In an Old House in Paris

That was covered with vines…lived my Inner French Girl. I’ve shown you how she hangs out in her pajamas, and what she wears for an early afternoon stroll around the city, so now I’d like to share her fabulous studio apartment. If I could make a Frankenstein-compilation of my favorite interior (and exterior) spaces, this is the apartment I would have. Er, correction, the apartment my Inner French Girl would have. Let’s not focus too much on how she pays for it; not because its origins are dubious, but because in real life she nor I could ever afford this life, and nothing about this series is anchored in real life. I mean, obviously.

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She keeps art books stacked in her fireplace, a Diptyque candle on the table, and prefers to use the back stairs in the building to get to her landing; the architectural details are more beautiful there. She decided she had to have the apartment when she laid eyes on the fireplace; for that she happily lives in 300sq. ft. The terrace along her apartment is just wide enough to stand on, but she never does, choosing only to lean onto it to water the plants or smoke another cigarette or flirt with Matthieu, the handsome bearded cellist who lives in the building across the alley, whose name might or might even be Matthieu; she made it up one night sitting in her window sill. Sometimes she toys with the idea of writing a novel, something groundbreaking (or at least heartbreaking), but just as often she’s struck with extreme self-doubt and doesn’t know how to begin. So instead she writes letters to the people she sees in the park, to the baker on the corner, to her widowed landlady, and to Matthieu’s girlfriend, or whoever the blond girl she sometimes sees is, to whom she apologizes half-heartedly.

16 thoughts on “In an Old House in Paris

  1. I don’t like that staircase! But I like the fireplace and the balcony. I’m starting to find her a little affected though, does she ever just chill and watch XFactor? x

    1. Considering her real-life counterpart doesn’t even watch X Factor or trashy tv, I’m going with no. In fact, I don’t think IFG own’s a television. It doesn’t fit in her decor.

  2. That staircase looks familiar. (And I like it.)

    Just think- up those 5 tiny steps, waiting at his door for Inner French Girl could be Jean-Guy-François-Patrice-Michel-Gerard, wearing nought but a smile, a bottle of Veuve concealing his modesty…




    1. :D You did have the best stairwell of all time. Don’t mind me as I try to steal your life in Paris and make it my own. I’m like Single White Female-ing you, one step at a time!

      Oh my god, how many names did that creeper have?! I can’t imagine knowing him in real life. He seems more like a cartoon character than a human.

  3. This is such torture for a house-hunter! I would love to find a place like this!! Except for the staircase – it reminds me of The Omen for some reason ……… :/

    In my dreams, I see us finding a charming, gently decaying, rambling Victorian house in the country. I’d grow vegetables, keep chickens called Maud and Edith and create dreamy childrenswear inspired by my idyllic surroundings. Ha! Chance would be a fine thing! :D

    I like Inner French Girl! What sort of music do you reckon she’s into? :)

    1. Ha! I wish a place like this existed for me, instead of just being a collection of images I like all together. If you find a place that looks similar, let me know immediately! I’ll snag it in a heartbeat!

      I love your vision of having a garden, that’s so lovely! And will save you a ton on produce, too.

      Hmm, good question about IFG’s music choices! I think she’s into a lot of early 1900s jazz, for some reason. But I’ll have to investigate further!

  4. That’s definitely the life your French girl leads. I also like her method of writing letters as practice. Almost as if she’s a kindred blogger spirit

    1. Ha! I never thought about that before! That’s a good point! Or, ahem, I mean, that was totally intentional ;)

  5. Have I told you that I really love this series? I must have. I love that each post grows and we get to know Inner French Girl a little bit more (but not too much) each time. Of course, I love her apartment and, as a single woman living in Paris, she doesn’t need much more than 300 sf, especially if the apartment is in a great location. A letter writer and aspiring author…Lovely little detail. Tell her to fall madly in love, get her heart broken in a million pieces, and that novel will coming pouring out of her.

    1. Aw, thanks girl! You may have mentioned something before but I do so love the encouragement, haha. I’ll pass your advice along to her, but I see something happening with this Matthieu neighbor at some point. Maybe that’s the impetus she needs to start writing her book!

  6. Well, I love her apartment too. Her view is to die for, but I could never look down if I had to go up and down those stairs every day. I’m going to admit, though, that I’m a little glad to hear about the self-doubt. She might be a bit to affected otherwise.

    J’adore this series. xo

    1. I never knew you were afraid of heights! Or maybe just open stairwells. Interesting little tid-bit! These are the back stairs in Süsk’s old Paris apartment, so there is a real stairwell in the front of the building, too. These just seemed prettier to me at the time.

      Je t’adore!

  7. Sigh, I am so in love with this series. I too have an inner French girl, she picked my outfit this morning: black and white striped blouse, red lipstick.

    Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog, and your inner French girl is a gem.

    1. Thank you, Yelle! I love your name and that you have an inner French girl of your own! You can never go wrong with stripes and red lips. Quintessentially French, et tres chic. xo

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