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I took myself on a lunch date yesterday to Parc, my favorite place in the entire city (nay, country!). I used to be squeamish about eating alone in restaurants but I’ve come to really enjoy it (having a boyfriend who travels a ton necessitates it), sitting in a booth with a book and people watching. I realized that I don’t look at people eating alone and think, “Wow, what a loser” so why would people think that about me? Anyway, as the hostess was taking me to my table, she said, “I love your scarf. I’m so into burgundy this season.” I thanked her, and we had a little chat about how amazing scarf weather is. Because seriously. Is there any more perfect weather than one that requires a giant scarf? I can’t dress for any season as well I can for fall; my wardrobe just isn’t stocked for anything but cold weather. Give me thick wool tights, pea coats, oxfords and boots, cable knit scarves, and cold noses over shorts, sandals, and sweat any day. How chic and incredible do those 4 women above look? This is what I’m going for this autumn. What does your fall wardrobe look like?

PS. Did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night? Sweet lord.

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  1. Erin, I really need some lessons from you because I’m an absolute mess when it comes to trying to wear scarves. It ends up tangled up and caught in everything and I always slam it into the car door

  2. I’m so glad you posted this (and early!) because I’ve been thinking that I need you and Theresa to come and dress me. Tights, trouser jeans, boots, scarves. Fun skirts and chunky sweaters. Yes, please and thank you. I have loads and loads of knitted scarves and accessorize all my fall and winter outfits with them. They’re all I have the patience to knit…so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    I would wear every single one of these outfits, even though I’m not a huge fan of the ankle boot.

  3. oh, how i love that scarf in the top left corner. i adore the whole outfit and her red lipstick too, but that scarf is going to be on my mind for awhile. i also love fall weather dressing. it just feels so wonderful to start pulling out fall clothes and putting on layers; i think it goes back to the new school clothes feeling of youth.

  4. Me too, I enjoy sitting by myself having a coffee or eating lunch. And as you say, why would anyone think you’re a loser when you don’t think that yourself about others who eat alone?! In Paris it’s also very common. I often see people sitting alone at cafés :)
    Love scarfs! I wear them all the time, every season. Even in the summer, haha.

    I haven’t seen Gossip Girl yet. Have to watch it right now!!

  5. I must confess that I’ve never been to a real restaurant by myself! Ridiculous, right? I’d love to try it one of these days. I need more big chunky scarves in my closet!

  6. love all of these looks! i was actually going through my closet the other day when i was unpacking and realized i didn’t have enough scarves. i am dying for a burgundy one and a navy blue one. also, let’s chat GG once i catch up this week! :)

  7. I think the first woman is wearing a throw not a scarf. It would make me feel like I was getting asphyxiated. It’s giving me a headache just looking at her. I’m more #3.

    No one would look at you like you’re some kinda loser. You have “the look” that reads secure, cosmopolitan and in. I’m not biased even though I’m your mother.

  8. The great thing about Sweden is that you need a massive scarf (and lots of them) for autumn. I’m really pleased to see people are just chucking them around their necks like in the last two images – I’m hopeless at anything with neat knots (my sailor husband would be less than impressed with this confession!).

  9. the top left look is killing it for me! love!!! i also love fall/autumn… the leaves, the scarfage, the crisp air, the layers {i love layers}…
    also, i can honestly say i’ve never looked at someone in a restaurant by themselves and thought them a loser… quite the opposite… i think that they’re on some mad adventure, or top secret assignment or just being without the necessity for banter or company of any kind…
    i actually really enjoy going on outings by myself… i’m unbearable to shop with, so it makes sense to do my expeditions, & hence eating out, solo…
    go girl!

  10. I loooove scarves, they make the outfit. I am a huge fan of All Saints scarves (sold here in UK) and Liberty have the most amazing scarf room too. Combined with wool coat or leather jacket and cashmere sweater, tights, socks, legging you name it. I love the coziness of autumn clothing and I believe in quality of fabric because that’s what keeps us warm. Oh, and Uniqlo heat tech undies!

  11. Scarfs, boots, tights,hats (beanies) and trench coats or leather are my falls staples. Can’t wait to wear it all again. Fall is the best season clothes wise and I like the layering that comes with the always changing temperatures…The first outfit is my favorite, I will have to pin it and maybe I can restyle it with my clothes…

  12. Love all these looks! I like how the women are haphazardly wearing their scarves in the bottom two photos. :) I’m with you, give me cold-weather dressing any day. I relish every bit of it.
    This fall, I’m really looking forward to cable knit sweaters over button up shirts, skinny jeans or loose skirts (with black tights), and flat ankle boots. Oh, and a utility jacket.
    PS~Haven’t watched GG yet. Probably not until this weekend! It’s killing me.

  13. I’m not keen on all the diahorrea colours tbh! I love the first look though and she has nice hair and lipstick but I think rolling her sleeves up over her blazer is a wee bit affected.

    I bought a black velvet blazer which I’m very excited about wearing and some grey cords from Zadig. That’s me done for Autumn. I’ve not bought a scarf yet but I heart them. It’s not really cold enough here yet, I’m still wearing my trench coat.

    I love eating alone and I find that waiting staff are super nice to you which makes it all the more enjoyable xxxx

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