Photobooth Fashion Show

I’m feeling worlds better than I was earlier in the week, thank you all for the well-wishes. I think the hydrangeas might have helped. Though when I got home yesterday after having a few drinks with my friend Amber, the blue stem was a wilted, shriveled mess, which was disappointing and also unacceptable given that they were a day old and didn’t come cheap (Boyfriend refused to tell me how much he spent because he is a gentleman, but I have my ways). I tried a few revival tricks I found online like sitting the stem in boiling water, dunking the flowers in cold water, a virgin sacrifice at the alter of Green Thumbs, etc, and this morning found them looking a lot better. Not as perfect and pert as the other two stems, but not sickly and tragic either. You don’t think it caught my cold do you? Should I try to give it orange juice? This is why I can’t have nice things.

Speaking of nice things, I’m happy to report that my new glasses came! Actually, they came last Friday when I was hanging out in Manhattan with sweet Sam, but they were delivered to my office so I didn’t even get to try them on til Tuesday, and I wasn’t in the mood to model them obviously, given that I felt like I was suffering Death By Phlegm (totally a thing). I felt (and looked) more like my normal self this morning though and decided to snap a few Photobooth pics on my laptop. Man, that degree in Photojournalism is really going to good use.

Huxley in Whiskey Tortoise (old) and Crystal (new)

I don’t look awkward at all! I LOVE them in Crystal. Which is unsurprising since I love the frame shape in the dark tortoise I’ve had for the past year. I’m still going to wear the original pair when I’m at work, and save the crystal pair for less serious occasions (like reading in bed and generally looking cute). Huxleys were the way to go, and I’m so happy I snagged a pair (they were limited edition and are all sold out!). They feel lighter, look lighter, but still make me feel nerd-chic, which is really my whole goal. Being dorky all my life is paying off now that it’s hip to be square.

It’s a good thing I’m feeling better, because Boyfriend comes home tonight from his business trip to the exotic locale of Cincinnati and we have a fun weekend planned. Continuing my streak of “Hanging Out with People I Met on the Internet and Hoping They Aren’t Murderers” (you might have noticed this is a running theme in my life), the wonderful Lauren (and Neel and Callum the birthday boy!) are coming up to Philly for the weekend for Cal’s birthday. We’re going to dinner, going to a Phillies game tomorrow night, having lunch at Parc and brunch at our place on Sunday, where they will surely catch this gross cold from one of us. As Lauren so eloquently said in one of our many, many text message chats, “It doesn’t even feel like ‘meeting you,’ more like ‘seeing you'” since we talk in either text or Twitter message form multiple times a day at this point. I’m so, so excited.

So far September is shaping up to be amazing.

13 thoughts on “Photobooth Fashion Show

  1. You outed us! Gorgeous you! You know I was skeptical, but I love the crystal frames and in a few hours I get to see them in person. Cal can’t wait to meet you and I can’t wait to see you! xoxoxo

  2. Ah, I’m so glad you’re feeling better! And that you managed to partly revive your flowers. :) I don’t know anything about plants, unfortunately, so I have no magic tricks. I always thought water and sunlight would just be enough!
    Anyways, your Warby Parker’s are beautiful!! I own a pair of Bensen’s, myself, so I prefer that shape to Huxley :P

    ♥ xixia

  3. love the glasses and it’s fun seeing your face. love the hydrangeas. hope you are feeling better. have loads of fun this weekend with Lauren and Fam. so great! happy Friday! Teri

  4. “I don’t look awkward at all!”
    Hello?! You look gorgeous – even as a speccy four eyes who’s barely recovered from a cold. ;D
    Suits you, mademoiselle!

    Another meet-up I can’t be part of! So not fair. :(
    Seriously though, I’m so happy we’re all finally meeting each other bit by bit. It all brings us one step closer to eventually uniting everyone in one spot. :D

    I will accept nothing less than a blow by blow account of what went down. ‘Kay ? ‘Kay.
    Have a suh-weet weekend! xoxo

  5. The new specs look great! And I’m glad you’re feeling better. Have fun with Lauren, Callum and the birthday celebration – I know y’all are going to have a blast

  6. I was wondering if that dipping the flower in cold water tricked really worked…Love both the glasses. And we’re going to have to schedule one of those you playing hookie to come back into NYC meetings with Nina of Living In No 40 (yes, I am volunteering her without her knowledge-but I’m sure it’d be fun :-)

  7. LOVE your new glasses, they are very trendy. I’m so glad you are feeling better, I have caught the Phlegm bug now so totally understand how crap you were feeling. Eugh

    That’s so exciting that you guys are meeting up, how lovely that you all get to spend time together, and with the birthday boy too. Have so much fun. You are really on a roll now with this blogging meet up thing, who will be next I wonder, cos now you’ve started, it would be a real shame not to continue the partay.

    We wanna know all the details please xx

  8. You are really rocking those glasses! Love them both and now you’re a glasses twin with GO. It’s so cool that you get to meet Lauren and her family. Have a fun filled weekend! xx

    PS. I’m with Santa if you ever want to play hooky in NY again let us know. Or Santa and I could play hooky in Philly ;)

  9. Phew. When you said you were going for the clear frames, I was a little worried. Sometimes, (unless you’re Gary and everything looks marvellous on you) clear frames can look a little…racquetball chic. I’ve seen a few people here who look like they’re wearing safety goggles, but those are SPLENDID! As always you look ace- good pick!

  10. Love both of those glasses on you. They look smashing!
    AND I’m so excited that you’re getting to meet the loverly Lauren and Cal. Excited, I tell you. I love when that photo of the four of you at the baseball game came scrolling up on Instagram. Hope you’ll put together a fabulous post on your meeting adventures. Gosh, you’re on a great streak. First, Sam and now Lauren and Cal. Lucky duck!

  11. I can’t believe you outed Lauren, I thought it was a secret! (although I knew, I have my ways too you know). I’m trying not to get jealous that you’re meeting all the friends you met through me before you meet me! So unfair!

    I’m so glad you all had a good time, you all looked so happy. And Call must have been on cloud nine!

    What Chi is too polite to call you is ‘speccy four eyed tw*t’ – she amended the expression.

    I absolutley love those crystal ones on you, you look so pretty! and young. I just look old in glasses now, i’m at that age that they don’t look ironic like they do on you. Boo!

    How come I don’t get text messages? :o(

    Love you all!

  12. You are so pretty! Especially with those glasses. I really need a pair myself but have been to cheap to get them. It’s so expensive to get glasses, go to the dentist and other booring things when you’re a student…

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