Friday Five

Thank you all for being so supportive and kind the last few days. I promise I’m not being intentionally vague, but for a lot of reasons I don’t want to get into it. It’s not my place but I’m also not okay talking about it. Just know that your sweet words are carrying me through a really difficult time.

On a lighter note, because we all need a lighter note to end our week, the first Friday Five of the new year (le premier “Cinq de Vendredi” du nouvel an –I didn’t even have to think about that translation!) is all things French. Big shout out to my mom, who keeps sending me Joss & Main “French Country Home” or “Parisian Chic” sales (it’s where I first saw the pillow and those trays).


1. Pillow / 2. Tin / 3. Trays / 4. Candle / 5. Ring Dish

Since shopping is hope for the future (right, Laur?), today after work I’m heading to Blue Mercury and Anthropologie (dangerous that they are so near each other, with an H&M, Zara, and Barnes & Noble in between them) to pick up that new Diptyque candle and the Eiffel Tower ring dish, respectively. Don’t worry, I have gift cards; Santa was good to me this year. I’m already planning my visit to the actual Diptyque store on Boulevard Saint Germain in a few weeks (I land 8 weeks from today!) to buy a Thé scented candle from the motherland. Too bad they don’t have H&M Home in France yet, otherwise I’d have to make a pit stop there to eye up all the French-theme goodness they seem to have (that Sel de Mer pattern is on everything). Oh well, guess that leaves more times to go to the Rodin Museum.

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with Anna and Audrey (I think we’re going for falafel!) and then hopefully having dinner with my aunt who is visiting from England. What will you be up to this weekend?

13 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. i’m liking the colour on that no. 4 candle! i could definitely find a home for that one ;) this weekend, well, let’s see… gym (because i have avoided going for one lame excuse after the other alllllll week), then probably escorting boyfriend clothes shopping (he hates it, help needed!), then dining room table delivery, then cocktail party thing for boyfriend’s boss, then sunday will no doubt be a somewhat quieter affair… no doubt some flat tweaking (new birthday lamp arrives today… yeeeeeehah) & breaking bad! ;)

  2. and i meant to say, before i hit ‘post comment’… i hope your w/end brings some happier times your way! “and this too shall pass”… that’s my mantra for everything these days!

  3. Hope you’re ok sweetie….x
    Are you going to go to Merci whilst in Paris?
    This weekend nothing. Coursework. Boo! Gym and running. Double boo! And the last episode of Sherlock. Sniff. x

  4. i love that little eiffel tower ring dish. i want one too.

    well, i have orders again so i will be working this weekend. but you know, as lovely as it was to be a total sloth the last couple weeks, i have decided it’s best when i have work because it’s seems if i am not trying to manage 5 things at once i can’t complete one thing very well at all. i need the pressure of potential failure on me at every moment to get anything done. oh, i am hoping to go see another movie this weekend, maybe lincoln? i like to be ready for the award ceremonies even though 80% of their nominations never make any sense and they practice snubbing. but, hey, when it comes to red carpet events i’m a sheep : )

    i hope your weekend affords you good news and a happy heart xoxo

  5. Sorry things are a bit crummy right now. I hope that it all brightens up soon enough – spring is just around the corner (okay maybe not JUST around the corner but I can see it peeking out at me)

  6. I so wish for H&M to come our way, that tin is adorable. My weekend plans are a birthday brunch of a friend tomorrow, estate sale visit and finally take a long hot bath by candle light in our new bathtub.

    Sending you some light to get you through the rough times! xo

  7. Was that ring holder created especially for you? Well, it’s absolutely perfect. I’m happy you’re enjoying some time out. Sometimes it’s best to give yourself a bit of a distraction so as not to crumble from the weight of it all. I had a whole post on Hope ready for today and I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. Anyway, have yourself a wonderful weekend, Erin. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you flower bombs of gratitude for your support this week.

  8. How was lunch? How was dinner? I’m sorry I didn’t check in sooner, but I’ve been run ragged. Me no likey. I need my down time in a big way. ;) I hope your time out with friends and family lightened your spirit a bit dear. We all need time like that, don’t we? I love the trays, they’re my favorite. I have so much crap on the top of my dresser. I’m sure it would be much prettier in those trays.

  9. It sounds like we are both going through some tough times. But you know what they say. After rain comes sun :) Maybe they don’t say that in the US but the thing is that sometime life sucks but then one day it gets batter. That’s what I’m telling myself right know. Hope you feel better soon and that things work out.

    Bon courage! xoxo

  10. I hope your retail therapy and time with friends left you with a lighter heart. I must confess to not leaving the house at all this weekend (if you don’t count the afternoon trip to the corner shop to get beer… because beer was very much needed). Love the goodies you put together! France might not have H&M home but remember that London is only 2.5 hours away on the Eurostar!

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