Oh, Fitz.

Fitz had a vet appointment on Friday night after work. He was overdue for a few of his shots, and had been scratching and biting at himself so badly we were convinced he had fleas, despite being vigilant with his flea meds (no fleas, just skin allergies, poor thing). We also went because he’s, and I’m being polite, insane. I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously, the dog becomes possessed when he’s outside and is a whining, screaming ball of anxiety. We’ve tried a very expensive trainer, coins in a can (that worked for like a week, and then all the shaking in the world couldn’t get his attention if he was howling at another dog), and we’re at our wits end. How can something so cuddly and quiet and sweet inside (well, until his toy gets stuck under the rug and then this happens) turn into a raging crackhead outside? The vet took one look at him while we were still sitting in the waiting room and Fitz was screeching his head off because OMG THERE WAS A DOG IN THE ROOM, and after a quick discussion in the exam room, offered us Prozac. Yes. Prozac. As in, my dog is medicated because he has anxiety issues.

It’s not going to be a miracle drug, but we should see results within 2 weeks and hopefully we’ll be able to walk him and have him respond to commands like “Sit,” “No bark,” or “NO, DON’T EAT THAT DORITO.” As it is, he’s so hypervigilant and anxious outside we have no chance of redirecting him out of that state. Prozac will get him there. The vet had no qualms about giving it to us, either. Some dogs are just crazier than others, especially ones that spent the first 7 months of their life in a shelter. Who knows what happened during that time to make him as, um, colorful as he is now. We just know he’s a good dog who has the potential to have a successful walk around the block without both him and me wound into a tight knot of anxiety. Still, really ridiculous that I now have a prescription account at Walgreens under Fitz’s name.

How was your weekend? Everyone staying dry out there? I’m home from work today because public transit shut down at midnight last night.

20 thoughts on “Oh, Fitz.

  1. Erin you are killing me- I just want to reach into that picture and hug him.
    And Prozac for the puppy?! What?!
    How about that Thunder Vest I keep seeing recently? Have you tried something like that?

    1. Ha, well he is very huggable! I’ve heard about the Thunder Vest thing, I think we’ll end up getting one. Can’t make anything worse, right?

  2. oh, this made me feel a little teary; he just looks so contemplative in that photo like he’s thinking “why do i feel this way?” little fritz will someday get that peaceful walk around the block. i had anxiety really, really bad for a couple years in my life – so you can tell fritz he can call me if he needs to talk. i totally get it : )

    1. Aw, thanks Christine! I’m sorry you had anxiety too! I’ve dealt with it, and it’s mega no-fun, so it sucks to see him going through it but not having the ability to like, verbalize what he’s going through. I’m just trying to give him tons of cuddles and smooches to help him through it :)

  3. Indy used to be on Prozac too and he’s awesome now. Not sure if it’s the drugs that are solely responsible but apparently it isn’t all that uncommon.
    Side note, the first time a mailer from Walgreens gets sent you you addressed to Fitz can you PLEASE post that? Thanks,
    The other Jeff

    1. Definitely! I’m sure we’ll get one. Or Fitz will, rather. Indy is actually the reason we started thinking about doggy-meds for Fitz! He was so well behaved and docile (aside from the compulsive licking thing, haha). Here’s hoping! xo

  4. Poor Fitz bless him (beautiful portrait by the way lady), a dog on Prozac is a first for me.

    Lets hope he feels better soon so he can go walkies without any frights. It’s seems just as stressful as having unruly kids, I really feel for you, too :-(

    Big love x

    1. Thanks, Sam! While I wouldn’t compare my struggles to motherhood, there are definite similarities in having the worst behaved kid on the playground and feeling totally embarrassed that he’s screaming his head off! Hopefully the meds calm him down. Poor little guy. xo

  5. Ugh, poor Fitz! Hopefully the meds work and he starts to feel better. I mean, the anxiety can’t make him feel good. Please stay safe during the storm. Keeping you all in my thoughts.
    PS~The photo is really great with Fitz looking very contemplative.

    1. Thanks, Theresa! Yeah, it made it a little easier to deal with knowing that he wasn’t/isn’t flipping out outside because he enjoys it. It’s got to be just as horrible for him as it is for us. I’ll let you guys know in a few weeks what changes I see.
      And thanks for checking in! We escaped with barely anything other than rain, thankfully. Whew. xoxo

  6. that’s not funny favourite aunt!

    I adore that photo, look how pensive he looks. He reminds me of that statue you guys have that I always think is Tim Roth in Planet of the Apes. Jefferson or someone?

    Poor Fitz! I’ve never heard of a dog on prozac either! Poor little mite x

  7. Aww, he’s so cute! On the photo he looks like a quite little fellow. I want to hug him. No work for me today either. It’s raining and wind is picking up but nothing major so far. Will be hanging out in sweatpants and a comfy sweater the whole time. I feel like I could crawls back into bed and spent my day there…

  8. Poor little sweet dog. Hope it helps him. A friend of mine got a dog that spent 6 months at the pet shop and nobody would buy her. She was the opposite, slept a lot, refused to walk and was very switched off, it took a long time to get her to become happy.

  9. Aww poor puppy! Hopefully he will get better! I know what it’s like a little bit; we got my dog from my childhood from the pound, so we dealt with a lot of batty behavior before he got completely used to being around strangers and other dogs!

  10. Hah, it’s okay – I know plenty of folks who have pharmacy accounts under their dogs’ names. It becomes a little more awkward when they call the name over the intercom to say their medication is ready for pick up, particularly if it’s Mr. Wuffles.

  11. Oh poor Fitz! I had to laugh at the ‘NO, DON’T EAT THAT DORITO’ comment! My dog used to be a little crazy too, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, she had a serious aversion to Christmas tress and the postman, oh and she also used to actively seek out our face cream and eat it. I think prozac would have been a good idea for her.

  12. Bless him. We had a cat (she was found wild, abandoned by her mum) that needed “kitty cocaine”, we called it- this homeopathic powder we sprinkled in her food for anxiety and social issues. She got much better after, so I’m sure little Fitz will be feeling fine in a little while.

    Also, THIS STORM!! I am just reading about it with my morning mug. I hope you’re ok there in Philly! Cripes.

  13. I simply adore that photo of Fitz…he’s so hard to photography, isn’t he? When I was in high school, my dad was (as ever) struggling with depression and considering meds. Prozac was just coming on the scene back then and there were lots of books out about it. We met my mom at a book store before dinner one night and he picked up a book on Prozac. As we were in the parking lot headed for dinner, my mom yells across the cars, “Do you want me to take the book on Prozac?” She was pretty loud.

    It was kinda like telling the internet that Fitz is on antidepressants.

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