My Inner French Girl

As promised, today I have a new My Inner French Girl Post, only it’s not about Mirette. So far, we’ve seen how she spends her mornings (lazily), how she spends her afternoons (lazily, in the park), where she lives, what she wears to brunch, how she spends her vacation (lazily, by the beach), what she does for work (thankfully un-lazily, as it’s her source of income), and even what her name is. But there are other people in her life that need a little attention, too. Take Sylvie, for example. Her boss.

1. Blouse / 2. Scarf / 3. Glasses / 4. Notebook / 5. Purse / 6. Bracelet / 7. Skirt /
8. Perfume / 9. Heels / 10. Lipstick / 11. Book

Sylvie owns Gallery Victor in Saint-Germain, a surrealist and late impressionist gallery that often exhibits her own husband’s work. She is married to Andrés, a Spanish painter 15 years her senior. She is in her mid-40s, and is one of those annoyingly perfect French women we always hear about: impossibly chic, stunning, elegant, only she curses like a sailor. She is independent to a fault, but has to come to rely on Mirette during the three years Mirette has been her assistant. They both fulfill something in each other, as Sylvie never had children of her own, and Mirette has absent mother issues that are taking me forever to figure out. Sylvie is quickly become one of my favorite characters to write, her caustic wit matched in ferocity only by her maternal streak. And I admire any woman (real or fictional) who dresses like this and makes it look effortless. Trust me, Sylvie does. She even walks from her apartment in the 3eme to the gallery in the 6eme in heels (and not just any heels, but Louboutins, of course). Oh, and she wears clear-framed glasses. I might have borrowed that from real life, who knows. ;)

17 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. I love those “tuxedo” blouses. I bought one at Target a couple weeks ago. I’ve just been wearing it with black jeans and boots. I love your pairing with a pencil skirt and scarf!

  2. Her boss, Sylvie, is just like my dream French boss: walking to work in heels. With those old streets and uneven sidewalks, I’m charmed!

  3. The combination of red heels and red lips is lovely. Heels, I just can’t do. So sad. And walking to work in them? How do people do that? How????? The lips I can pull off. Sort of. Sort of. Ah hell. I’m probably kidding myself.

  4. i couldn’t agree more, a woman that dresses like that and looks effortless in doing so, it is so attractive and intriguing. of course when i was a very little girl (watching 80’s movies) that’s just what i assumed i would be like when i grew up; wearing heels every day and red lipstick and lingerie undergarments -yeah, not so much. i wouldn’t mind being sylvie for a day or two but maybe while her husband was away on vacation.

    exciting! every time i hear a bit about the book my excitement level goes up a few notches. xo

  5. Sylvie is one chic woman! I wish i could rock heels but I am just not able to walk gracefully in them. Can’t wait to find out more about Sylvie, Mirette and of course what will happen with Matthieu…

  6. I’ve got pencil skirts on the brain right now. So, I’m happy to see one here and that Slyvie wears one, WITH red heels no less. LOVE! Like most here, I can’t rock heels either, but I can certainly live vicariously through chic women who do and it doesn’t stop me from thinking they’re beautiful. Oh, Sylvie should also have a Cariter tank watch. It seems only appropriate. ;)

  7. Beautiful, successful, chic 40-something French woman….just wondering who her lover is. And, of course, how he dresses!

  8. I’d quite like to be her actually. Bet she smokes though. Yuk.
    Love those shoes and they have them in my size! darn net -a-porter and the pandora’s box it is xx

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