My Inner French Girl

For those who follow me on Instagram (seriously, are you following me on Instagram?), you’ll know that over the weekend I crossed a significant milestone in the writing process: 15,000 words. I thought there would be fanfare and fireworks and that I’d feel a deep sense of accomplishment, but I can barely pull my head above water right now, so deeply entrenched am I in this story. The time for celebrations and back-patting can wait; even though that number sounds so impressive, it represents maybe a small fraction of what I still need to do. I’m excited about having written 15,192 words, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more excited about the next 85,000 words that still have to make an appearance.

Last week, I introduced you to Sylvie, and made mention of her older Spanish painter husband, Andrés. I haven’t flushed him out yet completely, or really figured out his role in everything, but I kind of adore him. Is that weird? I’ll stop asking that question. I don’t care. I love my fictional characters.

1. Sweater / 2. Pants / 3. Scarf / 4. Pipe / 5. Paint set / 6. Paper block /
7. Loafers / 8. Watch / 9. Bag / 10. Glasses

So, about halfway through I realized I was designing this with my dad in mind, HA. Art imitates life or life imitates art, or whatever. That’s why I like these posts so much. I end up learning more about the characters than I knew when I started, despite having written about them every chance I get for a few months now. The glasses are the only part of the outfit that doesn’t ring true to the vision I had in my head of Andrés. But maybe he only wears them when he’s reading? Which he does, voraciously. He’s also an abstract painter, a pipe smoker, and a true romantic. He adores Sylvie, loves her more than anything else in the world, and has from the moment he met her. He’s got a big beard, a bigger belly, and the biggest heart. He is loyal to a fault. Andrés will sit on the small balcony in their apartment and paint for hours (he’s had exhibits in New York and his hometown of Barcelona, and is represented at Sylvie’s gallery), until Sylvie comes home and reminds him he needs to eat. He is the chef in the relationship, though, so he ends up cooking most nights. They have a house on the Côte d’Azur where he spends a few weeks out of the year, quietly painting and pondering life.

I love him, and I love his devotion to Sylvie. I have to think of who to profile next. Maybe I’ll get another 1,000 words done this weekend and have a better idea.

18 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. Gary Oldman could wear all this too!
    Love hearing about all your characters :) I quite like him and want him to be my uncle. But not in a weird way!
    I use those watercolour pads. I love having to cut the edges out wtih a knife xx

    1. One hundred points to you for making a Gary Oldman reference! And you’re right, he could totally pull this off. But he could pull anything off. STARTING WITH MY CLOTHES. Sorry, I had to. I set that one up too perfectly.

      My dad used to use those watercolor pads and I was always fascinated by them. I love the covers, haha. I kind of want Andrés to be real. I wish all my characters were real, though. xo

  2. Congratulations on writing 15,000 words! Woohoo! Is it weird that I could see myself wearing everything in that outfit myself, except for the shoes & pipe? Love the cardigan. It must feel like wrapping yourself in a could, at least that’s what I imagine after seeing the price tag ;)

    1. Not weird at all! I totally could live in this outfit, without the pipe, too, haha. I love those khakis and that sweater/scarf combo. And the watch. And the glasses. Haha so pretty much all of it! Yeah, I can’t believe the price tag on that sweater, either. Thankfully Andrés is rich ;)

  3. i definitely like the glasses for when he’s reading. it’s important to think of these things for when you need to re-write it as a screenplay, for the movie adaptation ; ) (sorry, i am getting ahead of myself here. i am just so excited!) i really like the scarf too. i picture every man that lives in france to wear scarves. congrats, mon aime xoxo

    1. You are correct, almost every man I saw in Paris was wearing a scarf! It’s like a wardrobe staple over there. I wish more men adopted that here. I bought J a really nice Club Monaco scarf and it has been an issue of contention in our relationship ever since. He refuses to wear it and I refuse to accept it, haha. I think I even said, “JUST BE FRENCH” at some point? Sigh. ;)

      And you are the cutest. “Movie adaptation.” HA! You always say the sweetest things. xo

  4. i love that bag… and annie’s right, mr o could pull this look off in a nano! i do just want to splatter some paint specs on those shoes & glasses though (my artistic licence as a reader!)… ha! can’t wait to meet the next character! this is fun!

    1. Oh, I totally envisioned some paint splatter on his shoes, too. Take as much artistic license as you need! And bonus points to you for echoing Annie’s Gary Oldman comment! :) xoxo

  5. Heeeey, have you been peeping in Banoo’s closet? Apart from the shoes (trade them for a beat-up pair of Sebagos) and the paint (switch it out to a thick, nerdy book about manifolds) this is his EXACT setup, pipe and all!

    Er, obviously not at the moment though. At the moment it’s longjohns, layers, and wooly knits. Times four. TEEN. FOURTEEN.

    Also, if you need to work with a book cover designer. COUGH COUGH COUGH. Business meetings in Paris, m’ouiii?

    1. Haha! Well apparently Andrés is both my father and your husband. Amazing! What are manifolds, dare I ask? I probably shouldn’t. Isn’t he also working on making things invisible, too? I swear you’re married to a wizard. With great taste!

      Finland will get better! And warmer! I promise! Maybe. I’m not a meteorologist or anything but you figure you can’t live in long johns forever, right? AND YES. BOOK COVER DESIGN SESH IN PARIS. Meet you there. xoxo

  6. Oh, I like Andres already. Any many who is devoted to his woman and loves her to the end of the earth is definitely a lovable man in my book. I do love his whole ensemble. Though, I was thinking of these shoes [I say sheepishly]: I know, I know, I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.
    Oh, what about Matthieu. Whatever became of him? Or was he just a character in the blog version of the book? 15,000 words!! Wahoo, Erin! I know you feel like there’s still 85,000 more to go, but you need to celebrate these smaller victories.

    1. Haha, I had those shoes in there at first! I had a few iterations of this outfit. Those Macalister shoes are the best, aren’t they? I know you’re a fan ;) And yes, Andrés is such a sweetheart.
      Mathieu! I’ll do Mathieu next. He’s definitely in the real-book version :) Thank you for celebrating my small victory with me, darling. Love your support. xoxo

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