A New Blog? Or, What I Gave My Grandmother For Christmas

I’m exhausted and somehow still stuffed to the gills, but yesterday was one of those magical Christmases with riotous laughter and too much time lounging on the couch discussing bodily functions. That’s what families are for. The presents are just superfluous, but needless to say I did get entirely spoiled, but what I wanted most for the holiday was to spend time with my family, and I got to. I hope everyone was so lucky. At dinner, my cousin Stacy asked each of us to go around the table and say something positive that happened for us this year, and though I answered a combination of “Going to Europe!” and “Meeting Gary Oldman!” I want to officially amend my answer to include, “Sitting at the table with most of my favorite people in the world, right now.”

But yes, there were presents. I gave my Mommom 6 months of Netflix DVDs because she was complaining she has nothing to watch, solast night, my cousins and I spent a good hour figuring out what to put in her queue. If there were ever a time I wished someone had been filming, it was that. My Mommom is 87, and equal parts the foul-mouthed grandmother from “Wedding Crashers” and Euphegenia Doubtfire, if I had to pick movie references.¬†According to her, she likes “musicals, but not dumb ones,” “classics” (but she’s seen all of them), “mysteries, like Law and Order,” and while she’s “not a prude,” I’m sure “Brokeback Mountain” would just about kill her. We ended up with a solid list of 40 (including Slumdog Millionaire, Dreamgirls, Blue Hawaii, The Iron Lady, The Help) but it was hard-earned.

It also gave me the idea for a new blog, called “Not Your Grandmother’s Movies” or “Movies Not to Give to your 87 Year Old Grandmother.” Because, oh my god, there are so many. There might actually be more movies not to give my Mommom than there are ones I can.

basically anything with the Wayans Brothers.

How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? Also, I’m only half-kidding about starting a new blog of movies not suitable for grandmothers. Any hilarious suggestions?

9 thoughts on “A New Blog? Or, What I Gave My Grandmother For Christmas

  1. This reminds me of when we (cough cough) got my grandmother a VCR for Christmas. We had the hardest time deciding what movies to get her…I can’t even remember now, but I think some Agatha Christie mysteries, maybe As Good as it Gets. It was a loooong time ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Happy, happy, dear!

    1. Grandmothers are universally difficult to shop for when it comes to modern technology, I guess! I think she’ll like the DVDs, if she can figure out how the return envelope situation works! I’m sure I’ll be getting a phone call from her about that, soon. :) xo

  2. Ha-ha, that’s is so funny and endearing at the same time. I think you covered your bases with the movies you selected above. In other words, no scary movies (especially the ones they’re releasing in today’s market – I can’t even watch them!) and comedies involving the Wayans brothers. You’re a good granddaughter.

    1. Haha thanks, T. Luckily Netflix has a list of every Best Picture winner from the last 50 years or so, so that was a good jumping off point for sure! Hopefully she enjoys the gift and it gives her something to do! xo

  3. I’m not convinced your gran would like Hot Tub Time Machine.

    And whilst we’re on the subject, how about films parents should never let their children watch? we let Arthur watch the Dictator with us. Let’s just say we rather regretted that. Poor thing, his childhood is over.

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