January Wish List

I needed something to cheer me up today, so I pulled together a January wish list, even though it’s already the middle of January. Admittedly, I could have saved all of these things and used them in this week’s Friday Five (and next week’s, too) but I want to try something different on Friday. Also I’m greedy enough that I could probably still come up with a Five in two days if I had to.


1. Shirt / 2. Boxes / 3. Push Pins / 4. Tea Press / 5. Mat / 6. Glasses / 7. Candle / 8. Lip balm

The colors coordinate so well together, lots of earth tones and monochrome, which was a totally unintended side effect, I promise. Apparently that’s just my aesthetic this month. I’m desperate for a polka dot blouse and a new pair (my third!?) of glasses, but the show stealers here are the Byredo candle that smells like a library (or not, but the name still gets me) and a new kitchen mat that looks like a French cafĂ© menu board. A Ballard Designs catalog appeared in my mailbox yesterday and I instantly fell in love with the mat and those Eiffel Tower push pins.

If you had to pick one item, which would you choose?

16 thoughts on “January Wish List

  1. What I want the most out of that bunch? The teapot. Tea has gotten me through this winter and I’m about to go teapot-less in T-minus ONE DAY. Gah, I really need to get shopping.

    1. I love tea pots that steep the tea in them for you! Bodum also makes a french press version that I think I’ll treat myself to. Especially since I’ll be stocking up on tea from Mariage Freres in Paris in a few weeks! xo

  2. oooh, can’t i bundle? those boxes are beautiful and i love boxes to hide myself in (also love b/w with warm earthly wood tones). but then’s there’s that floor mat and i have just never seen one like it before so i feel like i would have to choose that. but that candle, oooo, the name makes me want to hide it in my coat and run with it.

  3. I would choose the polka dot shirt, polka dots just make me happy. Too bad those push pins aren’t earrings, that would be cute. Those wooden boxes look great too! It’s funny that they have the same name as one of my classmates from high school, I should email him that something at IKEA is named after him ;)

  4. ooooh, i like games like this… i actually love the clean lines & simplicity of those ikea boxes… i could actually see them in the kitchen… store tea inside & a little cup & saucer & strainer on top… great for b&b’s actually! & i like the candle (love to take a whiff of that) and the glasses as i haven’t updated mine since circa 1999! haha! oops!

  5. You KNOW I would chose #1. Sucker for polka dots over here :-) And of course it’s JCrew. And of course I had to click on that link :-)

  6. Well, if I had to pick only one, the glasses- fun! But I will say, I think mid month is the perfect time for a wish list: you’ve had some time to look things over, and you’ve got some time to go shopping!

  7. Oh, the polka dot shirt is purty. I could see myself wearing it underneath one of my husband’s sweaters. Side note: I recently signed up for a Sephora rewards card (what took me so long?) and as a special gift, they gave me a travel size Fresh lip balm (like the one you show above). When they handed it over to me I instantly thought of you and Lauren. I think it’s the best lip balm I’ve ever tried (superlative intended). ;)

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