Plus Paris, Naturellement

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How amazing are these prints by The Love Shop? I need both, though I much prefer the type treatment on the one on the right, because they are my life’s mottos. I’ve been listening to the Amelie soundtrack non-stop for days now (can we just talk about how amazing it is? because it is) and so I had to watch the movie again for the millionth time. One day I will live in Paris, and my life will be scored with wonderful accordian music.

By now I should have a category simply titled “Paris,” to easily sort all the talking I do about the most beautiful city in the world. Seriously, I don’t have it set up already? Sacre bleu! Je suis ashamed. Speaking of speaking French (I’m writing this post after 2 cups of tea —Mariage Frères Vanilles des Iles, fyi– so if this seems all over the place it’s because I’M all over the place from caffeine. CAFFEINE! This is what happens when you never drink caffeine and then go crazy believing drinking tea will make you feel like you’re in Paris) I have some exciting news! I signed up for French classes! Sort of! They don’t start until December, but I went ahead and took the placement exam to see what level I’d place into. They prompt you before you begin to select your level of comfort with the language, and I got way too cocky and clicked too many boxes (“I can say this, and this, and this, and of course, I can explain that.” FALSE, I cannot.) and the exam it generated might as well have been an advanced Calculus theorem or something. I ended up writing an essay on my childhood and struggled hard (J’etais blonde, mais pas maintenant!). I’m pretty sure I’ll be put into a beginners class despite having taken 5.5 years of it between middle and high school, another year in college, and (what I thought to be) constant immersion in Parisian culture and movies and music and food. But c’est la vie. The course spans 10 weeks, for 2 hours every Wednesday night, and comes out to under $300 for the whole thing. I should have majored in French in college, what was I thinking? Is it too late to go back and get a second Bachelor’s degree?

Or maybe I could just take lessons from this adorable little girl. Have you seen this video yet? It’s the cutest thing in the entire world. And at 3 years old she speaks phenomenally better French than I do. You’re welcome in advance for how much better your day is going to get after you watch this.

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  1. I hope someday you do get to live in Paris! Do you read any French blogs? If so, which ones? I love getting a glimpse into their real life. Teri

    1. Yes! My favorite is Christine & Paris, she’s Swedish and living in Paris. She posts frequently and always with drool-worthy photos of her daily life in and around Paris. So beautiful and jealousy inducing!

  2. I will settle for just visiting Paris first! Good on ya for signing up for French classes. I feel like I know more French from reading your blog and reading all of the Peter Mayle books from living in Provence this past summer. Of course the last season of Sex in the City scared me with regards to Parisian folks – are they really like that??

    1. Oh, Peter Mayle. I responded to a comment you left at Homestilo yesterday about him, but I adore him. If you like his books you should check out John Baxter, he has a few books on Paris that I heartily recommend: The Most Beautiful Walk in the World and We’ll Always Have Paris. I need to do a post on just books about Paris that I love.

      Parisians are nice beyond belief! I can’t believe they get such a bad rap. It’s like Philly sports fans, everyone thinks we’re jerks and super violent but it’s so undeserved. Parisians are sweet and helpful and I’ve never encountered anyone grumpy. What do they have to be surly about? They live in Paris! Also Carrie was a total brat in the last few episodes, she complained about everything.

  3. ohmygod i LOVE LOVE LOVE her… ohmy… she made me cry… the bit about wanting to lock up the poor monkeys (or something like that)… i want to kiss those little cheeks!!! what a wonderful imagination… you have made my day indeed!

    1. Right?!?! I’ve watched that video close to 15 times in the past few days and she gets me every time. Her little face around 2 minutes in when she asks her mom for help on the word “shield”….kills me. I could just eat her up!

      1. beyond delicious… and the part at 3.34 when she describes how the chicken-box (sic) went to another animal “who was very bad, tremendously very bad”… i LOVE her!!!

        1. Any small child who says, “Something was going amiss!” is an automatic winner in my book. I hope my kids are just like her one day (French and all :)

  4. Someday I would love to live on a little frech farm in the south of france – so that will work out great we can do house swaps for weekend holidays! That video is so cute it almost hurts; she is certainly a gifted storyteller.

    Oh, and the Amelie soundtrack!! Ah, I cannot tell you how much I love that compilation, as soon as that first song comes on it makes me love life just a little bit more (and really, really wish i were listening to it whilst walking the streets of paris and maybe dancing a little bit too).

    1. I love that idea, Christine! I’d obviously need quiet time in the country and you’d need to wander around Paris every now and then to soak it all in. Let’s get on this plan! :)

      Yes the Amelie soundtrack!! I literally can’t contain my grin when I have my headphones on. I must look so weird smiling to myself (and, okay, tearing up occasionally) but I don’t care. That soundtrack is just divine!

  5. She is adorable, c’est vrai! Crocodiles have never been so attractive!

    That’s hilarious about your test for your standard of French. It reminds me that I spent 7 years taking French – at high school for 5 and at college learning French for business for a further 2 years. I loved it up until college and then had a series of unaccountable supply teachers and I lost all joy for it. I passed all my exams, apart from the oral exam, ahem. Conversely, spent those 2 years at college learning Spanish too and loved every minute of it, in fact if I try and think of an English word in French invariably I find the Spanish word first.

