Paris, encore

So because this week wasn’t going well enough already, I have a very exciting announcement. Here’s a hint:

Give up? I AM GOING BACK TO PARIS IN MARCH FOR 6 DAYS! I don’t think I need to explain how happy this makes me, but just in case you need a reminder of just how much I love Paris, see almost every post I’ve ever written (specifically thisthisthisthisthisthis, and this. And these.) I was going to leave the day after Thanksgiving but decided to wait until I had 10 weeks of French class under my belt so I’d feel more comfortable communicating. It will be a short trip, but long enough to recharge my batteries and clear my head. And do some serious writing. I will probably spend at least the first day crying hysterically and hugging buildings and metro signs and random Frenchmen like an idiot. It doesn’t feel like a vacation, it feels like I’m going home. And because I’m a good girlfriend, I’m bringing Boyfriend along with me! Do you know I actually had to convince him to accept a free trip to Paris? Sometimes, that boy…

Sure, it may seem indulgent to go to Paris twice in 10 months (this is actually my new life plan). And I don’t have to validate it other than to say that I work very hard and very long hours in a creatively-unfulfilling job, I manage my spending and have no debt, and I deserve it.  All I want in life is the ability to travel to Paris when I want. Why do I have money in savings just sitting there when Paris exists? (This was a rhetorical question but my mom went ahead an answered it in conversation earlier in the week with, “To pay for a wedding! DUH.”) I’m young, basically responsibility-free (no offense, Fitz!) and I don’t want to look back and regret not going just because I could.

So, yes. Paris! Again! We’ll be staying in Montmartre hopefully. We might go back to the Louvre, we might go to Versailles, but mostly we’re just going to wander and sit in cafes for too long and I’ll fill an entire memory card with pictures. I’m going to scout out all the places I’m writing about in my book and just soak up the city for 5 whole days. I’m also going to eat nothing but macarons and escargot, but not together. C’est dégoûtant.

Paris, amour de ma vie, I’ll see you soon.

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  1. those pictures tug on my heart they are so perfect. i am so happy for you to go. you are right, you should enjoy both the money you work for, the freedom to indulge and the world around you. i am currently on a 14 year wait until i can go to paris – so please have a macaron for me while you are there! and oh, and take a big deep breath of the city for me : ) i am so excited for you beside this is important research for your book!

    1. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time I’m there! 14 years?? I’m assuming this is because of your wee ones, oui? I’ll send you virtual macarons and accordion music to help get you through, ma cherie! Funny you mentioned about taking a deep breath of the city. My dad used to inhale deeply whenever he bought a new glass canister that was imported from France (forget the brand). That was one of my favorite quirks about him. xoxo

  2. erin my love, you never, NEVER, never have to justify this to anybody… in the words of our friend edith, “non, je ne regrette rien”… life is there for the living!

    1. Oh, Sue, you wonderful dear. Merci! I know I don’t technically need approval, but I definitely worry about coming off like a spoiled brat, haha. Vous etes parfait! xo

      1. no, you don’t come off as spoilt at all… just someone who’s determined to live their life doing things that make them happy… nothing wrong with one more happy person in the world, i say!

    1. No, unfortunately. I don’t even know the date of the wedding or if they’ve even set one, and I don’t think I can swing two European trips in the same month. I wish, though!

  3. I can’t believe you feel the need to justify this you silly mare! I will not forgive you if you’re doing this instead of coming to see me though.

    1. Uh oh…then I think I have to prepare to be shunned! You can always take the Eurostar and come visit over the weekend we’re there! Pretty please? xo

  4. I’m casting my vote (yay! I get to vote again!) with everyone who says that you don’t need to justify this AT ALL. (Of course, I can *totally* relate to the need to justify, because I basically need to justify my need for, oh, lunch, but there you are.) All I can say, is, yes, yes, yes and yes again.

    1. Hahah, and I don’t even have a sticker to give you! :) Thank you for the vote of assurance, and I’m totally with you on the need to justify absolutely everything. Oui oui oui oui, et oui encore. xoxo

  5. Soooo jealous! It’s been two years since I last went and that is tooooo long! Lucky you! Enjoy every bit of cheese and wine and croissant for me! I am looking forward to those posts already!

    1. Deux années?! Too long indeed! This will be my third time, but there was 12 years (!!) between my first and second trip. Now I’m just making up for lost time. I’ll take tons of pictures, I promise! xoxo

  6. My husband actually leaves for Paris tomorrow on business. Ohhh, this is a double punch to the gut! But I am so excited for you and think it’s very smart of you to go after the French lessons.

    1. Whoa! If I were you I’d tag along and be his personal assistant for a few days. What a lucky husband! And an unlucky wife, getting left behind. You poor thing! Thankfully my trip is months away so you can recover fully ;) xoxo

  7. Well, this is happy, gleeful news! I knew you were planning to go again, but now it’s official and on the books. Excellent! As the others have already assured you, no justification necessary, especially not with this tribe. We are nothing if not supportive enablers. I love what Sue said, “Life is there for living.” So, live your life, girl. Maybe Annie will take the train and meet you. That would be awesome!

    1. Yes! You were actually a huge part of what made just DO it. I think in the bathroom makeover post you said something like, “This is great, but Paris first, right?” And I realized you were right. There are a million things I want right now (new bathroom decorations, a new side table, etc etc) but I want Paris MORE. So I made it happen. Thanks, T! I love my “supportive enablers” :) xoxo

    1. Thanks, Ash! It’s my 3rd time but it feels just as exciting as the first. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away?

    1. Thanks, Niki! Go go go! I’m now totally enabling everyone else I can. My coworkers are all like, “Good for you! Now I want to go somewhere!” And I’m just telling them to DO IT, just don’t even think about it. People need to be more spontaneous, haha. xoxo

  8. Arent we all supposed to be going to Nickys wedding in March? not to poop on your trip because Im way jealous of the debt free business

    1. No one ever gave me a date! I likely can’t do both, but I know it was lame to jump the gun and go to Paris instead. Oh well, they’ll forgive me!

  9. Are you kidding?! I’m so excited for you, duckie.
    Paris is ALWAYS a good idea – especially when it’s so close to the UK! ;D

    I have no idea what I’ll be doing in March but I hope that we somehow, FINALLY get to meet. :) xoxo

    1. Haha, you’re so sweet, Chi! I’m pretty excited! Paris is ALWAYS a good idea is right! And you are a quick hour train ride away! You and Annie and Sam need to come over for a night on the weekend we’re there!! Think of how much fun that would be! xoxo

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