Guess What? It Rained.

But the day was still awesome. I apparently have really bad luck picking days to go to New York. If you remember, the last time I went it poured the whole time. This time the rain held out until the afternoon, just as my mom and I were making our way into the theater, and it got even worse as we were waiting for the bus after dinner. We started our day with a trip to Ladurée and then headed to the Flatiron district to have lunch at Eataly. My mom wanted to go see Times Square, and I swear that place gets more and more overwhelming every time I see it. We walked over to the theater and stopped to have a half-caf, skim cappucino or latte or something (her) and an iced tea (me). The play was absolutely hilarious, and I got all the jokes! It was a small, intimate theater, full of (surprise) old Jews; I was the youngest person there by about 35 years except for one 13 year old boy who got dragged along with his grandparents. This joke was perhaps my favorite: An old woman calls her husband’s doctor to get his test results from a procedure he had the day before. The doctor says, “We have two Richard Burg’s as patients, and they both had procedures yesterday. One of them has syphilis, and one has Alzheimer’s.” The woman panics. “Oh my god, how will I know which one my Richard has?!” The doctor replies, “Send him out to the store for a loaf of bread. If he finds his way back, don’t fuck him.”

We had a huge dinner at Becco, rounding out our impromptu Lidia Bastianich tour of New York, and I swear I’m still full from all the pasta we ate. Thankfully, we caught a much earlier bus than we were originally scheduled for, which meant I got to crawl into bed just after 9pm and sleep off all the walking we did.

A very happy and belated birthday to my mommy. That’s Mommy Moo to you.


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  1. What a lovely day you two had. Really, really nice. It makes me think about what a day like that with my mom would be like! Completely different. It also makes me think I should plan a day with Callum. Also completely different, although he’d love the restaurant and Laduree. Happy happy day Mommy Moo.

    1. You would have a great time no matter who you went with, but I think Cal in particular would have a blast! It’s probably a long trip though from where you guys are, but definitely worth it one day! Especially for Ladurée :)

      1. Neel had a conference in NYC a few years ago (that’s how we do all of our traveling), and Callum and I had a blast. Dylan’s Candy Bar, Yankees game, United Nations, the Met, MOMA, and tea at the Plaza…oh I could go on. Too far for a day trip, but we definitely want to go back!

        1. The Met! My favorite. Next time you go up you have to go to the Museum of Natural History. Absolutely the coolest. They have a giant whale! And obviously let me know when you’re going and I’ll come meet you, duh.

  2. Happy Birthday Mommy Moo. Lovely photos Erin, even the wet one! I’m hoping it doesn’t rain during my visit, but given your track record I’ll pack the brolly for our date :-) x

    1. Thanks dear! Definitely pack an umbrella (brolly! love it!). I’m very bad luck, apparently. Hopefully though we’ll still have fun despite the rain!

  3. Happy birfffday Miss Mommy Moo. And that joke is classic. My sister and I listened to a lot of Louis CK this weekend and laughed and laughed. My parents were not so much as amused

    1. Haha yeah, the show was a little more tame than Louis CK, although in certain parts it was downright foul! Entirely hilarious, though.

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a great day despite the rain! You had lunch right around the corner from my office ;) Those macarons look delicious, I need to stop by Laduree soon. Happy belated birthday Mommy Moo!

    1. I thought you worked near there! The Marimekko store next to Eataly reminded me of you and I had a moment where I thought I remembered you saying you worked right near there. Would have been so trippy to run into you on your lunch break or something!

  5. Mom had to have gotten the tics farom Groupon or something similar. Never even heard of that show. Glad you had fun eating your way thru NY

    1. False! That would make me a really horrible daughter if for her birthday present I made her buy her own tickets, come on. Nope, this one was all me. I’m definitely taking credit for it!

  6. Favorite And Only Aunt…NOPE! This was all Erin’s plan from beginning to end. She had us schedule for every minute of the day. Three subway rides, two bus rides, a show, lunch, dinner (well, we did modify the choice when we realized Becco was 3 doors down from her reservations), miles of walking and photo shoots later….all were Erin’s doing for a fabulous birthday gift!!
    The photo she left out was the two of us in Time Square taking photos of ourselves on the enormous screen. Dead Center photos!
    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

    1. I’m beaming! So happy you had a good time. Not sure how I’m going to top it next year, but….

  7. Awww, you do spoil your Mommy Moo so and why shouldn’t you? I think she’s fab!
    @Mommy Moo: Happy belated birthday, by the way!!!

    As for the macarons, you appear to be powered by them (much in the same way that my little one is powered by goats’ cheese!) – you’ll be having them for breakfast next! :D x

    1. Oh don’t think I haven’t! I managed to not eat the whole box we bought that day, so Thursday morning for breakfast what do you think I ate?? Haha powered by macarons, indeed! Very impressed with your little one for liking goat cheese so young! That’s quite a palate she has.

  8. That’s a great joke! Gosh, I think I would really like that show.
    Sorry about the rain. We are slotted for some here. At least you made it to Laduree. Though, I have a strong feeling nothing could keep you away. Beautiful photos, Erin. Last, but definitely not least, happy birthday mommy moo!

    1. You would! You necessarily have to be Jewish to get the majority of the jokes, I promise. It was so funny! And you’re right, nothing could have kept me away from Ladurée :)
      Thank you so much, T! You’re the sweetest. xo

  9. Happy Birthday, Mommy Moo!

    Erin, you even make rainy days look good with your camera skillzzzz :-)


  10. you can’t meet Sam without me that’s so out of order! :(

    what a lovely day! I’m so envious. That joke is funny. You know, those photos are properly amazing, like ones from Getty images. I love the one with all the rain. You’re a very talented photography missy xxx

    1. Let this be all the incentive you need to get your butt here sooner rather than later! We’ll Instagram you a picture when we’re hanging out, pinky promise!

      And you are way too kind, darling! Thank you for your sweet words! xo

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