    Have fun in your lessons. They will put you in a great position when you move over there xxx

    1. Crockodeeeeels, you mean. And Eepopotams. I could just squeeze her, she is so cute! That video never gets old. I want a kid just like her!

      That’s so cool you took so much French! I can’t imagine taking French AND Spanish at the same time, though. Your brain must have been on overdrive, no wonder you can pull up vocab words now! That’s so funny. J did the same thing when we were in Paris, he let a few “Si”s slip out at restaurants. I died! xo

  6. Oh that’s a great idea bonne chance choufleur! Learning is always good and languages are fab. Richard and I have competitions about school level french. We both know where the shoe shops are and the town hall but can’t order gin x

    1. Teehee, I’m your little cauliflower. I like it! I would love to one day be fluent but it’s one of those things that requires constant practice or you lose it. Haha, I can’t order gin either! We need to get on that quickly, before we meet up in Paris one day and are screwed. xoxo

      1. Apparently that’s why Prince Phillip calls the queen cabbage.

        I’ve been showing that video to the kids and they love it! They thought it was almost as funny as the God of Cake, which we still watch on a regular basis :)

  7. I’ve been at a shoot all morning, so I could only glance at this on my phone. Hence, I only just now sat down and watched that video. It’s tremendously very wonderful. And I think it’s tremendously very smart of you to take French lessons! Good girl! I think it’ll make you very happy. Someone very smart I know once told me that if your heart is telling you to pursue something further, go for it. ;)

    1. No apologies, s’il vous plait! I can’t wait to see what you got at your shoot! Was this the bread bakery?? I love bread. J’aime du pain! See, I’m practicing already!
      Tremendously is now going to be my go-to adverb in conversation, thanks to that petite cutie pie. I’m so excited about French classes!! SO EXCITED. I don’t know why it took me this long!
      You make my heart happy. xo

  8. In college I had to take a test to see which college level spanish class I should be in – and even though I’d taken 4 years of spanish, won the spanish award in high school, I was still at the beginner level! le sigh!

    What a cutie in the video – and i’m so happy you’re taking a french class!

    1. Ha! Whew, makes me feel better to know I’m not alone! I guess our ability to retain languages is not as strong as we’d like, which is why I fully plan on teaching my kids French from birth. How I’m going to do this is a mystery, but ideally I’ll be fluent by the time I pop them out! :) xo

  9. I’m so happy (et jaloux) that you are taking French classes! I took French as well for 6 years and even spent 3 weeks in an apartment in Paris one summer. Although, I feel the same as you do and I feel like I am losing it!
    I have seen that little girl tell her story before, but I had to watch it again in it’s entirety. Tres mignon!

    1. Well, je suis TRES jaloux que tu habite en Paris pour trois semaine! I want to hear that story one day, and see pictures, aussi. I bet if you look there are options for French classes near you. Hopefully I learn a lot and my money doesn’t go to waste! :)

  10. Oh my, that little girl is so sticking adorable. Eames watched it with me and she said, “That’s me.” ;) I’ve been wanting to cut her hair in a little-French-girl bob for so long. My husband isn’t on board, but I may do it anyway. (Shh, don’t tell him.) Could it be that her French is really good because she is French?
    Love both of those prints! I’m with you, I love the one on the right just a bit more. Serif font + an italic serif font + black & white, it’s all quite striking.
    French lessons? You are just full of surprises. I think it’s a great idea! I know Spanish. I know, not as dreamy. :)

    1. Oh, yeah, she’s definitely French which explains the superior vocabulary and accent, haha. All my parents had to do was move to France a few years before they had me and then sent me to all French schools! Gosh! :) I think you should totally cut your daughter’s hair like that, those bobs are adorable and they’re super easy to maintain. My nieces each had a version before and it was adorable.
      Leave it to you to touch on exactly what I love about fonts and typography! Knew you’d pick that up :) xoxo

  11. Bien joué learning zuh Franch! Now when you visit, you and Ban can chat away- and he’ll teach you all the naughty real French that Parisiens use. Apparently, and I learned this only yesterday, “branleigh” is colloquial for “wank”? Er, useful.

    But yes, well done! You’ll need the French when I hire you as my interior decorator for our flat, so WORK IT!

    1. Hahah I would never have thought there was a French translation for “wank.” I learn something new every day! I don’t think I’ll learn stuff like that in French class though. I could be wrong! My ultimate goal is to become fluent. Ahem. Yep!

  12. Look. Let’s call it what it is. Everything sounds better in French. Period. The End.
    Good on you for signing up for the classes with your background and passion for France/Paris, I’m sure you’ll be pro in no time!
    … Now, where do I get me one of those French speaking baby’s like the one in the video above…

    1. You are so right! It’s seriously the prettiest language of all time. Fin! Thanks for the vote of confidence, we’ll see how well I fare. I’ll obviously keep you all up to date on my progress once it starts, haha. If you ever find out where they sell cute French kids, hit me up! ;) xo

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