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Did I mention I got spoiled for Christmas? Because I totally did. Over the weekend, on the way to see an exhibit on the Titanic (which was incredible by the way, though more than a little macabre and eerie), we stopped in Barnes & Noble and I bought new Thank You cards with one of the four thousand gift cards I received (see? spoiled). The cards are packaged beautifully in a Tiffany blue box with gold ribbon, and there’s a gold foil Eiffel Tower on them with the word “merci” written in delicate script. To say I love them would be an understatement; they were pretty much made for me.

They’re from a company called Graphique de France, and I want everything they sell.

1. Pen / 2. Merci cards / 3. Notebook / 4. Pillow / 5. Note cards / 6. Calendar

Boyfriend bought me a stunning Paris wall calendar for Christmas, otherwise I’d buy that Provence calendar in a heartbeat. They have more than just Paris-themed goodies, but these are just the ones I gravitate towards, what can I say? I need those note cards with the faded map of Paris on them. For what? I don’t know. Does anyone send notes in the mail anymore? Besides my mom-mom, I mean. I definitely would, if I had cards that cute. And they’re only $13!

Enough shopping for me. How was your weekend?

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  1. good for you and all your Christmas loot! what are your plans for tonight? hope you have a wonderful NYE and an awesome new year filled with lots of French speaking. xo Teri

    1. Merci, Teri! C’est mon reve, to be fluent in French! Maybe 2013 is the yea I make it happen! Hope your New Year’s was wonderful, Teri! xoxo

  2. I am all about Christmas loot! I was spoiled this year too, although we all still agree that Neel did the best. He always does. And that was with Cal getting a phone! Still, no complaints from me. And I love those thank you notes. J’adore! See! I know French too!

    1. You know French! :) I do adore those notes, I might need to treat myself…haha. Glad to hear everyone made out like bandits on your end! xo

  3. i have seen bloggers do these sort of chain mail-snail mail things that I think sound kind of fun in spirit. but my brain pretty much just starts melting upon thinking of organizing something like that. and of course just saying chain mail makes me want to draw all my curtains and sit silently in darkness. ugh, i hated chain letters and the guilt that they would bestow upon me because i never once followed through. however, i DO think it would be fun for some of us bloggers to send a note, have something tangible that isn’t glowing on a screen and also keep the action of note card sending through the mail alive. i have dreams you see, of sending lots of note cards because i love them too ; )

    my weekend was good, i feel like i have been in one very long weekend for the last week, i am about ready to snap out of it. have a happy new year my friend! xoxo

    1. That is such a good idea! Maybe I’ll organize something like that this year! OR I’ll just buy those note cards and squeeze your addresses out of you all and send you little love notes in the mail :) I love getting mail, I think everyone really does. But without the pressure of having to pay it forward. I’m like you, it was a total guilt-fest when I didn’t keep up with a chain letter situation.

      Hope your New Year’s Eve was amazing, Christine! xo

      1. if you decide to organize such a thing let me know and i will jump on board too. if you wanted to send me a post card from paris i wouldn’t object : ) i have had a couple of my customers send me postcards from france which is so much fun. i have made a little stash of french-sent postcards to keep me happy till i get to make it there myself. i can start your collection of portland-sent postcards, how exciting would that be?!

  4. Sweet! You made out like a bandit. I think it’s because people easily know the way to your heart. ;)
    I send notes in the mail. We send thank you notes for each and every gift we receive; It’s a requirement in our family. Though, I don’t mind it; It’s a nice ritual.
    Just in case you don’t make it back over to see this, I wrote you a little something/reply:
    Erin, do you remember last year’s NYE – You and Annie showing off your NYE outfits and all of us sharing some good cheer via Twitter? That was a year ago! Crazy! Aw, good times. Well, my friend, have the most wonderful new year’s eve. We’ll be doing much the same. I’m hoping I make it to *your* midnight too! [wink] Thank you for a wonderful 2012. Blogging wouldn’t have been the same without you. Cheers to 2013!

    1. I love that it’s a mandatory thing in your house to send thank you cards! You’re really instilling some great values in those kiddos of yours. I remember having to send them to family members after big holidays and parties and it felt good to do. It’s a lost art, these days! And it’s more fun when you have nice stationary, haha ;)

      I can’t believe that was a year ago!! We all barely knew each other back then. Or I barely knew you two. What a difference a year makes! That was such a sweet night! Blogging definitely would have been worse without you, I can say that safely. Hope you had a wonderful NYE and made it to your midnight! I definitely didn’t make it to your midnight, in case you had any doubts! xoxox

      1. Oh I remember that too, that was fun! This year I was wearing a woolly jumper, a hat, scarf, gloves and a Barbour and wellies so needless to say I didn’t share that outfit on Twitter.

        I love those cards. I have been thinking about sending thank you cards. That’s as far as I got. We make the kids do it. That’s fun, not. but how come adults don’t do it? xx

  5. I love that! I Should try to find the same thing but to send as “happy birthday” cards. Btw, the calenders are great, I think I’m gonna buy one this week since the one we have is… well old news.

    1. Ha, old news indeed. I save some of my calendars, for the pictures, even after the year has ended. I have a feeling I’ll be doing just that next year when the Paris calendar is out of date! xo

  6. Oh my goodness, those are so perfect. I just purchased the lady bug ones and am a little too excited to send them out.

    Enjoy your new goodies!


  7. I saw this or a similar Titanic exhibition back in Germany a long time ago. It was so interesting to see the things that have been lying on the bottom of the sea for so long but it was also a little creepy…I love receiving and writing little cards, it’s so much more special than an email or text…

    Hope you had a great start into 2013! Have a happy new year!

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