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The process of finishing the guest room included moving my bookshelf, and all of my books, back in there. You’d think that the hardest part in that adventure would be the heavy lifting and carrying and making sure we didn’t scuff the floors or the walls, but you’d be wrong. The hardest part came as I stared at all the books piled on the bed and realized I’d have to reorganize and arrange them on the shelves again. This is a very intricate process for me. I don’t alphabetize or group them by color, no no. I have a strict organization method that makes complete sense to me but probably looks like something out of “A Beautiful Mind” to everyone else. Plays and my massive Shakespeare collection go on the top shelf, favorites and classics go on the second (this is prime real estate), larger hardbacks on the third (Harry Potter and the Millennium Trilogy), lesser favorites and books I haven’t read yet on the fourth, childhood/teenage favorites like “The Phantom Tollbooth” and “Sloppy Firsts” respectively on the fifth, and then boxes of tchotckes and photo albums on the bottom. It’s a delicate science, arranging them this way, but still make sure the spine heights are taken into account. I know where every title in my little library is, thank you very much, and the thought of breaking this system gives me the sweats.

That little neurotic anecdote was all to say that I rediscovered a book my dad had given me (one of the many, but not the old hardback copy of “Le Petit Prince” that my he bought the day I came home from the hospital and signed it, “John,” thanks weirdo). It was a copy of Alice Flaherty’s “The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block, and the Creative Brain.” Totally up my alley, right? She’s a neurologist and a writer, and the book delves into hypergraphia, “the overwhelming desire to write” (DING DING DING, that’s me!), and how activity in the brain’s temporal lobes plays a role. It was a little too advanced for me at 16, but I’m dusting it off and going to give it another shot starting this weekend. I literally can’t tell you how many nights in my life I’ve bolted out of bed and reached for the closest scrap of paper and scribbled a first line of a story dying to be written.

And then there’s J.K. Rowling’s newest novel (for adults! but I resent that; I’m an adult and I know I’ll reread the Harry Potter series at least 5 more times in my life) “The Casual Vacancy.” I think I’m most intrigued how the woman writes her first post-Potter book and names the main character….Barry. I shit you not. But I’m still going to buy it and devour it quickly; Rowling was a major part of my formative years.

What are you guys reading these days? Anything fun lined up in your book queue? This weekend we’re going up to the Meadowlands to see a Jets game on Sunday. Yes, the girl who hates football bought her boyfriend football tickets for his birthday. I’m a really good girlfriend! Have a great weekend, kiddos.

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  1. Barry? Sounds a bit like Harry…?

    I can’t believe your dad signed your book John, that so odd!
    My parents used to give me separate birthday cards. All my friends thought that was odd but I liked it. No surprise they divorced though I suppose.

    let us know how you get on with the book, interested to read the progress of your writing duckie.

    I’m re-reading the Blind Assassin at the moment. Love Margaret Atwood.

    1. Haha, it DOES sound a bit like Harry, doesn’t it?? I can’t believe she snuck that one past everyone. She couldn’t have gone for something like Dave or Clark or something? Maybe she’s stuck on the name.

      Thankfully my dad only signed it “John” the one time; everything else was Dad. Still weird though, right?

      I really need to read Margaret Atwood, you’ve raved about her before. Which book should I start with?

  2. i can’t believe she named her main character barry. i obsess on thoughts like this – how do people over look them?! then i wonder is it on purpose? it has to be, but why? no, it can’t be. ha, well, she’s jk rowling, she needs not reasons.

    1. Haha, whew! I was thinking no one else would find that as bizarre as I did. But you’re right, J.K. can do what she wants at this point! xo

  3. If she really actually didn’t catch the Barry thing, how could her editor not say, “Uh…..?”


    I am reading some old fall standbys, nothing fancy and in fact, I don’t even remember turning out my light last night. Honestly, I would just like to finally get to the last of the magazines that I bought weeks ago. Happy weekend, dear. Guess I’ll be pulling for the Jets this weekend.

    1. I know, right?! I’m sure someone pointed it out to her and she just raised her eyebrows like, “And?” She’s a badass, let’s be honest.

      I have a back-up on magazines I need to get through, but I can’t stop buying new books. It’s a sickness. Hope your weekend was great!

  4. Aww you really are a good girlfriend. High Five to you lovely.

    Mmm Barry is a pretty weak name, but then JK’s name is Joanne. They are both very ‘British’.

    I’ve just finished reading James Corden’s autobiography. I seem to find myself reading more non fiction than fiction. Not sure what that says about me.

    Yes, as Annie says, please let us know how you get on with John’s book. We naturally want to know all the details.

    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Non fiction is totally respectable! It just means you’re more mature and civilized than the rest of us lowly fiction readers ;)

      I’ll definitely post more about the writing process soon. It’s interesting! To me at least, haha. xoxo

  5. That JK Rowling books is getting all the buzz right now (move over Shades!). I am about to attempt becoming a reader, again. This time via kindle. Will let you know how that works out. The Meadowlands? You’re going to be somewhat close to me-have fun!

    1. Yep, all the way up to the Meadowlands! I waved to you and Nina :)

      So far The Casual Vacancy is really good. My sister-in-law lent me 50 Shades and I got a little ways into it but had to stop. It made me nauseous. Apparently I’m an old prude, haha.

  6. Ha, I’m a bit crazy when it comes to organizing my bookshelves, as well. I don’t color code either, though I’ve considered it. I guess they’re organized by genre and size with most of them living in the bookshelves downstairs. We have a built-in bookcase in our bedroom and that’s reserved for all my favorites. Nerd alert: I did organize one of those shelves with small books in the middle and progressively larger books fanning out towards both ends. (Does that make sense?)
    Funny enough, I’m talking books on Monday and need your suggestions for my next book club read. Have a ball at the game, best-girlfriend-in-the-world!

    1. Yay for fun bookshelf organization! I think color coding is fun and pretty and obviously photographs well, but it’s impractical for me. I definitely know what you mean about arranging them in size order like that. I do it too!
      Hopping over now to read your post… :) xoxo

  7. Lol! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has a bookcase arrangement that only makes sense to me! I am intrigued by the new JK Rowling book but I have my reservations. If you read it… would you consider reviewing it?

    1. Definitely! I’m only 50 pages in so far but I already have lots to say! Once I’m done (or deeper into it) you can expect a long-winded review :) xo

  8. The new JK Rowling book is on my list as well, I am having a reading block at the moment though, very annoying because there is a pile of books to read!

  9. Your post makes me want to rearrange my bookcase. When we got the new one I just threw in the books and never organized it. But I did sort our CDs and DVDs in alphabetical order because P had a weird system and I would never find anything…I put The Women and The Casual Vacancy on my list of books that I want to read but I just got two big boxes full of books from a friend that moved out of country. Although I read probably 1 to 2 books each week it will take a while to work through those. They might not all be books I would buy myself but I pretty much read anything I get in my hands…

  10. Let me know how you like the Casual Vacancy. Unfortunately, it didn’t get very good reviews but was all over the bookstores in the airport. And The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favourites as well. To this day, I wonder what words taste like!

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