Monochrome & Fluffy

I’ve been obsessed with this interior from the moment I laid eyes on it.


It’s perfect. It’s all of my favorite things: white floors, ornate fireplace, lots of light, white & black furnishings, dominant art, the right mix of soft and modern. I go back and forth all the time between wanting stark Scandinavian modern and romantic French country chic. If those two aesthetics got married and had a baby, I’m pretty sure it would look a little something like this (maybe with more wicker baskets and burlap?). The image is from Maxalto, an Italian furniture design company, and is one of my favorite interiors of all time. Check out the stack of art books in the (hopefully only decorative) fireplace! It’s even what I pictured My Inner French Girl’s living room to be. So I’ve been eyeing it for, according to my Pinterest board, 46 weeks (!!) and finally decided to put all that drooling to good use and make a “Get the Look” moodboard:


1. Chair / 2. Pillow / 3. Canvas / 4. Painting / 5. Lamp / 6. Rug / 7. Book 1 / 8. Book 2 / 9. Candle

If flokati rugs weren’t a) impossible to clean, b) a magnet for black dog hair, and c) guaranteed to make Boyfriend’s blood run cold whenever he came in contact with it, I’d totally have one by now. How fabulous are both of those pieces of art? I could curl up in that chair with a Robert Frank photo book and never leave.

What’s your favorite element of the room? Or is it not your taste at all?

21 thoughts on “Monochrome & Fluffy

  1. Neel won’t let me get a flokati rug either. He blames the dogs. Specifically how hard it is to get dog vomit out of them. Shrugs. Perhaps he’s right. But still…I WANT it. Doesn’t that count for anything? I realized looking at Christine’s post today that stark white doesn’t do it for me…perhaps I need pickled? But this is nice. Contrast is good, and natural light is better.

    1. Logistically, flokati rugs make no sense. I get that. It’s like shag carpeting that you have to rake, all over again. Between my allergies and my neuroses about dirt being tracked through the house, it’s probably a good thing J put the kibosh on getting one. Also, Neel’s right. Dog vomit is a pain in the ass to remove from normal surfaces (thankfully Fitz always runs into his crate if he feels like he’s getting sick. It’s actually very thoughtful of him!). xo

  2. someday i am going to get a flokati rug i have been wanting one for so long – just hasn’t seem practical thus far. i love everything too. the fireplace/rug/art combo is my favorite. i can imagine how tall those ceilings are and how beautiful all the he moldings are. i think the only thing i might change out would be the chair. oh and i would totally take that cupid down ; )

    1. I’m pretty sure you can only pull off a flokati rug if you live alone and vow to never ever ever wear shoes inside or eat food anywhere near it. That’s a commitment! Yeah, the moldings and the ceiling height are undoubtedly amazing. I’m a sucker for ornate crown molding, the old plaster kind. Sigh. xo

  3. This totally reminds me of Christian Bales apartment in American Psycho. The best kind of bachelor pad! I really adore the huge art,that’s my favorite part.

  4. i was actually hunting down a chair like this a couple of years ago for my place… it was nigh on impossible to find in the uk so i settled for mine (which comes with or without the loose cover)… now, swap out the floor for an old herringbone one, give me a soft linen curtain bellowing in the breeze, a small gilt side table (i’m thinking faux bamboo) and a fraction of plant life (maybe a bunch of soft pink peonies will do) and i’m there… as soon as i get rid of all of my crap! ;)

    1. You had me at the soft pink peonies. I think a giant vase of those gorgeous stems by an open window would really make this room the perfect spot. But then again, peonies can pretty much do that to ANY space as far as I’m concerned. xoxo

  5. Monochrome & Fluffy – are those the names of your first born children?

    I actually quite like that room. Fluffy makes me happy xx

  6. Love every inch of this room. I wonder if one day I will actually be able to own white furniture? I wonder if having white furniture would make me neurotic and hyper sensitive to anyone touching it? :) Oh well. I’m liking the additional items Sue listed. All very nice touches. Your roundup is perfect. Load it all up on a truck and send it right over.

    1. I don’t have kids but I already know my chances of having white furniture are pipe-dreams. I have to vacuum our dark gray sofa weekly to rid it of his plumes of back dog hair. Plus I have the awful habit of eating on the sofa when I’m home alone (it feels bizarre sitting at the dining table by yourself) so I know white furniture would never stand a chance. xoxo

  7. Love this room Erin! Even though I tend to lean towards more color, I’ll always have a soft spot for black and white. I think my favorite thing might be the black bronzed cupid statute on the mantel – just the right amount of humor. Great round-up too. Been looking for a chair that Everly and I can sit and read in and the C & B one might be just the right size!

    1. If you end up buying a chair-and-a-half let me know what you think! I’ve always wanted one that size so I could snuggle up in it. They look so cozy! I could see you and Little E reading lots of stories on one of those. xoxo

  8. It’s tad sophisticated for me but I love the monochromatic colour scheme and that gorgeous fireplace surround. I think it’s definitely the kind of space that you sit down with a “vodka on the rocks” with some jazzy music playing in the background?

    1. Replace the vodka with gin, keep the jazz music, and I’d move right in! It is definitely more “chic” than I’m used to, this room, but maybe when I’m a “grown up” I’ll live like that! xo

  9. Gotta get me some colour!!!! The wood panelling, fireplace and squidgy cushion, huge artwork and warm-under-foot rug get a BIG tick. Although the fireplace needs a fire in it rather than books :-) xx

    1. Haha, probably because I cannot be trusted around fire or things that require attention/focus (hello, cooking) I much prefer a decorative fireplace that I could stash books in ;) But that’s just me. xoxo

  10. I am on this room like peanut butter on jelly. I am looking for a nice light-coloured rug right now and welcome any suggestions that you have! I finally got my sofa in :)

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