White Room

After a 7 or 8 week break in the action, we finally finished the guest bedroom. And I am in love.

We still need to do a few things (buy a new linen duvet, assemble the dresser, hang artwork, hang curtains, install flooring and paint the room on the other side of the french doors), but it’s all come together exactly like I pictured. No, better! Especially when you consider where we started this summer:

To orient you, that post in the middle of the room is now directly to the left of the french doors from this angle, and the bed is in the same spot. It doesn’t even feel like the same room, let alone a room in a basement. I knew that adding white flooring and a coat of paint would do wonders. Remember the moodboard I made for the guest room? I’ve almost completely achieved it:

I put a check-mark over the paint color, but we actually ended up going with a color called “Polished,” which is the palest palest shade of light gray; it’s almost pure white. Other than that though, I did pretty well! I’ve changed my mind about that Restoration Hardware duvet set and am probably going to go with a less expensive option from IKEA (because, come on, I’m an IKEA addict).

It’s literally like a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier with it. I spent a good half hour down there yesterday just sitting there, smiling at the walls like a crazy person. I’ve warned Boyfriend that should we ever break up, I’m not leaving, I’ll just move into the guest bedroom. He thinks I’m joking. I fear he’ll have an opportunity to discover how serious I am when we begin to assemble to two-box monstrosity that is that 8-drawer dresser.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Erin – it came out look so totally you. Tres chic! Congrats on pulling it all together to both of y’all and now I’ve got to figure out how to worm my way into being a guest there

    1. You’re welcome to come visit! Though I think I’ll have to implement some sort of sign-up sheet, haha, there seems to be a lot of interest! And I can’t take a ton of credit for anything more than decorating and coming up with a design. I didn’t lift a finger to help after that, oops.

  2. Well done hun, a great job. The chair looks really cute. You could move down there for a couple of nights a week, I’m sure BF wouldn’t mind. And what does Fitz think of the Parisien inspired scheme then, has he shown his appreciation?

    Can you please sort out and straighten the sheet on the bed though, it’s drawing my eye in and away from the otherwise beautifully styled room :-) Ha! x

    1. Haha, the sheets are all I could see, too! J’s parents had just left so I hadn’t gotten a chance to strip the sheets or make it neater. Next time! Because I do have to take more photos once I have the new duvet on and everything is finished, you know.

      Thanks so much! Fitz loves it! He is happy to have one more spot to shed in, haha. xoxo

    1. Ha, thanks!! Fitz is such a dope, and such a camera-whore. He wants to be right in the middle of every single shot.

  3. Mmm, love the shade of grey on the walls!

    Your new guest room is pretty and serene and I can’t wait to see how it’s further transformed by the new linen duvet, assembled dresser, hung artwork, hung curtains and installed flooring. :D

    I wonder which Pia will grace it with their presence first?

    1. I was having a tantrum because in the store the paint looked gray and once we got it home we realized it was basically white. But we were wrong! It dried a beautiful light gray, and I’m so happy with it. BEYOND happy, actually. It’s just enough color without being too much. We hung all the artwork Sunday night and started assembling the dresser last night. Got the frame together but need to do the drawers. Taking it in babysteps so we don’t kill each other :)

      Since you are the one who gave us the name Pias, you should be the honorary first guest! xoxo

  4. Oh, I LOVE it! Just gorgeous! It has so much more color than I was expecting, and that’s a really nice surprise! And I think I need two of those chairs for my living room, but that would be copying, wouldn’t it?

    1. Um not at all, you would love the chairs and they would love great in your living room. They are super duper light and comfy. I really love them. Get them! Sign up for Overstock emails and you’ll get tons of coupons. They come fully assembled, too!

      You’ll have to come back and see it in person soon. xoxo

  5. Ah well done it looks fabulous and exactly how you wanted it!

    Can’t believe Sam told you off for your sheet not being tucked in properly!

    Well done. I’m free to try it out if you can just send me a ticket?

    1. Hahaha, to be fair I knew I had it coming. That sheet is all sorts of messed up. But thanks, love! It’s exactly what I wanted, down to the littlest details. I feel very spoiled rotten indeed :)

    1. Yes we did! The room was enormous before so we split it into two rooms. We built a wall in the middle, right along that column, and put in french doors. I’ll post a rough layout later to give you a better idea!

  6. Wow! ….what were you saying about visiting Philly?! hahaha! It looks really fab. Love the paint colour you chose – and all the colourful things on the bedside table. Are you not tempted to move in? Maybe your man could start snoring or something convenient like that?!

    1. Haha, come anytime Niki! Fellow Temple Owls are always welcome ;)

      Oh man, I am beyond tempted to set up camp in there. I’ve decided that whenever he goes away on business trips I’ll sleep in there, like little vacations almost. Not a bad deal!

  7. It came out fantastic! You must pass on a hearty, “Great job!” to BF. That armchair was a smart buy. It really adds a nice touch to the space. I wonder how many sleeping bodies can comfortably sleep in that room? I mean, that was the intention of the room, right? To hold one big meet up and sleep over for all of us. :)
    Happy Monday!

    1. DUH, that was the intent! And once the adjoining space is completed we will have a sofa in there as well, and more floor space for sleeping bags! I’ll tell Boyfriend you’re impressed, he’ll be happy to know his hard work paid off. Seriously, they went down there and closed the door and then reappeared hours later and it was completed like magic. It was like having elves!

      That chair is my favorite. It’s so comfy! A similar one at Restoration Hardware was 3 times the cost. xoxo

    1. Thanks! That bed is from IKEA, and I definitely felt like a princess sleeping in it in my last apartment. I never had a headboard before!

  8. Erin it looks fabulous! Well done! So who has the honor to be the first one sleeping there? Or did you try it out yourself :)

    1. Thank you, Nina! I haven’t slept there yet, but I’m itching to! I might not let anyone in there once it’s all finished, like a museum display, haha.

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