Day 13

In case you had any doubts as to how adorable and sweet and charming Sam Lennie is in real life, let me confirm that she is every bit as lovely as I’d hoped and then some. The moment I met her it felt like we’d already been friends for years; it was so easy to talk to her and it felt like spending the day with an old girlfriend. There’s always a chance when meeting someone for the first time that it will be awkward or anticlimactic, but that couldn’t have been farther from how our Friday went. We spent the day shopping on 5th avenue and being eyed suspiciously by the staff at Bergdorf Goodman, having cocktails at my favorite bar in the city before drooling over every floor of ABC Home on Broadway, and capped off the day with an early dinner in Soho with Sam’s wonderful husband and son (for which they graciously paid and wouldn’t hear otherwise). We hopped on and off the subway a million times, chatted about everything under the sun (yes, you darlings all came up!), and the day passed way too quickly. Disconcertingly quickly. I could’ve used another day or two just soaking up that accent, to be honest.

Oh, and to everyone worried either she or I would end up being a serial killer using our blogs as bait for victims, you’ll be pleased as punch to know that didn’t happen either.

That rug on the floor cost $21K.

The view from Sam’s amazing suite on the 31st floor.

Dinner in Soho.

A sign we made for Annie, who was having a fit we were hanging out without her. How beautiful is Sam??!

I left dinner and flew back to the bus stop in a panic, convinced I was going to miss it, only to have to stand in line for over an hour because the bus was delayed. I ended up not getting home until 11pm instead of my originally scheduled 9:40, but thankfully Fitz was sound asleep in his crate (thanks again to my mom for coming over mid-day to walk the little bugger) and was mostly interested in sniffing the goodie bag of presents Sam had given me. Yes, that’s right, she came bearing gifts, as if hanging out with her wasn’t enough of a gift already.

The willpower involved in not ripping open those Aeros until after I’d photographed them was monumental. One down, 3 to go. And all that London Olympics gear! That bookmark is just about the cutest thing in the world, and that tin of biscuits is delicious. How incredibly sweet and generous is she to bring me all that? I got her….a magnet. Lamest reciprocal present of all time, I know.

And then, early Saturday morning, Boyfriend returned home from India with the black lung. He’s sick beyond belief with a brutal cold. Just like last time he went to India. ARE WE DONE WITH THE TRIPS TO INDIA, YET? He’s been asleep basically the entire weekend, waking only when I force OJ and Emergen-C packets and medicine into him. Suffice it to say, while I’m happy he’s home, the highlight of this long weekend was definitely hanging out with Sam. If you get the chance, I recommend hanging out with her!

20 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. Awwwww!!!? LOVE that picture of you two – two cute for words! I’m so glad you both hit it off instantly and that you had a fabulous time. Somehow it makes me even more eager to meet you, duckie! :D

    Such a shame BF came home sick again. Some people are more susceptible to changes in environment, temperature, etc., aren’t they?

    Perhaps, he should do a Bruce Parry and feast on mouldy stews and dried, stale bread – yum! – before his next trip to India. :D

    Seriously, though ….. I hope he soon feels well enough to enjoy Labour Day with you, poor thing. :(

    P.S. Ahem! Daft question alert: Why is the rug $21K? :/

    1. That article is so crazy! That poor seal :( I’d rather the guy froze to death malnourished, haha. J runs around ragged while he’s over there and works 11-12 hour days, so it’s no wonder that a combination of exhaustion and a 16 hour flight and loads of other unseen environmental factors get him sick every time. But now I’m suffering, too!

      Hanging out with Sam was so much fun, I can’t wait to come over and meet you too! She had nothing but high praise for you, you know. :)

      PS – why that rug was so exorbitantly priced is a mystery! It was huge and imported but still!

  2. That does it. I am fully 10000000% convinced that we need to manage a meet up somewhere. Who needs Bloghere or Altsummit, right? We can generate our own fun and support and high jinks, right? And my birthday is in April, in case you were considering that rug for me. xo

    1. That rug was like, 15′ long in one direction. If you can fit it in your place, more power to you, but I could barely walk on it myself let alone my stinky dog. And you’ve got 3! But more importantly, yes, we need to start our own blogger meet-up, but we can be very exclusive with our guest-list. I think we’d have a ton of fun with that!

      A meet up sounds like a grand idea ;)

  3. Is she available for birthdays and Bar Mitzvah’s too?

    She is awesome, she’s so natural and funny. I always have a great time with her and i was the same as you in that I instantly felt like I’d known here forever. you know when you meet someone and you know you’re going to be friends for a long time straight away?

    I’m so glad you had a great time. I am over my strop now. I’m just going to get a debriefing from her as to what you’re really like. So funny you guys have met!

    Boo to black lung. Is that a real thing? It sounds really scary!

    I love that sam took you Aeros! Although mint is still the best.

    Thank you for my photo! xxx

    1. Weddings and confirmations, close! ;)

      I’m glad you’re over your fit! It was no fun thinking we were being bad behind your back or something. But you’re right, she’s so natural and really very funny and maybe it was because we’d been ‘friends’ on the blog for a while, but I really did feel like we’d known each other for ages. Let me know all the dirt she dishes on me! I’m extra curious :)

      No, black lung was a joke although it is a real thing! But a huge exaggeration from J’s condition, haha. And ew, mint aeros (and all mint flavored things) taste like mouthwash and give me a sinus headache. Yuck yuck yuck.

  4. Aww, blogger meet ups are really so fun and I’m always glad when they don’t turn into the serial killer types :) Glad the bf is back and you’re nursing him back to health. He owes you, right?

    1. Haha, the relief I felt when she was just a normal blogger and not a serial killer was palpable :) I watch too much Law and Order.

  5. Girls, great you got to meet, hang out and have a blast! Can just imagine you giggling your way round NYC….

    Great photo of both of you. Annie, you were definitely there all along:)

  6. Looks like you girls had a great day! Loved the photo of you two on Instagram! Good to hear that BF got home safe but boo to being sick. Hopefully he feels better by now.

    1. It was so much fun! I wish you’d been in town, we would’ve stolen you for lunch :) You work pretty close to Union Square if I remember correctly, right?
      J is on the upswing! But now I have it, haha. Lame!

  7. Aw, this post is what I was waiting for – the meeting Sam part, not the BF having black lung part (that’s brutal!). Well, you two beautiful ladies pulled off one excellent blogger meet up. New York, shopping, cocktails, dinner in SOHO, $21K rugs (what?!!)…I don’t know how it can get any better than that.
    PS~Hope BF is starting to feel a bit better by now. :( Are you serious that you caught it?

  8. So fun! I’ll have to check out your favorite bar next time I’m there (November), I should get other faves of your too. Love the pic of the two of you. So amazing to meet in person your on-line friends. I just love it! T

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