Friday Five

 Tomorrow marks the official start of fall. Let’s take a moment here to revel in how amazing that is. Gone are the 90 degree sweat-fests, marinating on the subway platform and generally being a major grump because the window of temperatures I find acceptable for living in ranges from 30-75 and not a degree higher. I want to break out my big chunky sweaters and my scarves and boots and leave the windows open to enjoy the crisp, cold air while I sleep. In a fitting turn of events, this year fall ends on my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

I haven’t done a Friday Five in a few weeks, so let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we?

1. Sweater / 2. Bag / 3. Keychains / 4. Ottoman / 5. Paris Prints

If fall means sweaters, there is no sweater more appropriate than this one from LLBean. Even though it’s technically a men’s sweater, I could buy a small, right? And then shrink it? Not that I necessarily need another wool sweater, mind you, but you sold me at “Norwegian Fisherman.” Now there’s an aesthetic I can totally get behind. As long as I had something feminine to balance it out, maybe by way of that stunning J.Crew leather bag? I’m willing both to go on sale and then I’m going to swoop in.

Aiming to be undeterred from shopping at AllModern despite a not-so-stellar first experience, I went on the hunt for an ottoman for the living room. More often than not, my feet end up on the coffee table, which is neither comfortable nor hygienic. I found these modern and chic footstools from Belgian design house Quinze & Milan and fell in love. They’re called Primary Poufs (!! poufs!) and are made with a proprietary foam that makes them “flexible, elastic, and water and weather resistant.” I’m assuming that they will be dog resistant, too; it will be nice not to have to vacuum dog hair off of one more surface. As I was researching the brand, I had the most bizarre-o, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me moment: the US representative for the company is none other than the hot French-speaking dude I had a crush on 10 years ago from Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes, Antoine. The one I wrote about just last week. Is that not the weirdest thing ever? If I was on the fence about buying one of those poufs before, you can bet I’ll buy one now. I’m thinking gray, because I’m allergic to color.

How très adorable are those cheeky Paris prints from Darling Clementine? I found them from the ladies (in the place with style & grace) of Stately Things.  I love “Allo Allo” and “Ooh la la” the most, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. Continuing the Parisian theme, aren’t those French street sign keychains the cutest? Like the mini Eiffel tower keychain I bought back in May, though, I don’t think I would carry it on my keys for fear of scratching or losing it.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m hoping to get a lot of work done on my book, but I’m learning that the “working” process involves less writing and more just sitting there accumulating inspiration and funneling it through my fingers. I’m legitimately considering taking some vacation time from work and locking myself away somewhere to focus and write. But maybe that’s too indulgent? Oh well. See you guys on Monday!

12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I think you need to take some time off work to find me the perfect tote bag. I don’t want a “shopper,” I’d like a little structure, I’d like it to say “classy, but fun.” And it can’t cost a gazillion dollars. I’m unemployed.

    I’m ready for fall. I said on Theresa’s blog that I’m trying not to buy clothes, but I need new black patent Danskos, black boots and all my sweaters are so, so old. I spent too much time in yoga pants last year, and I too am ready for fall.

    My boys are headed your way this weekend and I’m not. Where is the justice in that. Next time I come, we go shopping, yes?

  2. Oooh, I love the idea of you taking time off work to focus on your true passion: writing. :)

    I adore menswear and bags large enough to carry my child around in (okay, that one’s not quite THAT big) as much as the next girl but ….. hello?!!! Those French posters? Sooooo, so cute.

    Have a lovely weekend, ma petite macaron! :D xo

  3. Lovely things. i think since you are so good about finding French inspired items, you should have a regular series, “five things French.” What do you think? Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    Have a great weekend! I’m hoping for cooler weather here too, but what it looks like 90 degrees in some parts again! Teri

  4. I have a Dooney and Bourke similar to the brown bag. I’m finally “in”! FINALLY! Two NOs. No to borrowing the bag since you already took two Coach bags out of my closet and….Eh, no to the taking time off! I’m your mother!

  5. Love the prints. I’m having an ottoman moment myself (much for the same reason you mention above) & writing about it next week. The Mr is on one of his biz trips so I am flying solo this weekend (American Pickers marathon here I come!)

  6. Ok, yes to it all. But you already knew that right? Happy first day of fall {on Saturday}! I’m so excited about this change. Now if only our weather in Southern California would start to cooperate. As Teri alluded to above, we’ve got another warm weekend. This makes me so cranky-pants!
    Anyway, I hope you get a lot of work done towards the book this weekend. I agree with the group, if you can take some time off from work to devote to your craft/passion, I say, “Go for it!” OH, maybe even a sabbatical. ;) (I’m such a bad influence.)
    PS~Love Stately Things – Those girls have got style.

  7. Style just oozes out of you on this blog! I love love the bag! Even you Friday 5 is partially French!!!

  8. I just need to buy nice sweaters to be able to like autumn a bit. I still haven’t accepted that summer is over, mostly since it was a shitty and way to short summer…
    But paycheck tomorrow… going shopping in other words! ;)

  9. yes take some time off work and buy Lauren a tote. Honestly you’re so selfish sometimes.

    I’m so excited about your book! Can I have a signed copy? Want to know all about your process, how your structuring it, creativity, implementation and all that good stuff.

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