In Five Pictures

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I’m not feeling particularly verbose today (I’m not feeling very “get out of bed” today, either), so this will have to do. Five pictures that sum up how I’m feeling. I cannot believe I’ll be in Paris in a little over 2 months. C’est ma raison d’ĂȘtre.

8 thoughts on “In Five Pictures

  1. That second one makes me think of Jason Bourne’s apartment in the first Bourne. We’ve talked about that, I know. And number three makes me want to get rid of all my stuff!

    1. Yes and YES. Especially after the influx of Christmas presents that just overtook my entire house…I need to pare down to make room. Or just pare down in general. I have too much stuff. xo

  2. What else has Eddie Redmayne been in? I can’t figure it out. You’ll have to see Les Mis just for him. Phantom is a great one to like!!!

    The “in your face” directing was a bit much…I even said that to my sister. I loved your comment on my blog!!

    Oh…did you know your email isn’t linked up to your blog? This is how you do it if you’re interested!

    How to enable your e-mail: BLOGGER ACCOUNTS: To do this, click on your Dashboard, click on EDIT PROFILE and place a checkmark next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and finally scroll to the bottom and click SAVE PROFILE

    1. Oh, you’re such a love, thank you for that tip! I think because I’m WordPress based I never really figured out anything to do with my Blogger profile, but that will make it easier going forward! I fixed it :) Thanks, Ashley!

      And Eddie Redmayne was in “The Other Boleyn Girl” which you MUST see if, like me, you are a total Henry VIII-era history nerd. I totally am (I’m reading “Bring up the Bodies” by Hilary Mantel now, which is about Anne Boleyn’s downfall), and Eddie was adorable in that movie. He’s just adorable in life. Definitely worth checking out! I’m probably going to see Les Mis this weekend with my cousin who’s in town for the holidays, and I’m going in with an open mind! Everyone I know who has seen it has raved about it so far. xo

  3. Aw, so glad I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’m trying to get my mojo back, slowly but surely. For now, I will just admire these beautiful photos you selected. Thank you, Erin!

  4. Great shots.

    Eddie Redmayne was also in a UK TV programme Birdsong with Clemence Poesy. Did you guys have this across the pond there ?

    Feeling pretty slow myself Erin, totally get it. Only just catching up on blog posts I haven’t read over the last week. Glad you had lots of Christmas fun, ours was veeerrrrrry chilled indeed xx

  5. I seem to have forgotten how to talk/write/move lately. I have a serious holiday hangover. I have been watching lots of movies with Fisher and laying around the house with a little bit of helping feeding baby alive, a little coloring/building/game playing. I think my kids like me like this : )

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