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Maybe it’s just me, and it might be, but I’m pretty sure having two X chromosomes means I will spend the rest of my life searching for the perfect bag. It’s genetically coded somewhere that I will never be satisfied for more than 6 months to a year with the same one, and that I’ll believe that the next bag will be it (it never is). I’ve had my trusty Marc Jacobs bag now since January (!!) and I think I’ve given it new life by starting to wear it cross-body instead of on my shoulder. I know, riveting stuff you’re reading. Someone stop and give me a Nobel Prize for literature.

But seriously, I know I’m not alone in this endless hunt for the bag that will make me never want another bag ever again. Fess up! Here are a few that I’ve got my eye on now, even though I’m on a self-imposted purse spending moratorium. No one said anything about candles, though, so I might’ve just bought a new Diptyque, ahem.

1. Fjällräven Kanken / 2. Cambridge Satchel / 3. Kate Spade Bon Shopper / 4. Zara City Bag

These four bags could not be more different in style or composition, and that’s where the dilemma lies. I love them each for different reasons (HELLO, THAT TOTE BAG HAS BAGUETTES ON IT) and if I were a millionaire I would buy all four of them without even blinking. The suede on that Zara bag looks so soft and supple, but I’m having a lot of meat-eater guilt about animals recently. My Marc Jacobs is nylon, and so is the Kanken backpack, which Süsk sold me on. I still want that red leather satchel I first wrote about here, but can’t help but think maybe it’s a fad that’s on its way out. Assuming money was no object, which would you choose? All of these are under  $150 pretty much.

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  1. I looked at those Cambridge Satchels pretty hard and decided that I needed a bag with a zipper on top – those flaps you have to buckle down seem like a bit of a hassle everytime you need to get something. Hrrmmm, I’d probably go with the Zara bag because it looks so buttery soft. They’re really doing a fantastic job with their bags right?

    I actually picked up a bag from that travels quite well

    1. That’s a really good point, Roothers, I hadn’t even thought about that! That would be frustrating, considering how much I’m always rooting around looking for stuff and then forgetting to close my bags back up. Thankfully my MJ has a magnet clasp so it closes automatically. I’m too spacey. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. As you know, I’ve long been on a hunt for a new bag. Needs to be voluminous enough to hold my camera. I agree with Rooth on the flap. Too cumbersome. I followed the Zara thread and found some possibilities there, so thanks. And now more links from your trusty readers! You’re a doll!

    1. I do what I can :) I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tote for you! I’m always falling in love with bags and then realizing they’re not practical for carrying a camera around. I don’t even know if my camera would fit into that red satchel, to be honest. Hmm, back to the drawing board!

  3. Before I can pick a bag for you I need to know it’s purpose!

    What do you need to carry and when?

    1. Hey beautiful! It would be an everyday bag, I’d need to carry my wallet, cell phone, book, notebook, and potentially my camera. Maybe a cardigan for good measure. :)

      1. I love the Kate Spade and the Cambridge. I think both of those bags are so unique.

        The Zara one is extremly versatile, but I don’t think it’s that eye catching.

        I dont understand the frajallaven bag. Is it a book bag trying to masquerade itself as a purse?!?!

  4. Satchel! I think they’re so cute and what a great word. Maybe you should call your first born satchel? It’s either that or hobo.

    I really want a plum coloured suede tote but thankfully haven’t seen one else I’d have purchased it and can’t justify it at all x

    1. Hahaha I’m not calling my first born hobo! Hobo here means a homeless person. Not a great start to life if I gave my kid that name. Though I do like the sound of satchel. Haha. In high school, when we were reading Hamlet I used to joke (half-joke) that I wanted to name my first son Laertes. True story!

    1. Haha another Marc fanatic! Gosh, we’re everywhere aren’t we? ;) Thanks for the vote on the bag! xo

    1. That’s a good point, it’s a really timeless shape. The baguette tote might be out of fashion sooner than the satchel, right? ;) Thanks, Christine! xo

    1. I agree about the practicality aspect! And I love the satchel in classic tan, you can’t go wrong with a neutral like black or camel. Thanks, Santa! xo

  5. You know which one I’m going to pick, right? The red satchel all the way. :) I still have mine from college (it’s not Cambridge, but same design), which I should probably break out. What’s old is new again. You may even be able to pass it down when the time comes. It’s definitely a classic.

    1. Oooh, you should totally bring yours back out! And then one day you can pass it along to your little one for her to enjoy :) That’s the beauty of well-made bags, they last forever and never go out of style. xo

  6. I would pick 1 for its practicality and 3, just because I love how it looks. Does it have a long strap as well so you can use it as a crossbody bag? If so I am sold! That’s usually how I determine if I like a bag. I am a hands free kind of girl ;)

    1. I’m definitely becoming a hands free kind of girl, too, now that I’ve switched my current bag to crossbody. It’s very different! I think only #2 and #4 have crossbody straps, but the backpack obviously is hands free, too. :) Thanks Nina! xo

      1. Oops, I was actually talking about 4 not 3. Guess I should have worn my glasses or it was just too early in the morning ;)

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