White Floors

Oh yes. It happened. The culmination of my life’s dreams concluded this weekend and I finally, finally have white floors. To say my excitement is ineffable would be accurate. They’ve officially been installed since Sunday at 5pm and I haven’t left the room since, so consumed have I been with staring at them lovingly and letting out little gasps of delight whenever the light hits them in a certain way. They are perfect, everything I hoped having white floors would be and more. Even the fact that they get so dirty so quickly has not put a damper on my joy. We still have to caulk along the new floor mouldings and the door frames, apply another coat or two of spackle to the sheetrock, and then paint the whole room, but it’s all coming together so perfectly.

There were some low points to the weekend as well, such as going to AC Moore to pick up my LIMITED EDITION Keane screenprint I dropped off a few weeks ago to be custom framed to the tune of $80 only to find out they somehow RUINED IT with some giant black pencil mark along the bottom. My heart sank but they swear they can fix it. Dejectedly, I got back in the car and drove down the street to IKEA, only to find out that the dresser I’d designed the room around wasn’t available despite the online stock status saying there were 9 in the store. It would be safe to assume I actually cried out of frustration at this point; back-to-back disappointments are not my strong suit. After hounding an attitude-filled, unhelpful salesperson, we were told they were missing 5 of them (HOW DO YOU LOSE 5 DRESSERS?), and the remaining 4 were up too high on the shelf to be reached without bringing out the forklift, only they aren’t allowed to bring out the forklift during store hours so if we came back at 7pm when they closed someone would make sure to grab one for us if we waited in the abandoned lobby. Um, no? I’m not going to fight to give you $250. Give me my mothereffing dresser.

So this morning I’m waiting on a call from the frame department manager about my ruined Keane poster, and pretending like I didn’t have my heart set on that dresser. I’m hoping it’s just a matter of using the right eraser and of heading back to IKEA with a better outcome next time. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, at least I have white floors.

13 thoughts on “White Floors

  1. spackle to the sheetrock – I have no idea what either of those two things are!

    Oh boo to Keane and boo to Ikea. I reckon they were just too lazy to get the forklift in and yes, how do you lose five dressers?

    Did they also draw a fake moustache and glasses on the singing Hobbit?

    Your floor looks amazing! I can’t believe it, I want to see photos in situ. You’ve worked so hard on that room it’s coming along so quickly :)

  2. Hooray for white floors! Can’t wait to see the whole room. By the way love your socks! Shame on IKEA to loose 5 dressers and not being able to get one down from the high shelf. My fingers are crossed that you and HEMNES can be united soon. Hopefully you’ll get your Keane print soon without any pencil marks.

    Have a great Monday and an even better week!

  3. Your floors look fantastic! What an incredible project to have accomplished and it sounds like you two did it all by yourself? Bravo! Can’t wait to see more photos. While I occassionally find IKEA pieces I love, my experiences there have always been subpar. Last year was the last straw when my mom and I had to load 3 matresses, 3 box springs and a bedside dresser all by ourselves in the self-serve section. We must have passed a dozen employees (mostly male), none of whom offered to help us as we struggled to get the items towards the checkout area. My mom was in disbelief that the store operated that way. Here’s to hoping they offer you free assembly and delivery to compensate for their ineptitude. I have faith your Keane print will be restored to all its glory:) Good luck and have a great week!

  4. Nina took the words right out of my mouth: Hooray for white floors! I’m glad to hear you took a chance on them. Stinks about the dresser, but hopefully after your visit, the store realizes it needs to bring back the “too high” 4.
    Super stinks about the frame work- keep us posted!

  5. keep staring at the white floors until they banish all thought of pencil marks & missing dressers… then have a stiff drink and try again on the morrow!

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about your screenprint and then NO dresser. I would continue to reconcile myself with those floors. They sure do gleam

  7. What is spackle?????

    My fingers are well and truly crossed for you. Let us know how you get on with both.

    And, I hope those floors won’t be too difficult to keep clean!

  8. Oh, honey – what rotten luck! *Hugs*
    Don’t you just hate retail red tape?! It’s sooo frustrating trying to strongarm a sales assistant into taking your money. Where do they find these people?!! :O

    Your floor looks incredible and there has never been a better time to keep that in mind. Chin up, duckie! xoxo

  9. Nicely done, Erin! The floors look pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see them styled out with furnishings and such.
    Sorry about the Keane poster. That would be utterly frustrating! I do hope it can be fixed, as they promised. Seems so strange that they would be so careless with a print.
    Ugh, and then to go to Ikea only to endure more frustration…My fingers are x’d for you. xx

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