Day 2

With Boyfriend in India, I’ve decided to change things up a bit around here from my standard “here’s some stuff I want to buy!” and do a sort of personal, day-in-review each day. I’ll include tid-bits about my day, things I would normally have told him over dinner together, and some photos (mostly of Fitz). I’ll post about the day prior every morning for the next 2 weeks.

I forgot to bring my book with me when I left the house yesterday (still ploughing through Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at a snail’s pace), so I took the time to really appreciate my commute. Did you know I pass by the Phillies stadium every morning and that I can see it from my office window? Don’t be jealous, Lauren. One day I’ll take you to a game here.

My commute home varies, sometimes I take the bus back, sometimes I take the subway, and sometimes my coworker Maurin will drive me. As someone that doesn’t own a car, I will never, ever turn down free rides home. Yesterday as we were leaving, I was waiting in the lobby of our building for Maurin to grab her stuff, and I noticed that the wood paneling that lines the walls ┬áruns all the way up to the ceiling. I’ve been working here a year and a half and somehow never noticed it. To be fair, I work on the first floor.

I know on Friday I promised you a picture of me modeling my new glasses, but when the arrived I didn’t like them and thought it was better to renege on a promise than post a picture where I looked ridiculous (this being the internet and all, where nothing is ever forgotten). I should have just gone with the Huxleys, because the Webbs are just too small on my apparently melon-sized head. But because Warby Parker is amazing, they’re doing an even exchange and sending me a pair of Huxleys in crystal. All I had to do was pop on the prepaid return label for the Webbs. So when the Huxleys come, I promise you an action-shot for real this time. Unless these too look silly, in which case I’ll post a picture of Fitz wearing them. I might do that anyway.

I’m going to admit something to you guys that I know will garner supreme judgement, but: I spent the majority of Monday night watching The Real Housewives of New York. We’re talking a 4 hour marathon. Why is there so much trashy tv on in marathon format? Between this and Gossip Girl I’ve done nothing but sit on the couch. Is this a gift from the Relationship Gods who understand my plight? Or is it standard and one of those things you miss when you’re trying to impress your significant other with your ability to not succumb to reality television? I’m going with the latter.

So yeah, I’m all caught up on this season of both the New York and New Jersey housewives (don’t judge). During commercials I vacuumed, and managed to get all of the tumbleweeds of Fitz’s hair off the first floor and the sofa. Vacuuming sofa cushions and watching grown socialites bitch at each other, what an exciting night. Might explain why Fitz was looking at me like this:

You’ll have to excuse the grainy quality, it’s impossible to get a decent shot of him indoors without messing with the levels a ton. Otherwise he looks like a giant black blob. A cute blob, but a blob nonetheless.

13 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Hmmm. Can’t sound too judgy since I’m waiting for a RHWNJ marathon to come on and catch me up. I’m only about halfway through the season. I can’t believe you can see CBP from your office window. Why, you could walk right over and buy us tickets and schedule a tour and get autographs and everything! I’m sure you’re not busy. Are you ever tempted to just hop out of work and take in an afternoon game? Maybe not this year.

    And I’m not surprised about the Webbs. They just looked small to me. Even for normal headed people. I’m awaiting round 2.

    1. You missed a great one on Sunday! I think there were about 5 episodes on back to back leading up to the newest one. Sooo good (if good means bad).
      Ha, I am really close to the ballpark if you ever need me to go run over and take care of anything! And the Sixers PR team works on the floor above me if you ever decide to get into basketball!

      I should definitely have listened to you regarding the glasses. You know me too well! xo

  2. Of course you succumbed to reality TV, my darling – BF is away for two weeks. Two weeks! You’ll get absolutely no judgements from me. Watch (and eat) whatever you need to get you through this. Doctor’s orders. :D

    Look at Fitz’s sanctimonious little face – so funny!

    Your office building is so, so cool!
    Can’t wait to see you (or Fitz for that matter) in your new specs! :D xo

    1. You’re so supportive, Chi! You’re the best. I’ll take your encouragement under advisement and hopefully I won’t feel so slovenly the next time I’m parked on the couch stuffing my face with Oreos (ahem. tonight).

      I can’t wait for the glasses to get here! I hope I like them! xo

  3. Awww, Fitz is the cutest! Who can resist those eyes? I can’t…

    The lobby of your office building looks pretty cool! The coolest feature about my office building is the black floor you see in my clothing shots…I love trash TV marathons. The Housewives are like an accident I just can’t switch the channel. Sometimes I can’t help myself and feel ashamed for them, especially the Jersey ones. It still is “good” entertainment. When Peter is on a business trip I like to watch two channels at once ;)

    1. Don’t let his cuteness fool you! He’s a little rascal, I promise :)

      I LOVE the black floor in your office, I was wondering where that was in all your shots on Instagram! So neat, very nice detail. We just get standard office carpeting here, but the lobby is really neat. The whole building is under 2 years old I think so everything is very modern and chic.

      And you’re right about the Housewives being like an accident. I don’t want to watch but I can’t look away! They are so addicting. I do get secondhand embarrassment for them sometimes, though!

  4. I agree with Chi, you do what you need to do to get through these next weeks. No judgment. They really do have the whole reality t.v. down to a science, don’t they? I am always sucked into The Bachelor as it “mysteriously” comes on the television, like watching a train wreck. As soon as a commercial comes on, I immediately come to my senses and turn the t.v. off.
    Your work building looks so cool and lucky you that you work so close to the stadium. It’s really nice to know these about you and imagine your commute every day. (Suppose that was the point of these posts. [wink]) Ok, will wait for the Huxleys to arrive. Fingers crossed they pass the test.

    1. Whew, thanks girl! I’m always nervous when admitting embarrassing and shameful things like that. But you’re right, they really do have it down to an absolute science. There’s gotta be a reality tv formula they stick to or something! The Bachelor and the Bachelorette are always on, I don’t blame you for getting sucked in!
      Fingers crossed for the Huxleys on my end, too! You ladies will be the first to know! :)

  5. Fitz is definitely a cutie and he looks ready to watch some Animal Planet with you! My guilty television show? The Dog Whisperer. Even though I’ve never had a dog, I can’t stop being amazed at Cesar Millan

    1. YES! The Dog Whisperer is so addictive! He’s like a dog magician. You know who else is like that? My mom! Of all people, she has the same intense, dominant energy that he has and she is SO good with dogs, it’s crazy.

  6. Grainy? It’s a hundred times better than my photos!
    I’m loving this new series, so personal. Funny you say that about your head, R and I were just remarking how big GO’s head is next to yours, it’s huge! So if yours is a melon his is a small planet.

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