Dille & Kamille

The other day, Teri posted about a new kitchen shop in Redondo Beach called Catalina Cooking Store. Despite my lack of culinary prowess, I ┬áhave a weak spot for stores like that (or maybe just stores in general) and all the cute kitchen accessories I never knew existed let alone were necessary. I could wander Williams Sonoma for hours just marveling at everything even though the most I accomplish in the kitchen, outside of box cake mix, is setting the smoke alarm off. I couldn’t place it immediately, but the Catalina Cooking Store reminded me of a store in Bruges we’d stumbled into accidentally one night while waiting for a table at Poules Moules (! chicken & mussels!) just across the square called Dille & Kamille (Dill & Chamomile, and I’m convinced every store in Bruges has rhyming names now). I may be allergic to chamomile (I break out in hives) but thankfully it was just a cutesy name and I was able to browse without any major side-effects except major cuteness overload.

It’s about as country provincial as you can imagine, with lots of wicker baskets and galvanized metal and touches of burlap and pops of bright red everywhere. I was pretty much in heaven, and we didn’t even buy anything. Go figure. If we ever make our way back, I’m going to make sure to change that and also take some pictures. Too bad (or good, if you’re my wallet) they don’t ship internationally. Here’s just a few things I would buy:

Scale / Dried rosebuds / Violet Pastilles / Wooden Bowl / Linen / Pot / Basket / Lavender Linen Water

The funny thing is, any of these items would go well in the new guest room. I’m sensing a theme! Poor Boyfriend, slowly but surely I’m going to turn the whole place into a Provence-inspired home.

10 thoughts on “Dille & Kamille

  1. Gosh, thanks for the mention Erin. Cooking shops have a way of sucking us in so that we think if we have all this beautiful stuff, we’ll become Ina Garten. I just love pretty things so I naturally have a weakness for well displayed pretty things. Every once in a while I can make a mean roast chicken too.
    xo Teri

  2. I love that you’re doing it by stealth. I bet he hasn’t even noticed. He’ll wake up one day and say ‘why am I living in Jean de Florette?’.

    I like those pastilles, I used to munch the lemon ones x

  3. If he hasn’t noticed yet keep going!! I loved Annie’s comment ‘why am I living in Jean de Florette’ hahahaha! PS I love the lavender linen water. the only thing that we iron in our house is man’s shirts – do you think he’d notice?!

  4. Yes, inch by inch, and BF will never know what hit him. :) Hey, so about those cute linens with the red stripe. I got tired of using paper napkins and wanted to start using cloth napkins. I found similar linens at Ikea. Now, of course, they’re NOT made of linen (100% cotton, I believe) and they’re probably no where near the same quality, but they look the same. Hm, maybe I’ll get some lavender water and iron them. I do believe all your French inspiration is rubbing off. :)

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