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Last night, my work’s Philanthropy committee (of which I am an active member) held an event at a bowling alley in support of PEP, Programs Employing People, which provides job training, vocational skills, socialization, art classes, and community programs to over 300 adults with physical and mental disabilities a year in Philadelphia. I actually suggested it as an event because I’d had Boyfriend’s surprise birthday at the bowling alley last summer and fell in love with the place. It’s a little hidden gem. The bowling alley is 6 lanes and a BYOB facility, which meant that all 40 people who showed up from my work (huge turnout!) got to bring their own beer, which meant that as the night went on, people got a lot more intense about bowling. I beat Boyfriend handily, thank you very much. The committee¬†organized¬†mystery basket raffles and a 50/50, and we all got dressed up in costumes. We managed to raise over $1000 in donations for PEP, which is incredible. The rental fee for the alley worked out to something like $4 a person/hour for the 4 hours we had the place, with shoes and games, and all the money goes right back to the organization. I bowled 6 or 7 games on 2 lanes, and this morning my back is killing me and my feet are sore, but I don’t even mind. I had such a good time, and it was so much fun.

It also meant that I didn’t have time to prepare a Friday Five or anything for today. I hope you understand! We got home just after 9:30 last night after taking down all the decorations and cleaning up the mess, which, as most of you know, is well past my bedtime. Therefore, I’ll leave you with that beautiful shot above, which pretty much sums up the weekend I hope to have: quiet, spent writing, with a nice mug of tea. Unfortunately, the 6-hour French Immersion class I signed up for was postponed due to a lack of students who signed up (WHAT?! Who doesn’t want to take a 6 hour French class on a Saturday??!) so my weekend opened up. We have a Halloween party tomorrow night (I’m so excited for my costume!) and a friend Boyfriend hasn’t seen in 10 years (from Australia!) is coming to stay for a bit. What are you guys up to? Have a good one, kiddos! I’ll leave you with this hilarious video Boyfriend sent me:

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  1. OK…so I’m on call for my neighbor’s dog while she’s in Vegas. Her girlfriend, along with the FRENCH husband, from Provence (!) are staying with the dog! You want to speak French this weekend???? I’ve brought the dog over here before, but it’s a Westie and thinks my dining room table is the Highlands. Luckily, she isn’t pining for the Fjords.
    Can you send the link for the video?

  2. what are you sinking about? oh dear, well, i will be saying that forever now : )

    i happen to really love bowling but for some reason in portland it’s super hip to bowl so it’s become extraordinarily expensive – one year it was a dollar a game tuesdays and the next it was 20 bucks a person/game and even more than that when they turn out the lights and bring out the glow in the dark balls. $4 a person for $4 hours that’s how bowlin’ should be – that is what makes it fun. maybe that’s why i have always wanted to visit Philadelphia.

    no french class?? i am hoping to get some cleaning done, i relaxed on that front this weekend and now i am feeling all . . . that feeling you get when you know need to clean your house. enjoy your weekend! xo

  3. Congratulations on organizing a successful event and raising money for such a worthy cause! I’m sinking you’re amazing. Too bad about the postponement, but that just means more time for writing, right? Have wonderful, relaxing weekend, E!
    PS~I’m with Yelle, what’s your costume?

  4. Lovely job on the event, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Nicely done. And now you can relax and have fun for the weekend. We have a Halloween party on Saturday too (no costume for me!), but other than that NO PLANS other than hunkering down and watching the wind and the rain and waiting to see if the street is going to flood. Pretty much a dream weekend for me. :)

  5. Awww that’s so lovely that you do that, I’m very impressed, that’s really nice of you.
    That video i funny :)
    I want to see your halloween costume too! Still my favourite post of yours, please can you repost it next week x

  6. Muahaha, that video is hilarious! A friend of mine sent it to me a while ago because I reminded her of that dude. Thank you very much ;)

    Congrats on putting together such a successful event! BYOB Bowling sounds like a blast. Bummer about the french class, hopefully you can take it soon. Have a great weekend! Will you let us know about your costume?

  7. Sorry to hear your French class got cancelled, booooo… You clever girl raising all that money for a great cause and getting everyone involved, you are very thoughtful and sweet. That was a-l-o-t of bowling, no wonder your feet and back are sore :-(

    Our clocks go back this weekend so that’s an extra hour in bed on Sunday for me and probably a bit of coursework too. Have some fab halloween fun, looking forward to seeing your trick or treat costume next week. Have a great weekend.

    Mommy moo makes me chuckle! x

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