lay around and finish up season two of sherlock and tend to sick children and my sick self. xo

  5. Love, love that first photo. You know I share your love for moody. (Note to self: Take more baths. With rose petals.) I very much want the job you describe above. Do you know Erin (of Such Small Steps)? She kind of has that job.
    PS~Today was a good day. ;)

  6. Well, they do say that the second something becomes your job, you stop enjoying it but I can’t imagine ever not enjoying sitting down to a good book. I just loved that picture of the rose petal bath – seriously need to be doing more of that!

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