I think somewhere between the cosy sweater I posted on Friday, the marathon of Million Dollar Listing with the wonderfully ridiculous and adorable Swedish broker, Frederik, I watched on Saturday, an article in last month’s Vanity Fair called “Nordic Exposure” which investigated our cultural obsession with all things Scandinavian (H&M, IKEA, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc etc), and a sheer desire to use umlauts, my love affair with Swedish winters has been reignited. That’s a weird statement, I know. I can barely hack winters in Philadelphia, yet somehow sub-zero temperatures and 20 hours of darkness a day fascinate me. I’ve made no secret of my adoration of Scandinavian stark-white interiors, but it really extends to the whole sensibility of Scandinavian living. I’d gladly eat herring and wear down coats well into April, flipping through an IKEA catalog by candlelight while listening to Ace of Base (that’s what they do, right?).

I know everyone is saying it these days, but I legitimately cannot wait for fall and winter. I am over being drenched in sweat from just stepping outside. Give me wooly socks and boots crunching in the snow any day. Preferably soon.  And preferably a winter that looks something like this:

1. Sweater / 2. Shoes / 3. Socks / 4. Candle / 5. Book / 6. Pants / 7. Lingonberry Juice / 8. Moomin Mug / 9. Blanket

Ever since Fitz the Demon Puppy ate a hole straight through my Pia Wallen Crux Blanket, I’ve been considering getting another one. Because I am an idiot who never learns. But nothing says “Scandinavian winter” better than that wool blanket. My mom agreed to get me a very early birthday present in the form of those Bean Boots, since I need something to trek back and forth to the subway with, and my current pair of galoshes are far from waterproof (how far? my socks end up soaking wet every time I wear them). It’s raining today, and the idea of stuffing my feet into a pair of comfy socks and curling up with a book and a cup of lingonberry juice is super appealing. I’ve never read a Jo Nesbo book before, and I think it’s time to expand my Swede-author horizons past Stieg Larsson. Those J. Crew weekend pants are on sale and I’m considering snagging a pair while I can, but I know that once I put them on I’ll never want to take them off. They’re sort of work appropriate, right?

How was your weekend? I went to the museum with my mom and had dinner with my grandmother on Saturday, and completed a flurry of domestic activity on Sunday, including such riveting tasks as scrubbing the toilets and folding laundry. There was also a sufficient amount of trashy tv involved, lest you think I’m slipping.

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  1. Well, now that school has started, count me in I guess. I have a better fall and winter wardrobe for starters. And shoes. And nothing sounds better right now to me than that bread-scented candle. So yes. You can tell fall to come on then. But here’s the thing. We’re months away, I’ll bet you anything.

    I’m glad you’re getting the boots. Wet feet = no good.

    1. I know what you mean, I have a way better cold-weather wardrobe! And boots! All my fall footwear is itching to be brought out again soon. I know summer technically doesn’t end until September 21st, but once September 1st rolls around, it’s fall in my mind. I hope we get more of a winter this year than we got last year. No more of this global warming nonsense, please! Bring on the cold!

  2. I swear I can see you in those pants even though the photo doesn’t even have a shirt! Those pants=Erin!
    Arcadia was mediocre…dinner was high fat/calories/cholesterol but that chocolate fudge cake…..heaven!
    Let’s get the boots before they run out of your size!

    1. Feel like being extra generous and springing for the pants, too, along with the boots? A girl can dream, right? ;)

      That chocolate fudge cake was something else, and I don’t even like chocolate!

  3. Ahahahah, I want to expand my Swedish author love past Stieg Larsson too. :) I’ve never heard of Jo Nesbo, but that book cover is kind of perfect. Fits in so well with your overall item compilation.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Scandinavian themed homes – the style is so clean and pretty.

    ♥ x i x i a |

    1. Horray for fellow Stieg fans (though I guess that’s half of America at this point ;) and I’m planning on picking up that Jo Nesbo book this week so I’ll report back on how it is! I particularly liked the snowman on the cover, glad you did too!

  4. I cannot get over the friggin Eames molded plywood chairs. They are literally following me through blogs, like the Harry Potter portrait subjects

    1. 10 points to Gryffindor for the Harry Potter reference. I think you should buy one of those DCW chairs. Or at least a convincing replica :)

  5. Me too, me too. Even though I say that I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer (trying to be present and all that), I am ready for fall. Not looking forward to shorter days, but I am looking forward to fall dressing and cooler weather. Plus, I’m only into day one of the kids’ two week break from preschool and we’re already driving each other crazy. ;) We need our routine back.
    I say put a blazer over those sweatpants and they are work appropriate. (I kid!) They sure look comfy…Might have to snag a pair. Oh, speaking of galoshes, I saw the cutest pair in the Sundance catalog. I think they were made by Timberland. Though, if your heart is already set on the Bean pair, you can never go wrong with classics.
    Your weekend seemed just about perfect! Happy new week!

    1. I know I’ll get fussy about the sky getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon, so remind me of this conversation when it happens, okay? Good luck surviving the next two weeks before preschool starts again! You’ll have your sanity back in no time :)
      And, do I need to remind you about what I wore on New Year’s Eve? Remember when you, me, and Annie were all tweeting from our respective celebrations? I actually wore sweatpants and a blazer to a party. Evidence to refresh your memory:

  6. “flipping through an IKEA catalog by candlelight while listening to Ace of Base”. Haha, I just love that! I loved Ace of Base when I was young. I remember when my dad went on a business trip to the US and bought me a tape (you know those old tapes before CD’s?) with their last album. I thought it was so cool to have and Ace of Base tape from the US!

    I like your blog, I think I’ll add it to my favorites :)

    1. I was a serious Ace of Base fan as a kid, and somehow they’ve crept back into my music rotation in the past year. I definitely remember tapes! Soon enough I think CDs will even be obsolete, how sad is that? So cool that you had a US tape of a Swedish band! That’s so funny. I think I would have died if I’d gotten a tape/CD of Ace of Base from Sweden. But I’ve never been (yet!!).

      I’m added you to my favorites as well! Seriously, love your blog! xo

    1. Horray for pale! I’m as pale as they come and I absolutely hate the hot sun in the summer. I avoid it like the plague. Bring on winter!
      Those pants are so great, aren’t they?? And that blanket!

  7. Oh, this post really made me smile. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anyone talk (or write) that humble about our long, dark och cold winters. Even though I’m an “autumn- and winter girl”, I always ask myself why I keep on saying this, when the winter never seems to end. But I agree with you. The winter comes along with a lot of cosy benefits such as thick sweaters and scarves, cosy nights with candles and fires, blankets, lots of tea and so on.
    I would gladly invite you to spend some months here in Sweden. In a previous post I saw Mia offering the same – let’s make an international blog gathering :)

    1. What a fabulous invitation! I’d love to take you up on it, though I’m sure I’d quickly realize I was underdressed and too cold! Still, I do love the idea of your long and dark winters for some reason, probably because of the sweaters and cozy nights you mentioned! One day I’ll visit and see for myself :) xo

  8. This is my kind of post! I’m hoping for a cold winter with A TON of snow.

    How do you make rubber snow boots chic?!?! UGH you’re the best.

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