Quick Bedroom Makeover

It all started when Santa posted this review of visiting One Museum Mile and I saw this bedroom.

I mean, come on, right? I instantly swooned over it, loving the color combination of dark gray and slate blue and light gray and all that sexy gray artwork above the bed.  And since my desk is in my bedroom, I shot a look over to our bed and felt it looked sort of sad and uninspired. Our pillows are squished, flat messes, our duvet cover is missing a button at the bottom and has a Fitz bite hole somewhere in the middle (a small one, but still). Our mattress pad stopped fitting on the bed after one too many washes and so now our sheets are just on the bare mattress (THIS KILLS ME). I shouldn’t complain, because before I moved in Boyfriend was totally content sleeping on a fitted sheet and an un-covered duvet blanket. With one pillow. I can’t even.

So I got to thinking (about ways to spend money, obviously) and decided we needed new bedding. I had partially given up the search after my dreams were dashed over the Dwell Studio striped duvet but then seeing Santa’s picture re-inspired me. She was kind enough to send me the full-size picture to use in this post even as she’s stuck without power from Hurricane Sandy (thank you again, doll!). I didn’t follow the dark gray/light gray/blue recipe exactly to the letter, but I’m still wildly excited about our soon-to-be new bedding.

1. Duvet cover / 2. Pillows & Pillowcases / 3. Sheets / 4. Table / 5. Lamp / 6. Art

I still get my striped duvet, only this one is almost a 1/10th the cost of the Dwell version. I ordered a new set of pillows (big! squishy!) and slate blue sheets. Full disclosure: technically my mom ordered the pillows and pillowcases because she has a Target card and it saved us $33 in shipping and an additional 5% off everything. She’s calling it an early Christmas present but I’m hoping in her old age she forgets by the time Christmas rolls around (hi moo!). I am absolutely loving the lines on the West Elm coffee table and praying they make a smaller version so I can use them as night tables. And how gorgeous is that gray watercolor print? I obviously have a thing for watercolors.

Full before and after pictures of le boudoir to come after everything is set up. Though I might just skip right to the “after” because really, the “before” is just blah.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Our Australian house-guest got stranded here because of the hurricane but was able to fly out yesterday, so we’re looking forward to relaxing this weekend without having to entertain or anything. Have a good one, kiddos!

15 thoughts on “Quick Bedroom Makeover

  1. A water color print or actual art will probably be easier to come by than the water color duvet!!! I think if you had a big grey/blue water color above your bed it would have a simillar look.

  2. oh my goodness, the bit about your mom make me laugh (out loud). i still think that way too sometimes and i am 36 for crying out loud. but i just think once a kid, always kid when it comes to parents and christmas presents. er, or maybe just their willingness to buy you gifts anytime of the year.

    ok, so i love it! it’s so perfect for you. i am absolutely in love with the table and the artwork. it’s really lovely.

  3. I have a memory like a steal trap….boots, bedroom! Somehow you managed to skip the A’s. Do you need to back up? Please think about changing your post to I NEED IT/ I WANT IT/ What IS IT?

  4. I love nothing more than quick makeovers like this. I just got us new pillows and I’m afraid they were a bit of a bust. I’m not happy. Ah well, I can try again. That being said, everything on your list seem to be must-haves to me. Rooth is totally right about the connection between your header and the water color and Christine is totally right about daughters and mothers too. And I’m older than you both!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how quick new bed linens can make a bedroom fill fresh? All these items go really well together. I love that watercolor. You’re inner interior designer is coming out again, and she’s quite fabulous. Thank goodness BF found you! I can’t even either. :)
    We’ve got soccer and some running around. Maybe we’ll squeeze in a nice dinner sans kids. Have a wonderful weekend, E! Hope you get some good writing done.

  6. I absolutely love getting new bedding, it makes waking up and falling asleep feel so new for a little while. And that was so nice of Santa!

  7. J’aime beaucoup the stripy sheets!

    Your boyfriend-sleeping-on-just-sheet reminds me of a friend I had in Uni. He slept on the bare mattress. And uncovered pillows. There was an off-coloured…spot…on…the…mattress…from…his…laying in the same spot OH GOD I’M GOING TO VOMIT. I can’t even TYPE it without getting the skeevies! I double-bag my pillows, use a mattress pad AND fitted sheet AND sheet AND duvet cover- and it’s all washed on an environment-destroying 60 degree wash every week.

    His room…it smelled….like…unwashed scalp. You know that smell? It’s, like, number ONE on my nasty smells list. Sometimes on the Tube I get someone right up close to me, and being tall, have their smelly scalp near my nose. I DIE A SLOW, PAINFUL MINI-DEATH EVERY TIME. Hence why I walk everywhere now. Even if it takes hours.

    I’m weird about sheets/sleep smell too.

    Oh, what? You didn’t mention stinky scalp? That was me?



  8. Oh la la! Now this is going to be one gorgeous bedroom! I don’t know what I would do without Ikea (I have been coveting that lamp for as long as I can remember)! Was that your mom that commented? I laughed out loud at the ‘memory like a steel trap’ comment!

  9. Oh come now, Erin. You know we aren’t going to let a little thing like a hurricane keep us from shopping. I actually like your picks even better and I hope they make that table in “the right” size too!

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