Friday Five

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched, but the Project Runway season finale last night was FLAWLESS. This was my favorite season so far, it was the most entertaining and had the best designers in my opinion, and I was very happy with the way it all turned out. In fact, the finale was the highlight of my week in television. Lauren, catch up and then we can gab about it.

This week’s Friday Five is a bit of a smörgasbord without a cohesive theme. I only used the word smörgasboard to pop some umlauts into your day. You’re welcome.

 1. Poster / 2. Duvet set / 3. Book / 4. Socks / 5. Bath Salts

First of all, that Midnight in Paris poster re-conceptualized by artist Travis English is just incredible. It should have looked like that from the beginning. He redesigns movie posters into really bold yet minimal graphics, and this one is obviously my favorite. It’s so genius! I’m looking into whether or not prints are available for sale. I think I need that hanging in my house somewhere (maybe the guest room?). And speaking of decoration, that bottle of dried flowers and bath salts (called “Flower Power”) is so beautiful, but it would have to sit in my bathroom without ever being used because it has chamomile flowers in it. Chamomile makes me break out into hives, go figure.

After the striped duvet set disaster, I’ve been on the constant prowl for a duvet that I love just as much. Well, I think I’ve found it in this Blissliving watercolor set. It matches my header! I love the colors and the smokey effect it gives the pillowcases. I think I could DIY something similar and save myself the $275 (!!!) this set costs. But look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? Why does it have to be so expensive??

My dad bought me a copy of Sophie’s World (A Novel About the History of Philosophy) when I was in 7th grade and in the intervening years I’ve made several failed attempts to read it. It’s roughly the size of a brick and is at times so dense and confusing that I couldn’t get into it and stay into it. I’m giving it another shot now, hoping that I’m better prepared to digest it at 25 than I was a 12. Though you’d think I’m still 12 from those penguin socks. Why do penguins have stripes on them? That makes no sense. I bought a pair of those fuzzy socks at Old Navy last weekend, and it is literally the best part of my day, coming home and putting them on. It’s like wrapping your feet in warm silky clouds. Fitz has tried to attack them every time I move. I don’t think he trusts them. Who doesn’t like fuzzy socks in the fall? Seriously.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Boyfriend returns home tonight after being away all week, only he leaves again early Sunday morning for another trip. Wah. We’re trying to cram a lot into Saturday, including attending a friend’s party; he just finished his PhD in Veterinary Immunology. I think that’s a reason to celebrate! Have a good one, kiddos.

15 thoughts on “Friday Five

    1. I might just buy a plain duvet and give it a shot! If nothing else at least it will be a funny story/DIY-gone-wrong, haha. And I’ll keep searching for a cheaper alternative!

  1. The socks are a must have in memory of Daddy.
    I just loved this season of Project Runway. Dmitry is probably the most sophisticated designer yet. Amazballs!

  2. of course i watched PR last night! i agree it was a really good season. and you know i really liked christopher at first and then he turned into a whiny and rude little. . . (i giggled when he lost first. i guess that makes me mean too). the textile he created was pretty fantastic though. and dmitry, when MK told him he was a real gentleman i got all verklempt and then when tim gunn started crying, of course i did too – the whole world probably did. and dmitry really grew on me in the sexy department.

    phew, can you tell no else in my world watches PR? now i am crying again, it’s so sad. ok, for the duvet, buy it! if you can, just do it because there’s no good way to get that look via DIY. not going to happen. it’s gorgeous and i think i gasped when i opened your page and saw it. LOVE it.

    i am going to watch midnight in paris this weekend because for some really strange reason i have just been thinking about that movie a lot lately ; ) xo

  3. You have to see if you can buy that print! It has your name written all over it, and is very cool.
    I didn’t watch Project Runway this season. I used to watch the show religiously, but somewhere along the line I lost faith. Hm, now I have regret.
    Erin, here we go again, Sophie’s World is one of my favorite books! (I almost minored in Philosophy in college. An extra semester after graduation deterred me.) I haven’t read the book in many, many years. You’re right, it’s not the easiest read, but it’s so interesting. I think I’m due for a reread.
    Well, E, have a wonderful weekend! Sorry to hear BF is having to leave again. Make the time count.
    PS~We have a no-shoe policy in our house, so comfy socks are a definite priority around these parts.

  4. I have to watch the finale later on today (but I still can’t believe Sonjia didn’t make it!) The duvet is beautiful but I would love to see you take a stab at it diy style!

  5. Finally. I get to sit and read your post. Okay, after you spoiled the finale (well, you and Tim Gunn) by tweeting about it, I know enough to skim through your comments in case anyone else weighs in with more details. Bummer, because I usually like reading your comments. At least Callum and Neel don’t know yet, and I’m not telling.

    Now, what I like best are the blues in the poster and duvet. If you could DIY that AND get that poster, now *that* would be amazeballs!

    All I want to do this weekend is take to my bed. Whine, whine, whine. After that, sadly, I just want to clean my house. Sounds fun, huh?

  6. You totally find the best bedding – is that your superpower? I really like the duvet set and thinking about how to acquire it for myself now

  7. Love love love the bedding! Sleeping in it is probably like being tucked into fluffy cumulus clouds. Hope you can find the print somewhere for sale, it would work so great in your guest room. Only watched the first 3 episodes of PR this season, still have a lot of catching up to do…

    1. And you should give Sophie’s World another chance. I really enjoyed the book when I read it for the second time.

  8. Grrrr! We don’t get Project Runway here until… well I am not really sure when but I know it feels like at least a year after it finishes in the US. Now that bedding is too gorgeous to ignore, I am scrolling up for another look.

  9. The penguin socks are so cute and look so cozy.

    I missed Project Runway this season. I’m trying to limit my TV watching. I used to watch it all the time though.

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