Paper Stars

I’m about the least craft-enthusiastic, capable human being alive, but there are some really easy ones even within my comfort-zone. A long time ago, I picked up an origami star making kit on a whim with my dad, probably in the checkout line at Barnes & Noble. Fast forward about 10 years: while decorating the guest room, I was going through some boxes of stuff that haven’t been unpacked in the 8 years since I moved out of my mom’s house, and I found a little tea-light holder filled with these tiny, adorable stars. I also recovered the pack of paper-strips but not the instructions. It is a testament to their simplicity that I was able to remember how to make them after 10 years.

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The strips of paper that came with my kit are a little less than 1/2″ wide and 10 1/2″ long. I’m sure you can cut your own or buy them pre-cut somewhere. Are there origami craft stores? I don’t even know. I’m so out of my element here.¬†

Take the strip of paper and fold one end under, like you’re making a loop. Bring the end back through the hole and pull it taught.

Fold the little piece back and flip the strip over. You should have something that looks like this.

Take the other end of the strip of paper over and fold it over the little pentagon repeatedly, making sure to cross to the diagonal side. If you fold it over the right side, bring it back down over the top left side, and then fold it under the bottom. Make sense? You’re aiming for the diagonal, don’t just keep wrapping it around the middle.

You should have one tiny little piece left when you’re done folding. Tuck it into the folded strip. You should be left with something that looks like this:

Grab the sides between your thumb and forefinger and pinch, “popping” the star into a 3D shape.

Et voila! Paper stars. According to some ancient origami legend or something, if you make 1000 of these, you will have good luck. If I make a 1000 of these someone call an intervention hotline on me, stat. Still, they are pretty adorable, no?

(Big thanks to Boyfriend for playing photographer!)

12 thoughts on “Paper Stars

  1. How pretty – totally love these. I’m thinking I could make some white ones and use them on my dining table or stuck up on my back board wall – the only things it I’m not sure mine would turn out quite as perfect as these….but I could always pretend the kids made them?!

  2. Brings back such wonderful memories with your Dad.

    You moved out 8 years ago? Can we minus the “move backs”? I was tempted to put the kinderlok from your childhood on the outside door knob! JK! You’re always welcome.

  3. They are totally adorable! I wonder, could you string them together somehow to make a garland for a Christmas tree or over the mantle? Not that I could make them at all or anything…But wouldn’t all white be so pretty???? Or white and blue? Or all…oh! The possibilities are endless!

  4. i’m sincerely impressed that you have remembered how to do this after 10 years… like you, my craftiness is sorely limited… i wish i could make the ideas in my head come to life through my own hands, but somewhere between the two the wires get crossed! these will come in handy for the coming season no doubt! i think you could do a thousand in your sleep {yes, that ‘s a challenge lady friend!}… haha!

  5. These stars are super cute! They would look great if you string them up and make a garland. I don’t think I could make these they look so tiny and I am not the most patient person when it comes to making tiny things ;)

  6. These are so cute, as are you. ;) And you say that you aren’t crafty. I don’t believe you anymore. I think you should string these together and make cute garland for the guest room. It would be magical. (Doh, I see this idea has already been suggested. ;)
    Re: the fortune part, in our culture it’s a tradition for a couple to fold 1,000 paper cranes together before the wedding so that the marriage will have good fortune. Well, I suppose if you can successfully and lovingly fold 1,000 paper cranes with your soon-to-be, it’s meant to be. ;)

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