Hodge Podge

Clearly, all of your finger-crossing worked, because at my office holiday party on Friday, I WON AN IPOD. It was awesome. My manager, Christine, won a flat screen, and Hunter (Hunter!) won an iPad. Exciting times! Except that less than a month and a half ago, Boyfriend bought me the same new iPod in pink as an early birthday present. So now I have two iPods. It’s making my pink iPod feel threatened. And let me tell you, she’s not taking the whole thing well.

 this picture brought to you via my amazing Photoshop skillz.

I also won a wicked hangover the next morning thanks to all the free gin & tonics I imbibed. There’s only one cure for that, and it’s greasy diner food. Between my party and Boyfriend’s party Saturday night, I spent a total of 13 hours drinking. Which is more than I have ever spent drinking in my entire life combined, because I am an old lady who goes to bed at 9:30. But I rallied both nights and made it to both after parties, and even had enough left in me to drink a mini-bottle of Rosé at brunch yesterday. This post is not brought to you by my liver, because my liver is not talking to me for a while. Je ne regrette rien!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Aww, congratulations duckie! I think I’ve only ever won anything in a raffle once. That said, I went on to win 4 more prizes in the same raffle. It never happened again. The raffle gods have probably decreed that I’ve had more than my fair share. :D

    I cannot believe that you drank for 13 hours straight, young lady, and lived to tell the tale. My weekend was waaay more sedate than that!

    I spent it shopping (surprise, surprise!), eating out and catching up with a dear old friend. Watching our mirror-image little girls openly adore each other was too adorable for words! :D x

    1. Wait wait wait! You won 5 times in the SAME raffle?? That’s impressive! People must’ve thought it was totally rigged, haha. What did you win? The only thing I’ve won in a raffle was at a Basset’s Turkey restaurant, I won an oversized gray t-shirt from a Root Beer company. That’s about as American as you can get, right? Haha.

      And it wasn’t 13 hours straight, there was a good 17 hour break in between there when I was feeling very sorry for myself and hanging out in sweatpants ;) Your weekend sounded lovely! I hope you took pictures of your cute kids playing! xo

  2. Chi were you by any chance in charge of that raffle? sounds to me like someone cheated!

    We had Sam round for dinner and for a sleep over which was hugely fun :) We drank too much too but not as much as you and far less rose.

    And I got my tree and made a garland :) xxxxxx

    1. Haha, yeah Chi’s raffle sounds suspicious! I wish I had been at your blogger sleepover! I would have brought rosé, much to your enjoyment ;) I bet you guys had a wonderful time! I want to see your decorated tree! xo

  3. ha! i love the picture of your pink ipod. she’s mad. at first i was thinking “sweet, didn’t you need a new ipod!?” but then i thought “oh, yeah, boyfriend bought you a pink one!” looks like a pretty awesome gift for someones stocking??

    i embroidered 50 pillows in 15 days, so i pretty much collapsed this weekend ; ) it feels really great to be able to think of other things! xo

    1. Hahaha, yeah, she’s kind of pissed. Oh well! I’ll probably give the new one to a friend or maybe even sell it and give the money to charity! Look at me, being all kind. ;)

      You’re a needle-point wizard! You go girl! Hopefully now that your Christmas orders are done you can focus on relaxing through the holiday season! Fingers crossed! xo

  4. oh fantabulous! congratulations {sorry pink ipod, nothing personal!}… i think the only time i ever ‘won’ a raffle was when i had actually already given the winning ticket to my mother-in-law because she had refused to buy a ticket & it wasn’t much fun being the only one in the running… so i got to sit back & watch her win the FIRST prize {a giant egyptian picture – we were in egypt at the time!} & i got diddly squat! the picture hangs pride of place in her lounge & it irks me every time i see it! bahahaha

    1. There is so much in that story I have questions about! EGYPT! I’ve always wanted to go! How was it?? Did you do a Nile cruise?? Okay, focus. What kind of picture did she win? Have you ever thought about stealing it from her? Pretending it was a theft like in A Fish Called Wanda and robbing her house? Haha, I’m not encouraging you or anything. But no wonder you still bitter over it! That painting was yours!

  5. Ha! That is AWESOME! I would clearly die if I drank that much. I’m not sure if I’m envious or…well, I’m not sure what I am! I never win anything, so I’m super happy for you. Whose stocking is the new ipod going to end up in? ;)

    1. Don’t be envious, you definitely did not want to be in my position on Saturday morning. Or Sunday morning, for that matter. Ha! Recipient of the iPod is still up in the air, but I might just give it to J. DUH. Because I’m a really good girlfriend. xo

  6. Yes! We totally had similar weekends because after my ALL DAY office party on Friday, I had to troop to another party on Saturday. I was pretty sure I was going to die! Totally jealous of the fact that you win things at your office party, we just sit around and eat until we can’t move and then have to watch a slideshow!

    1. Haha! A slideshow about what? The year in review? Or something boring like work safety? Gosh, for your sake I hope it was the former! Nothing can kill a buzz faster than a boring work video! But then again, there is a lot an open bar can make up for ;) xo

  7. 13 hours?! My body would not make it. Maybe you can give the new iPod to BF? Sounds like you’re on your way, next year, we go for the flat screen tv!

    1. How bad is it that I never even thought about giving it to him?? OOPS. Well, to be fair, he uses his phone for his music, so maybe that’s why it never crossed my mind. I’m going with that explanation and not that I’m a horrible girlfriend. :)

  8. My weekend was clearly not as good as yours! Although I had a lovely Hanukkah dinner with my in-law, it was not as good as yours because it was not followed with greasy diner food, my favorite.

    1. Haha, your weekend sounds pretty lovely! Much more mellow and sweet than mine. I could have used a quiet Hanukkah dinner. But I can’t compromise on greasy diner food ;) xoxo

  9. Yay, our collective let-Erin-win-a-humongous-prize dance worked. Congratulations, Erin!
    I feel slightly inebriated after reading this post. My weekend was pretty mellow, afterall. Though, I did manage to have some cocktails and get 95% of my shopping done. Yes, I still have a couple of gifts left to buy. Doh!

    1. Hah! If we could channel our collective energy into winning the lottery, that would be amazing! Clearly we have something good going on here ;) Don’t worry about not being done shopping! I wrapped everything and realized I was short a few gifts, too! That always happens. xo

  10. You’re one lucky lady to win the Ipod! And surviving 13 hours drinking. Kudos! I couldn’t handle it but I already get drunk after two drinks anyways ;) This weekend I painted the trim in our bathrooms, checked out a craft fair, attended a kids birthday party (yes, I needed a nap after) and started decorating our tree. All in all it was the perfect mixture of fun and work…

    1. Haha, the secret is pacing yourself and alternating with water. Sure, this means more trips to the bathroom, but you can party a lot longer. I’m usually buzzed after two drinks, too, though. Don’t feel bad! You had a really, really productive weekend! Far more productive than mine. I didn’t even write anything! xo

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