October Wish List

All my horn-tooting on Friday about how I’m the best girlfriend ever for getting Boyfriend tickets to the Jets game was in vain; we were the last row in the entire stadium of 80,000 and they lost 34-0. Pretty much the worst gift I’ve given him since Elbow-Pad-gate of Christmas 2010. Back then, I could blame the ill-received sweater on the fact that we’d only been together 6 months and how was I supposed to know that he wouldn’t want to dress like an old man? My bad. Yesterday just chalks up to a lot of bad luck (and a lot of driving. dude, New Jersey is huge). He took it well enough, but I feel terrible. 

Anyway, it’s October! My favorite month of the year is here and I am very excited about it. I have a lot of fun things planned for the month (off the blog, that is. you can expect the same ole same ole around here) that I look forward to every year. And as I’ve mentioned before, the cold, crisp weather and crunchy leaves are my favorite things about this time of the year. I haven’t made a monthly wish-list since July (I should say an official wish list, because I think I post about enough stuff that I like/want/need without having to specify by calendar month) so I thought it was time for a round-up. Here are some things I’m wishing for this month:

1. Apple Cider / 2. Blanket / 3. Knee socks / 4. Candle / 5. Snood / 6. Rose Mist

One of our annual October traditions is to go pumpkin and apple picking (fun photos from last year including Fitz eating his way through the apple orchard here) and there is nothing more quintessentially fall to me than apple cider. I practically become 90% apple cider by the end of the season, I imbibe so much. Hot, cold, spiced, doesn’t matter. Whipped cream is preferred. And growing up in Philly, the only acceptable brand of apple cider is Zeigler’s, brewed in Montgomery County. Fall wouldn’t be fall without it, or without warm blankets and scarves and fun knee socks. I’m so excited to bring scarves back into my wardrobe and curl up under blankets and be just a little bit chilly. We need a new blanket anyway, since there are only so many washes in an IKEA blanket before it frays entirely, and my friends, we are there.

On the smell-good side of things, I stopped into Anthropologie to pick up a new Voluspa candle for the guest room (no room is complete without a pretty candle). I was originally going to go with French Cade, because have I told you there’s a French theme happening in the guest room? Surprise! I didn’t like the smell of the candle once I got there, but I did fall in love with Santiago Huckleberry; it’s less sweet than my other fave, Goji Tarocca Orange, but still really enchanting and delicious. Plus the color of that plum vase is to die for.

And because fall means colder weather, it also means my skin tends to dry out faster. I can’t win. I’m either an oil-slick in the summer or I’m peeling in the winter. I’ve heard decent things about Josie Maran’s beauty line, and let’s be honest, I’ll buy anything that’s rose-scented. This skin refreshing mist is supposed to hydrate and infuse your face with Moroccan rose oil. Sold. Plus it looks pretty.

What are you looking forward to this month? How was everyone’s weekend? I started reading The Casual Vacancy and so far I really, really like it. Full review to come when I finish!

12 thoughts on “October Wish List

  1. I love all of these things. I have a salmon recipe that involves apple cider and oh, some maple syrup, that I’m anxious to break out again. I’m looking forward to knee socks too! Color me READY! Time to put away the summer “the air conditioning is just a little too chilly” blankets and bring out the fall “I refuse to turn on the heat until November” blankets. I’m looking for a big candle for my kitchen island, and you might have talked me into one…Hooray for October. Boo to one-sided football games (although when I found out that the owner of the Jets is the co-chair of Romney for NY, I didn’t feel too-too bad…)

  2. Ha! Well, I am sorry for your Jets misfortune but your story did make me smile and laugh – though I am sure you still would have rather had better seats : )

    I would love to drink a little it of that cider right now and I really want to put on those socks! Glad you are enjoying the book still – I say that’s a good sign and despite the weird oversight on the name I am starting to want to read it too. I just finished Look at Me, by Jennifer Egan this weekend – I really liked it, a lot.

  3. don’t sweat the small stuff… my boyfriend once gave me a one tusked wooden elephant… we’re still together, so there’s hope for you… now, as much as i loved this post and all, didn’t you promise us a room reveal? ;)

  4. Time to buy cashmere socks, they are a life saver, I even sleep in them when it gets very cold but they got so used that I decided to get rid of them in spring and am suffering now, arghh. Oh, and Welsh blankets are amazingly warm. And Dr Hauschka’s rose cream is very good for winter cheeks.

  5. I love wearing scarves and snoods are the best invention ever. Ok, maybe not the best but pretty damn close ;) Sorry to hear the whole Jets game didn’t work out as planned. I have never been pumpkin picking and never carved a pumpkin but I feel this year will be the one I will finally do it. But huge fan of apple picking, I grew up at the edge of an apple orchard and it reminds me of my childhood. Have a great October!

  6. I’ll take 2 & 4 and all of my winter socks are along the line of 3. Sorry to hear the game was a bust (hope they get better within the season!)

  7. I like that to about the fall, sitting under a blanket with candlelights and watching a good movie :)
    To bad about the Jets, but it was a good and thoughtful thing to to anyway :)

  8. That apple cider looks interesting with the cute American label.
    Good call on the Voluspa candle, I love the container just as much as the candle itself.
    I’m totally with you on the dry skin aggravation, but I don’t know if it is the central heating that causes the problem, rather than the chilly weather. Both I suspect.

    I’m sorry you feel bad about boyfriend’s birthday pressie upset. I’m sure he is all cool about it Erin, it was the thought that counted :-)

    I’m not an October fan sadly, although it is marginally better than November and a lot better than January. Do keep us up to date on your activities, sounds like an exciting month.xx

  9. Apple cider is surely a tautology? Frickin’ love cider! especially with salt and vinegar crisps in a country pub. Yum!

    Love love love love Autumn. BF is cross with me for welcoming it with open arms. Bought awesomeness suede boots from rag &bone yesterday in preparation. Lush.

    I bougth R a jumper with elbow patches and he loves it! But then he is an old man…..

  10. The football game sounds like my nightmare. Sorry it didn’t end well.
    Love the thought of warm socks and cozy blanket. Now if only it weren’t 80 degrees.

  11. Awww, sorry about the football game. I’m sure he enjoyed it all the same and at least it’s something you can laugh about later? I’m with you on apple cider – I’m ready for those cold days with a hot steaming mug of it

  12. My husband watched the game, and at the end, he turned to me and said, “Erin’s boyfriend is not happy right now.” (I told him you bought tix the game. ;) It’s the thought and the effort, right?
    Yes, to all of your picks! I’ll have to look for that candle the next time I’m in Anthro. Somehow I missed it. Oh, and I’ve heard great things about Josie Maran products from friends.
    Fall is my favorite season, but the warm weather we’ve been having has really put a kink in things. I think we are FINALLY getting some cooler weather in these parts. Hallelujah!

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