Day 1

With Boyfriend in India, I’ve decided to change things up a bit around here from my standard “here’s some stuff I want to buy!” and do a sort of personal, day-in-review each day. I’ll include tid-bits about my day, things I would normally have told him over dinner together, and some photos (mostly of Fitz). I’ll post about the day prior every morning for the next 2 weeks.

So I already figured out the whole time difference thing that gave me so much trouble the last time Boyfriend abandoned me for India. But I ¬†suddenly didn’t become awesome at math or anything, no no. Thank you new phone, for giving me the option of adding a city to my home screen. Not that it makes any more sense now, because it doesn’t. Reverse the am/pm, subtract 2.5 hours. Where is the gin? By the time I’m waking up in the morning, Boyfriend has worked an entire full day. Sort of like how it goes when he’s home and I refuse to get up earlier than 11am.

He took off out of Newark at 9pm Saturday night, and landed in Mumbai 15 hours later, at a little after 12pm on Sunday, or 10pm-ish India time. Then at 7pm Philly time he took a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. I slept pretty poorly Saturday night; I have this thing from watching too much Law and Order that the moment it gets dark outside and I’m home alone I start legitimately believing that I’m going to be murdered in my bed. It’s totally normal. But Fitz gave me the best present of all time and slept until the unheard-of-for-him hour of 8:30am.

I had all these grand plans of vacuuming the house on Sunday but I got sucked into this season of Project Runway and then there was a marathon of Sex and the City. Remember the last time Boyfriend fled the country because he clearly loves India more than he loves me (ahem), all I did was watch Gossip Girl and I caught up on two whole seasons? Style Network is so cruel, they were showing the first 4 episodes of season 1 yesterday, so I basically started over.

I finally tore myself off the couch and went to Shake Shack. I waited until 3pm to go, figuring the line that is perpetually snaking around the building would have died down. And it had, but it was still packed. Did you know they serve beer and wine in there?¬†Apparently the novelty has not yet worn off, and they gave me one of those little devices they hand out at Olive Garden that lights up when your order is ready. Apparently a burger and fries isn’t always fast food. But I totally get the hype now. It was delicious, and I don’t even like burgers!

They have a new custard flavor every day, and Sunday is Heirloom Tomato flavor. I know, right?! I figure Boyfriend would love it (tomatoes are his absolute favorite thing in the world, he loves them almost as much as he loves India, both of which are more than he loves me, ahem ahem), so I’m going to head back next weekend and buy a big serving and stash it in the freezer. Hopefully it holds until he get back. I’m actually planning on going back on Saturday, too, since it’s Salted Caramel custard day. Uh, yum.

Later in the day I dusted the place and washed Fitz’s comforter. Let’s hope he doesn’t vomit on it again at 5 in the morning like he did last week. Speaking of Fitz, there was lots of this going on yesterday:

Please notice his fat belly.

And also lots of this, too:

That was my Sunday. How was yours?

23 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. The weather here on Sunday was crap so there was a lot of what Fitz was doing. It almost ALMOST felt like fall. All it needed was a little football

    1. Ooh bring on fall weather, please! And yeah, I said Fitz but I definitely meant both of us, haha.

  2. I do the same thing when my husband leaves. I have all kinds of plans and then I end up getting lazy and reading magazines all day. I’m so jealous you have Shake Shack, I’ve only had it when I’m in NY and I dream of it often! Teri

    1. Ha good to know I’m not alone! Something about yesterday made me so unmotivated. And Shake Shack just opened in Philly a few weeks ago, but I’d surprisingly never had it in New York before so this was my first experience. Pretty yummy! But aren’t you supposed to love In N Out burger being a Cali girl? ;)

  3. tomato flavoured custard? does custard mean something different over there? here it’s generally eaten with apple pies or banana, etc… erin, i seriously think we could be twins… i could probably beat you in a sleep-in-athon and i have watched every episode of satc about 50 times (except the very first ones where they had that vox pop stupidity going on)… sometimes your posts scare me because of the similarities in mindset, but don’t worry, i won’t fight you over gary (though he’s kind of cool and has a lovely smile) :)

    1. Haha, nope, custard is definitely the same! It’s a heavier, creamier ice cream. And yes, the put tomato in it! Apparently it tastes sweet, I’ll let you know next weekend for sure. Isn’t that a strange flavor choice though??
      I love that I have a twin out there! As many times as I’ve seen each SATC episode, it never gets old to watch them again. Boyfriend does not understand this, so it’s actually a good thing he’s halfway around the world right now! And I’m happy you’re not going to fight me for Gary. That would be a dirty, dirty fight ;)

  4. So I’ve gotta get myself down to Shake Shack in NYC then ladies? Barney will be overjoyed! I’m glad you have Fitz to keep you company Erin, that’s cute that he let you sleep, he must really know how to make you happy right now :-) What candle do you have on there ?

