Two of a Kind (+1)

Today’s Two of a Kind is an interactive one. When I started looking for things for it, I got stuck choosing between just two for one of the pairs I usually include. You can see why below. It’s rare that two random and unrelated things from the depths of the internet should match each other, so when I found a third I was overcome with indecision fatigue. That’s why this post has a +1. Not just because this is some super exclusive blog party with a guest-list (though sometimes I like to pretend). It’s because when the Internet Shopping Gods hand you three things that might as well be triplets, you don’t try to cull them down to twins.

1. Tee / 2. Makeup bag / 3. Sweater

So what do you think? Which top do you think is a better match to that adorable makeup bag? I know the gray sweater is dead on, but it seemed like too close a match for me (oh god, now I’m being picky?), which is why I included my original selection of that Sonia Rykiel tee. It matches without being an exact replica. I can’t pick! This is clearly a crisis which begs your input. If you could only pick one, which would it be?

11 thoughts on “Two of a Kind (+1)

  1. I absolutely love the grey jumper – Moschino cheap hell no!, chic ah yes!

    My thoughts are that the tee and the bag go together the best, possibly because they both have the edgy graphickness to the designs. I don’t think there needs to be a pick anyway, a Two of a Kind +1 is perfect, and why ever not ? There’s no rules and if you’d not shown the Moschino then I wouldn’t be having a lille ole swoon for it :-)

    Happy Tuesday x

  2. I’m totally biased but it has to be the Sonia Rykiel T-shirt – mainly because:

    a) It looks like something Schiaparelli (God rest her soull) would do and I ADORE her! :D

    And b) I love Sonia Rykiel.

    Great choices once again!

    P.S. Any luck with the IKEA dresser/your limited edition print?

  3. I love the grey crew kneck sweater. However, the tshirt is much more understated and versatile.

  4. The tee! Although, it kind of freaks me out to wear a face on my shirt. My sister loves those types of shirts though

  5. Three of a kind is even better than two of a kind at least at poker ;) I have a hard time choosing between the tee and the sweater. The sweater comes out ahead slightly because it also has two eyes like the bag. Does that make sense? The tee is cute though…

  6. Oh, how fun! I like this interactive game. I’m going with the tee because it’s a bit more subtle, and for the reasons Chi states above (piggy backing, I am). Hope you’re having a great day!

  7. the tee! and i wish i could tell you why, but it’s just what my instinct tells me when i see them paired together. all of these items are adorable though.

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