26 in 26

Today, as I’m sure you were all aware since it is a Nationally Recognized Holiday, is my birthday. Last year I was phenomenally more excited about it than I am this year, as evidenced by the crying fit and hysterics I dissolved into this morning when I woke up and realized that oh my god, I’m 26. Last year, like every year previous, I was all up in everyone’s faces reminding them to wish me a happy birthday (friends, coworkers, bus drivers, postmen, helpless cashiers) and bestow presents on me, and was so enthusiastic that this even happened: (who let this happen?)

That exists. And I’m totally giving it the side-eye today. Look at me! So young! So excited! So wrinkle free! So overloaded with animated bling! Where is this girl’s enthusiasm this year? Instead of being remotely as chipper this year, I instead feel like someone has just informed me my credit card was declined even though I know it shouldn’t have been. Basically, like this:

Grumpy Cat understands my plight. If everyone in my life weren’t so allergic to cats, you could bet your ass I’d have one of those miserable little jerks. They just get me, you know?

As I continue my slow creep towards inevitable death, I’ve decided to give myself 26 goals to accomplish during my 26th year of life. And yes, I’m including things that I was going to do next year anyway, but I’ve put them on the list because I’m an underachiever with a lazy streak and coming up with 26 things is tough work. Also, who doesn’t love crossing stuff off lists?

Without further ado:

26 in 26

1. Go to Paris, twice

2. Become fluent in French (join conversation groups and keep taking classes)

3. Finish the first draft of my book

4. Rescue another dog (somewhere Boyfriend and Fitz are going, “WHAT?!”)

5. Read 26 books

6. Start doing Pilates again

7. Eat a new food (oysters?)

8. See 2 plays

9. Run a mile (a whole mile! that doesn’t involve catching a bus!)

10. Enjoy a day at the beach (emphasis on the word ‘enjoy‘ not just ‘go to’)

11. Take my nieces to the zoo

12. Go ice-skating

13. Go one month without buying anything (this is my Everest)

14. Travel overseas somewhere new

15. Call my grandmother once a week

16. Attempt my 365 Project again (ahem)

17. Blog everyday for a year

18. Visit at least 5 museums

19. See 2 movies in the theater by myself

20. Cook one meal a month (an upgrade from the current 0)

21. Curse less

22. Paint the living room

23. Attend Synagogue services at least once (23a. find out what the actual name of Synagogue services is, you awful Jew)

24. Volunteer at a women’s shelter

25. Attend a writer’s conference

26. Land my dream job

So there you have it. 26 in 26. And I’ll reference this post frequently throughout the next year (maybe I’ll even put a link in my sidebar) as I start crossing some of these off. Until then, I leave you with this “Friends” clip, which I believe adequately sums up how I’m feeling.

P.S. If anyone asks, I’m 25.

20 thoughts on “26 in 26

  1. It’s very hard to empathise with someone who is upset about being 26! My advice to you is wear a bikini as much as you possibly can this year, when you’re 36 you’ll wish you had. Oh and crop tops. And mini skirts without tights.

    Great list, look forward to seeing you fulfill it!

    Happy Birthday Erin! Hope it picks up for you. What did BF get you? xxx

  2. Okay, even my 13 year old says, “She’s 26, why is she like complaining?!” BABY, you’re a BABY! But you’re our baby and we love you so, so much! Happy, happy day my dear! So happy for you and I can’t wait to see you tackle some of the things on this list. Ice skating? I’ll want pictures of that. Cooking too. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. 26 was my best year ever… can’t even explain why because i don’t know… it just was…
    and i agree completely with annie & lauren… believe me, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone gal… so, get your mooching ass out there on an ice rink in a bikini no less, shimmy what you still have (before it starts shimmying all of its own accord) & go sing from some rooftops for added pleasure…
    look forward to seeing you tick those things off your list… i’m mid-way through putting together my own little list called 3*6*5…
    in the meantime… H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y kid!

  4. Happy Birthday Old Bird! yeah right, ahem.

    26, only 26! You should feel happy and gleeful that you don’t even look 21, let alone 26. That young peachy flesh without a wrinkle in sight.

    You get out there gal and have the best day, go forth and enjoy cos 26 only comes around once in a lifetime.

    Honestly though, Happy Birthday darling. Wishing you lots and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    I am going to be 37 in a month! THIRTY-SEVEN – my belly did a flop just writing that. Do you know how many things that is I would have to do in a year if I made a list like yours? I’d have to add things like “wake up every day” and “brush your teeth.” But I love your list and it does make me want to do the same – #23 made me laugh, #13 made me cringe for you! Anyway, age is relative, in many ways (or all ways) I don’t feel like that age reflects me at all, not in the least. Honestly sometimes I wish I felt more 37 but age is in the heart and mind and the rest is just numbers. So be happy and celebrate the birth of you because it’s pretty great that you were born. xo

  6. 1. Happy Birthday Ersbee!!!!
    23. I’ll go with you!
    27. Learn 1:1 correspondence….This will be your 3rd trip to Paris.

  7. Happy birthday, Erin!!
    I love your 26 x 26. You can do it! (Thank goodness I didn’t commit myself to a number goals matching my age – That’s a shi* load of goals!) AND you are NOT old. Things have only just begun for you. Trust.
    Have a wonderful, amazing day today, E! Wish I could share a glass of proseco and a macaron with you. x

  8. I just realised I was so stoked about our Maurin/street connection that I totally derped (hur) on wishing YOU a happy birthday. SO BONNE ANNIVERSAIRE, mon amie! As you can see, once you reach 31 you sort of forget things, SO LIVE IT UP (while your synapses still fire properly)!

  9. Happy birthday Erin! Love your list, mine would be considerably longer ;) I tried #13 this year and actually didn’t buy anything for 10 (!!!) weeks and I usually love shopping. You will be able to cross everything of your list next year for sure! I hope you are not feeling like grumpy cat anymore and are enjoying your birthday. xx

  10. Are you kidding me? 26?!
    Ha! I was 26 once – it was a Wednesday, I believe ………..

    Seriously though, have the happiest of birthdays, kiddo and I look forward to following along as you tick off your 26 in 26! :D xoxo

    I personally belong to a club along with my best friend, we are “Forever 27”. I’ll check back with you in a couple of years to offer you membership ok?

  12. Happy birthday Erin! By the way, what is your dream job? Come to Florida and I can knock off the museum list and the beach enjoyment for ya!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday.

    I’m so happy for you. in the past couple months you’ve made plans to Paris, started writing your book, and began French Classes! Not many people really make changes like this.

    I hope #26 happens for you!!!

    I hope I can enjoy some of your 26 things on your list with you. I loved the 365 project of your blog and would check it daily!!!

  14. Hello Erin!

    This was hilarious! I don’t know what it is about 26 that makes us feel SO blah…but I felt the exact same way! I’m now 27 so I decided to do a 30 before 30 to sort of get me out of my ages 27-30 funk!!! You have SO many great things on your list it makes me want to go revisit and perhaps change a few things on mine.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday and hopefully you’ll be able to accomplish everything on your list!!!

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