Playing Hooky

Far be it from me to complain about work (you know, the glorious endeavor that gives me money to buy everything my little heart desires), but this week literally kicked my ass and it’s only Wednesday. So today’s adventure is particularly well-timed and much welcomed: I’m being sneaky and heading up to New York with my mom to see a play off Broadway for her birthday. Her birthday was in March, the first day of March to be precise. You could make the case that I’m not a very good daughter. Though I think I made up for the 6 month gap by picking a play that is right up her alley: Old Jews Telling Jokes. Also known as, Anytime My Family Gets Together, Ever. The only downside is that while she will be apoplectic with laughter next to me, I do not get, nor have I ever gotten, Jewish humor. My mom’s entire family can dissolve into laughter so intense they have tears streaming down their faces, and I’ll be sitting there repeating it my head, trying to work out where the funny part was. I just don’t get the jokes! And then if you throw Yiddish into the mix? Forget it. My mom maintains that I inherited the English side of the family’s sense of humor. I maintain that simply saying, “Nu?” at the end of a sentence does not a punchline make.

Old Jews Telling Jokes started out as a website and then moved to a full stage production. In an effort to do a little preliminary research, I watched a few clips online. This one took me a solid minute and a half to get after she delivered the punchline. Oh man, that audience is going to hate me today.

And because I can never do something nice for someone without getting something out of it (did I mention I’m a really good daughter?), I’m dragging her up to Ladurée for a late breakfast/early lunch of macarons. It’s officially been 3 months to the day since I had them; I was in Paris on this day in May. Isn’t that crazy? Or maybe it’s crazier that I keep track of things like that. Either way, I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures from our day together. Let’s hope the weather is a little more kind than the last time I was in New York, back at Thanksgiving, but so far it doesn’t look promising.

8 thoughts on “Playing Hooky

  1. ummm, i can confirm having listened to that joke that i also appear to lack a jewish sense of humour… but then, i’m not jewish so maybe i was expecting too much!
    actually, i didn’t know there was such a thing to begin with (i mean, a religion-based humour in general)… but i digress… what i meant to say was “have a fab time and eat a macaron or two for me”

  2. I get the two jokes, am I watching the wrong clip? About the man in the hat and woman with the huge arse? does that make me jewish?

    british humour is the best in the world anyway, you know that! So how was it? Was it good? Did you mum love it? x

  3. Oh hooray for playing hooky! So happy that you get to spend the day with your mom. I’m filled with envy that she’s so near you every day. Have fun, have fun! And come home and tell us all about it!

  4. I giggled a little. What does that mean for me?! Glad you’re playing hooky and sneaking off to the city with your mom. It’s sure to be a great day/evening for you both, especially with macarons involved. My only question is: If you’re not at work, who is going to work the microwave? You’re toying with your job security. (Love that tweet!)
    Enjoy, Miss Erin!

  5. You’ve inspired me to play hooky (is that what you say over there?) too, but instead of watching a Danish musical in Copenhagem (I definitely wouldn’t be laughing either as I wouldn’t have a clue what they’d be saying) it’s Tivoli fun fair for my little girls 4th birthday, yaaaay, so much better than work. Have a FAB time!

  6. I hope you and your mom enjoyed yourselves! How was the play? Too bad it was raining again yesterday, hopefully you were able to stay dry.

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