My Inner French Girl

In case you’re wondering how the writing is going, I now have 9 whole pages, only 1 and a half of them are the outline. I keep getting worried I’m not writing it all down fast enough, that I’m going to lose something along the way but every time I sit down and open up the Word document, everything is still there, all in one piece. It’s been rewarding and frustrating at the same time, and despite paging through writer’s self-help books, I’m still struggling with translating all the little scenes and vignettes and details in my head into written words. I’m off from work today for Columbus Day (horray, celebrating the genocide of Native Americans; side-note, did you know Hawaii, Alaska, and South Dakota don’t observe the holiday, but rather replace with it some form of Native American observance day?) so hopefully I can bang out a few more pages uninterrupted. There’s a serious Gossip Girl marathon on tv though, so we’ll see how much I actually get done. Theresa, don’t forget, season 6 starts tonight!

The working title is simply “Mirette” and all the time I’ve spent thinking about her prompted a new Inner French Girl post. The weather has turned colder and she’s put away her light cardigans and sandals.

1. Blouse / 2. Leggings / 3. Blazer / 4. Hat / 5. Book / 6. Lotion / 7. Cuff /

8. Boots / 9. Lip balm / 10. Glasses / 11. Bag

Proving that she’s not a total priss who only wears skirts and red lipstick, here’s her normal fall weather outfit. Sylvie has her scouting new and emerging artists to exhibit at the gallery this winter, so she’s hopping on and off the metro and walking up multiple flights of stairs in lofts. She makes sure to have something to read and comfortable boots. And yes, I gave her the same glasses I have.

14 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. It is much easier for me to look at this post than your Two of a Kind post last week. Whew. It’s all about me, you know. I’m waiting to get any new clothes until I pull all of my winter stuff out, and it’s HARD (to wait.). But that lipbalm looks to die for, and I’m really, really needing some black boots. Yes, please and thank you.

  2. I love these inner French girl posts. I mean, j’adore! I’m loving all of the black items, and those boots – so dreamy.

  3. What no isabel marant? I’m loving’ le fashion francais at the moment. They really do have the best clothes.

    Glad the writing is going well sweetie xx

  4. Well, just remember: great things take time. (I’m sure there’s a poster on Pinterest with a similar saying. ;) It’s that instant gratification thing, isn’t it? The same thing is happening to me when I’ve tried to sit down and draw. I want my first drawing to be perfect. I get so frustrated with drafts and mistakes.
    Anyway, I love this whole outfit and the extra items! I suppose because all of it is black, and I’m really loving black right now. Dark and moody – my favorite.

    1. I scooted out the door to pick up the kids and totally forgot to thank you for the GG tip. I remember you reminding me a few months ago that the season was starting in October. It seemed so far away back then. Now, here it is. So excited!

  5. i used to want to be a writer, then i realized it’s really, really difficult. 9 pages is fantastic! i can’t wait to read your book when it comes out! oh, and i am in oregon and i don’t think we observe columbus day either. we used to get the day off of school when i was a kid but my son doesn’t.

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