Prada, and Happy Weekend

By now you’ve all seen the Prada Menswear FW12 campaign photos (Kate did a phenomenal feature on it here), but even having seen it before, it took my breath away opening last month’s Vanity Fair and seeing the full-page ads in all their glossy, perfect glory. I’m way behind on my magazine reading (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a serious commitment of my time), so I’m only getting to August’s issue now. But don’t worry, this morning I broke out an exacto knife and carefully, surgically removed the ad pages from the binding. Boyfriend asked what I was planning on doing with them. Uh, frame them, duh.

photos by David Sims

Then there’s this fascinating and beautiful behind-the-scenes video of the making of the campaign:

And the actual fashion show in Milan earlier this year. It goes without saying that Gary Oldman is sex on legs in that outfit. Such swagger!

When asked by Jimmy Kimmel what the key to modeling is, Gary said, “I came up with my own method, which is: you clench your buttocks, and you walk with a fixity of purpose.” Yes, that mental image will keep me warm at night for a long, long time.

And, because I’m feeling especially magnanimous, here’s a gif of him demonstrating:

It’s fair to assume that this happened upon watching it:

My brain has not really recovered from the whole Gary Oldman extravaganza (and actually, it’s getting less believable and more distant. Clearly it needs to happen again), so I’m deviating from my standard Friday Five format and including a round-up of things that are inspiring me right now.

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Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see the rest of the photos on that man’s iPhone. I also bit the bullet and ordered the Webbs in clear; if they don’t work out I’ll go for the Huxleys. Thanks for all your suggestions, too! They didn’t go unnoticed. Photos of them on my face as soon as they get here, I promise. How beautiful is that building in Paris? I’d take any of those rooms, s’il vous plait. And I love everything in that bag.

This weekend we are celebrating Boyfriend’s birthday the way he asked: sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. That happens to be one of my strong suits, and will also provide me the opportunity to catch up on some reading. What are you guys up to?

19 thoughts on “Prada, and Happy Weekend

  1. I have not seen the Prada campaign yet. All men look very dapper! Have to admit I haven’t looked in a magazine for a while, they are piling up next to my desk and have reached unstable heights…Can’t wait to see your new glasses! Your plans for the weekend sound great. Happy birthday J! I need to squeeze in some vegging out on the couch as well. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Nina! The weekend turned out to be much-needed and very restful. Lots of magazine reading! I recommend a weekend vegging out and catching up on those magazines of yours! Though from your post this morning it sounds like you were a lot more productive ;)

  2. If you ask me, that Prada campaign didn’t get enough coverage. It was SO well done. Sounds like you have the perfect weekend up ahead. Enjoy!

    1. Right?! It was incredible and I only found out about it from an interview GO gave with Jimmy Kimmel. My radar apparently did not pick it up sooner! Hope your weekend was great!

  3. Oh sure, I say one pair and you get the other. Fine. I’m sure you’re right though.

    When we were in Atlanta, the Prada store had larger than life blow-ups of these photos in their windows. They were stunning. No GO though. I know because I looked for one for you.

    Happy birthday, J! And happy weekend to you both. xo

    1. Haha, well I’m taking a risk! You could end up being right after all and then I’ll come back and grovel, how about that? ;)

      That would have been the best picture ever, a gigantic life-size poster in the Prada store with you smiling in front of it. I would’ve high-tailed it to Atlanta in a second, haha.

  4. In a word, camping. :) That’s what I’ve got going on.
    That Prada campaign was really great and whoever did the model casting is some kind of genius. Bet you wished you had that job, in that moment.
    Have a wonderful weekend celebrating BF’s birthday and lovingly doing nothing together. (You two are sweet!) Can I do nothing with you, pleeease? You won’t even notice I’m there.
    PS~Can’t wait to see the glasses on you.

    1. Uhh, yeah, that would have been my dream job. But I’m sure I would’ve gotten fired for being too overzealous, if you know what I mean.

      How was the camping trip?? Did you survive? We had plenty of room on our couch for one more, the next time you want to do nothing you’re more than welcome to come over! It was pretty luxurious. xo

  5. Hahahaha!!!!!!!! I do love a man with no shame! That walk is something my husband would demonstrate in a heartbeat. :D

    I realize I’ve just outed myself as the least au courant person in the fashion industry but ……… I had no idea GO was in a Prada campaign! Great choice and what a ‘tache! :D

    This weekend I shall mostly be househunting and trying to keep my house permanently spotless in anticipation of possible viewings.

    Happy birthday to BF and enjoy your weekend of Absolutely Nothing! I’m pea-green with envy. :) xo

    1. Haha! You have one fun husband, then! I’m sure J would as soon drop dead as he would walk like that in public. Poor guy, when the restaurant brought out dessert and sang to him over the weekend, he said the wish he made was for everyone to stop looking at him. It’s a pretty killer walk, too, right?

      GO’s moustache is incredible, they must’ve used a bunch of beard gel to make it that precise! Oh, a job I would’ve killed for… xoxo

  6. P.S. Just watched the catwalk video. André Leon Talley was right: no-one knows how to walk the runway/catwalk anymore!

    They didn’t so much walk as lurch, did they? Gary was streets ahead, in my opinion – be it ‘ere so humble! :D

    1. Lurching is a good adjective! Maybe we’re just used to seeing female models, who are more lithe and graceful on the runway? ALT is right though in this instance. Except for Gary, who was perfection. It had to have been the buttocks clenching, I just know it!

      Did you end up getting any house showings over the weekend?

  7. I think they may have created that campaign just for you. Actually I know they did. And I know you’re going to look tres chic in those glasses when they come in – don’t forget to show us :)

    1. Haha I’m convinced it was solely for my benefit, too! We may be on to something here…

      I’ll post pictures of my mug the moment my new specs come in! Unless they look ridiculous, in which case, no ma’am. ;)

  8. I think I had a dream about that Prada show once? It was in high school and we must have been reading some Dickensian novels plus learning about WWII, and I was having these weird teenage-hormonal-lust dreams about a swaggering and ruthless dandy/military officer in all his finery whisking me away, etc. I think even the rug was the same?

    Maybe I’m just weird. Or a secret fashion genius and Prada beat me to it?


    1. That’s brilliant! You totally dream-foreshadowed the entire thing. If only you’d known there was a market out there for this type of show you could’ve been a millionaire. That rug is so intense! I wish I had more dreams about ruthless dandy military officers. That must’ve been fun for you!

  9. YaaaaY you went for the clear specs- they’ll look FAB! Oui oui oui to the French apartments (as long as that man’s also in the lift….).

    1. I am absolutely terrified of elevators but even I would brave them if that man lived in the building. In fact, I’d ride the elevator ALL DAY. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the clear glasses! I’ll let you know how they work out :)

  10. Don’t you think all those young men look une peu Nazi though?
    And I’m confused, excuse my ignorance, or what Cheedle-die calls lack of au courant, but who are all those men? Is that GO?? And Willem Dafoe I think? No idea who the other two are. Am I suppose to? Eek.
    Well forget last weekend I’m off to Italy this one hooray!

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