    I had a lazy newspaper reading day yesterday too, snap! x

    1. Oh you have to go to Shake Shack when you’re there, there are a bunch of different locations and an app you can download for your phone that tracks the waiting line for each of them so you know which one to go to!
      Yeah, Fitz can be a sweetheart when he wants to be…the other 95% of the time he’s being a downright jerk, haha. Or just a puppy, same thing. That candle is a Capri Blue in Volcano scent, in a mercury glass jar. It’s one of my favorite things ever. Even my mom, who hates all fragrances, loves that candle.

  5. Stop presses. I have never seen SATC. I *know.* I need to. I actually really want to, it just hasn’t happened yet. Fitz’s belly reminds me of our corgi Thea-Turbo-McFatty. Although she’s fatter. I’ll send you a photo. And hello? Salted Carmel custard? Can you stash some of that away in the freezer for when I come?

    Love your recap by the way!

    1. WHAT. How did I not know this about you before?? How is it humanly possible you’ve never seen an episode of Sex and the City? Woman, you are missing out. I’ll lend you my DVDs. You need to catch up. Seriously! I’m waiting for Annie to chime in all the way from Tuscany and give you a dressing down!
      I’ll definitely stash some custard away for you. Unless I eat their entire supply first. I make no promises. :) xo

  6. What kind of child gets a meal and shake shack and doesn’t have their own mother meet them there?

  7. I was wondering when the Philly Shake Shack was opening! I saw the construction a couple months ago. When did the store open?

    I always malke a visit to Shake Shack or Momofuku when I’m in NYC.

    I’m not sure I can get down with vegetable milk shakes……

    1. I think it opened in July! It’s huge inside, there’s a tv in the back. I was only recently introduced to Momofuku through my mom, who made some cookies from their recipe for my birthday. They’re delicious. I’ve yet to go to the store in NYC.
      I’ll give the tomato custard a shot and let you know! Who knows, it might be yummy. Or J will hate it, we’ll see!

  8. When the BF is away, this is the type of leisurely Sunday you deserve replete with sinful food, guilty pleasure tv viewing, and entertaining literature. Sounds perfect! Thank goodness you have a loyal companion in Fitz. Hopefully, he’ll help make the time go by fast. Hang in there, Erin.

    1. Aw, thanks T! Now if only I could extend my leisurely Sunday through the rest of the week…haha. Fitz is surprisingly loyal, now that you mention it! Everywhere I go he dutifully/nosily follows behind. I got my hair cut on Saturday and he spent the rest of the day sniffing it, inspecting it. Pretty adorable. Plus he’s a really good cuddlebug.

        1. Oh my gosh I know, I totally flaked on that! Sorry! They came on Friday and they just did not look good on me face, they were way too small and sat too low. Did not warrant a picture, haha. I’m sending them back today.

  9. Your Sunday sounds like fun. I need to catch up on Project Runway too. This season I only managed to watch one episode, which frustrates my coworker because we like to talk about it at work and I am way out of the loop…Never ate at Shake Shack, the lines always scare me away…Have a great week Erin!

  10. Awww! I hate it when The Hubster’s away, too but what a fab, leisurely Sunday!

    I had one too – mainly because we travelled to the Ends Of The Earth with little L for The Hubster’s uncle’s birthday in the most horrific heat on Saturday. The SatNav (or GPS as you call it) kept malfunctioning and eventually L was wriggling around in her seat saying, “I wannie come out, I wannie come out!”

    The Shake Shack sounds like such fun but tomato custard?! :/ I’ll take your word for it! :D

    I love this idea – I’m off to read your next one! xo

    P.S. Fitz’s little, spiky, white “beard” makes me smile. Every. Single. Time. :)

  11. Ummm WTFFFFFFFF Lauren????? How can you not ever have even seen one episode? I’m flabbergasted, truly. We need to pin you down and make you watch it! I’ve been watching since I was 23. And I love that each time I watch the box set I am at the same age as her in a different series. But In a couple of years I’ll be older than her so I may have to stop watching and watch Golden Girls instead so I can feel young again. It’s just simply the best tv series every made and it’s about friendship which I love.

    I am the lucky girl whose boyfriend has sat through all 90 episodes twice! I’m desparate to start again but he’s resistant but I’m working on him.

    Anyway, where was I? chip! those chips look awesome.

    There’s one failsafe way to cure yourself of night terrors. Live alone. Do that for six months and you’ll never be scared again. I wasn’t even scared when Richard went out on a stag do and some kids climbed up and stole his bike from our balcony. I just thought ‘oh they’re stealing his bike’ and went back to sleep.

    I read a book once about living alone and it said basically that it’s all in your head, nothing is going to happen, you’re not going to be murdered and you should just roll over and plan your outfit for the next day. It actually really works and I use that method whenever I’m feeling angst;y in the night.

    Sweet dreams sweetie xx

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